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Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 1
Author: Tommy , Dec/7/2001

When I was in 5th grade there was a boy named Vincent who was always
getting into fights he couldnít win. One day at recess I saw a big crowd
gathered on the playground and when I pushed through to see what was going
on I saw a girl in our grade named Brandy sitting on Vincentís chest
holding the point of a pink, heart-shaped earring dangerously close to his
ear lobe. Vincent was struggling to get away and I could hear Brandy
telling him how cute heíd look with earrings. Brandy was a tough girl, but
I was still surprised that Vincent was such a wimp that she could beat him
up. Brandy poked his ear a couple of times just to scare him and then put
the earrings back in her purse and pulled out a tube of lipstick. She held
Vincent by the mouth and carefully applied the lipstick to his lips,
telling him what a sweet little girl he was. I found myself oddly aroused
watching Brandy humiliate this poor boy and after she let him up I
followed her and her friends as they walked off laughing about it. Sandy,
another girl who was always getting into trouble, was telling Brandy that
she should have pierced his ears. "You know how much trouble I would get
in?" Brandy said. "No, I canít do that, even though the little wimp
deserves it." "Well, you should do something more than just put lipstick
on him," said her other friend Tara. "I hate that little pussy. Heís such
a smart ass." Then she turned to me, noticing I was listening, "what do
you think we should do to him, huh Tommy? Youíre smart, any ideas how we
can humiliate the little creep?" "You should put a diaper on him," I said.
I donít know why I said it, it was just the first humiliating thing that
came to my head. "We could put a diaper on you," Brandy responded. "Youíre
just as much of a smart ass as him." The girls laughed and my face flushed
red, flustered by the sudden turn of the conversation. "Oh yeah, whoís
gonna do it? Iím not a pussy like Vincent" I responded, not as confidently
as Iíd hoped. "Yes you are," Brandy replied. "Youíre an even bigger pussy.
I donít even know if I feel right beating up a little sissy like you.
Maybe Iíll just put you over my knee and give you a spanking." The girls
all laughed as I got redder and redder. "Then Iíll take down your big girl
panties and diaper you like the little baby you are." I tried to laugh
with the other girls, playing it off as a joke. "What are you smiling
about wimp? You like getting beat up and diapered by a girl? You get off
on that sissy?" "Very funny," I responded. "Yeah, it will be very funny,
but not for you. I can get all the diapers I want from my momís store, and
a skinny little girl like you can easily fit into an extra-large Pamper. I
can make you wear diapers the rest of the year if I want." Brandy just
smiled at me as I tried to think of how to respond. "Maybe Iíll put you in
a diaper," was all I could come up with. The girls laughed and Brandy
pinched my cheek. "Sure sweety. Make sure to wear baggy pants tomorrow.
Youíll need lots of room for your big diaper butt." The girls walked away
laughing and I just stood there shaking with nervousness.

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 2

It had never occurred to me that Brandy could beat me up like she beat
up Vincent, but the way she talked made me second guess myself. She
acted like it would be so easy, and Iíd never been in a real fight in
my life. I spent the rest of the day a nervous wreck, doing everything
I could to avoid Brandy and trying to convince myself that she
couldnít beat me up. Even in the off chance that she could, she
wouldnít really put a diaper on me I kept telling myself. I passed
Brandy in the hall one more time that day and as I walked by she
patted me on the butt and told me to keep my panties dry. I was too
flustered to respond.

That night as I slept I had nightmares about Brandy. I imagined her
sitting on top of my chest, poking my ear with an earring. I imagined
a big crowd gathered around as she held me down and spanked me. I
imagined her pulling down my pants while Sandy waved a diaper in my
face. And the last thing I dreamt was Brandy tickling me until I wet
my pants. I woke up and my sheets were soaked. I couldnít believe it!
I hadnít wet the bed since I was maybe 5 years old! I must have wet
when I dreamt about Brandy tickling me. I felt so humiliated laying
there in my wet sheets like a little boy, having peed myself like a
baby because I was afraid of getting beat up by a girl. When I told my
mom what had happened she told me how babyish it was and how if it
happened again her little baby boy would have to go back to wearing
his beddie-bye diapers. I squirmed as she said it, knowing that I
might be back in diapers before I even got home from school. What
would I tell my mom if I came back from school wearing a diaper? That
a girl beat me up and made me wear it? My mom didnít like sissies, and
if she heard that sheíd probably keep me in diapers 24/7. What was
happening to me? I should have just stayed away from Brandy and minded
my own business.

I was so nervous as the bus pulled into the school parking lot. I
tried not to look at anyone as I got off the bus and hurried straight
to class. I was the first one there and when I got to my desk there
was a disposable diaper sitting on the chair. My face turned beat red
as I stood there staring at it. It was the kind of diaper made
specifically for girls and had little pink Minnie Mouse figures at the
top. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and then picked
it up and ran to the garbage with it. I crumpled up some papers and
threw them on top so that no one would see that there was a diaper in
the garbage. As I was doing this I heard a voice behind me... the
teacher! "Tommy, what are you doing?" Mrs. Jenkins walked towards me
as I stood frozen with a piece of paper in my hand. "I asked you a
question Tommy." When she got to the garbage and saw all the crumpled
paper she asked me what I was trying to cover up. When I didnít answer
she leaned down and reached into the garbage, retrieving the diaper.
She laughed a little as she looked at it "a little old for diapers,
arenít you Tommy?" As she said this she smirked at me and then patted
my butt, like she was checking to see if I was wearing one. "Someone
was just playing a joke on me," I stuttered. "I found it on the seat
of my desk." She looked at me curiously. "What kind of joke?" Right as
she said this Brandy and her friends walked into the classroom to see
Mrs. Jenkins standing in front of me holding the diaper. "Is he wet?"
Brandy asked as she walked in. The girls laughed and Mrs. Jenkins
tried not to smile. "OK Tommy, go back to your seat." Red faced I
walked back to my seat, right in front of Brandy. Mrs. Jenkins just
set the diaper down on her desk. When I sat down Brandy leaned forward
and whispered into my ear "donít worry sweety, I have plenty more in
my bag. Just try to make it to recess without wetting."

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 3

I sat through the beginning of class sweating with nervousness,
staring at the diaper still sitting on Mrs. Jenkins desk. When one of
the students asked Mrs. Jenkins what it was doing there she replied
"apparently, we have a little baby girl in this class parading around
as a boy" and gave me a smirk.

After she said this Brandy leaned forward and whispered "we certainly
do, don't we Tommy!" Only a few kids caught it, but didn't understand
as I sat there beat red squirming in my seat. I began to sweat more
and more as recess neared, but worse was the fact that I started to
feel my bladder growing heavy.

Not wanting to draw any more attention to myself, I waited until
recess and then bolted out of my seat to head to the bathroom. As I
did, Brandy stuck out her foot and tripped me, sending me sprawling to
the floor. "Mustn't run Tommy" Mrs. Jenkins scolded as the other kids
laughed and I picked myself up. As we all filed out of the classroom I
tried to push in front of the other kids so I could get to the
bathroom, but as I did I felt someone holding me by the back belt loop
of my pants.

I looked back and saw Brandy. "Mustn't run Tommy," she said. Not
wanting to make a scene right there in the class room I just looked
ahead and let her guide me down the hall and out onto the playground
by my belt loop.

When we were outside she didn't let go, but continued to guide me
towards the far end of the playground with Sandy and Tara walking on
either side of me. I started to struggle when Brandy grabbed me by the
shoulder and said "I can give you your spanking right here in front of
the whole school or we can go back behind the fence, it's up to you."

I stopped struggling and she continued to guide me towards the back of
the playground while her friends giggled, to which she responded
"that's what I thought wimp." The fact that I didn't try to stop her
made me feel like she already had an edge Ė it was like admitting that
I was scared of her. I decided to keep walking anyway. I figured that
regardless of how it turned out, it was better not to draw any

Brandy continued to taunt me as she marched me back to the fence,
telling me how proud she was of me for keeping my panties dry all
morning and how if I took my spanking like a big girl with no crying
she might not have to put a diaper on me. I wanted to say something
back, but decided it was better to wait until we were behind the
fence. I was just grateful that this was going to happen in private.

As soon as we were behind the fence, Brandy reached in front of me and
tried to unbutton my pants. I pushed her hand away and tried to pull
away from her, but couldn't budge as she continued to hold on to my
belt loop. "Uh, oh. Looks like I've got a naughty baby on my hands."
Brandy grabbed my wrist and began to twist it, letting go of my pants.

Before I knew what happened I was down on my knees with my face
pressed in the dirt. Brandy stood above me laughing. "Eat it piggy."
"Fuck you!" I shouted, but then she turned my wrist so hard I thought
it would break. "OK, OK!" I cried, and then I opened my mouth and
started eating the dirt. Sandy and Tara laughed loudly, calling me a
pathetic wimp and occasionally slapping me on my upturned ass as I ate
the dirt.

I was near tears and totally mortified as Brandy continued to put the
pressure on my wrist, but I still had hope that if she just let me up
and fought fair I could take her. "This isn't fair," I half shouted,
half whimpered. "You didn't give me a fair chance." "Aww, baby doesn't
like playing piggy? OK baby." And with that she let me up. "We can
fight fair, but just remember, no tears or it's Pampers for you." As I
got up I wiped myself off and spit the dirt from my mouth. I had
practically started crying already, so I decided I had to act quickly
and keep her from getting the upper hand again.

When I thought she wasn't looking I lunged at her head first to try to
take her down. It caught her off-guard, but I was surprised when she
hardly budged. She caught my head in a headlock under her right arm
and with her other hand reached over my back and grabbed hold of my
underwear, yanking it up so hard I heard it tear.

I heard her friends laugh as I struggled to get away and then felt her
hit me hard in the stomach about 5 times, so fast I couldn't even
block her. The blows knocked the wind out of me and I almost lost
control of my bladder right then, but somehow I held on. Then she
wrapped her arms around my chest and picked me up off my feet, hurling
me to the ground.

She looked down at me laughing as I laid on the ground with tears
clearly brimming in my eyes. "Uh, oh. You aren't going to cry now, are
you baby? I thought you said you weren't a pussy like Vincent?" I
hadn't quite caught my breath yet, but I got up and charged at Brandy
again, this time grabbing for her hair. I knew it was a girly thing to
do, but I was willing to do anything not to lose at this point.

I was glad to see it hurt her, but it also made her mad. "I should've
known you'd fight like a sissy," she said as she grabbed my wrists.
She squeezed my wrists really hard and then kicked me between the
legs. The pain was unbelievable and I immediately let go, putting my
hands down to my crotch. As I did this, Brandy started punching me
hard in the face. I didn't defend myself at all and after three
punches I was on the ground sobbing like a baby. Brandy was
immediately on top of me and was ready to continue the beating when
Tara grabbed her and told her to stop. "Don't hit his face! You don't
want to get in trouble again, do you?"

Brandy stopped punching me and then stood up, grabbing me by the hair
and pulling me up with her. Then before I could react she bent down,
grabbing me between the legs and hoisting me up onto her shoulders. I
couldn't believe she could actually pick me up like that and felt so
helpless as she lifted me up high in the air. I pleaded with her to
let me down. "Do you give up?" she asked. "Yes, you win." "Are you
more of a pussy than Vincent?" I hesitated and she started spinning me
around. "Yes, yes, I'm
more of a pussy than Vincent." "And are you going to be a good girl
while I give you your spanking?"

"Yes," I replied meekly. I was completely mortified as I laid across
her shoulders crying, realizing that I had just gotten my ass kicked
by a girl and that I had just agreed to let her spank me.

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 4

Brandy paraded me around on her shoulders a little longer showing off
to her friends and then hoisted me up over her head and threw me to
the ground. I screamed like a little girl as I fell to the ground and
when I hit the ground I realized a little wet spot had formed in the
crotch of my pants. Brandy realized too, laughing and pointing to my
crotch. "Uh, oh. Maybe we better hold off on that spanking till weíve
got you snug in your Pampers, hey champ?" Brandy kneeled down next to
me and started to unzip her backpack. I immediately tried to stand up,
but Brandy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back down. "Behave
yourself young lady!" She squeezed my arm so hard I started crying all
over again. Through my tears I pleaded with her not to put a diaper on
me. She thought about it for a second and then set her bag back down.
"OK, if thatís the way you want it." After saying this she put her
hand just above my crotch and pressed down hard, immediately causing
me to lose control of my bladder and soak my pants. Brandy stood up
and she and her two friends looked down at me laughing while I laid on
the ground crying in my wet pants. "No, she doesnít need a diaper,
sheís a big girl," Brandy said mockingly. "Suck your thumb baby,"
Brandy demanded. When I didnít she kicked me hard in the side. "I said
suck your thumb you little panty peeing wimp!" Obediently, I put my
thumb in my mouth and tried to look away. "I want you to lay here in
your wet panties sucking your thumb for the rest of recess. Iím going
to come back here to check on you, and if you donít have that thumb in
your mouth like a good girl Iím going to get one of the
kindergarteners to come back here and kick your ass!" Brandy spit a
big loogey on me while Sandy and Tara laughed and then the three of
them walked away. I just laid there behind the fence sucking my thumb
and crying, completely humiliated by what had just happened, thinking
about what was going to happen to me when I got home and my mom found
out I had wet my pants.

I was there about 20 minutes before the bell rang, and then waited
until all the students had gone in to try to sneak in and run down to
the nurseís office. Maybe I could tell her I was sick and she would
just send me home without anyone noticing. I waited a couple minutes
after I saw the last student enter the building and then quietly snuck
through the door and made my way down to the nurseís office. Just when
I had almost reached it, I heard my name called out from behind me.
Mrs. Jenkins! "Tommy Thomas, what in the world are you doing out of
class?" I wanted to pretend I hadnít heard, but I knew I couldnít. As
she approached I slowly turned around, revealing to her my soaking wet
pants. "Oh my goodness! Have a little accident did we?" "Yes," I
replied weakly as I stared at the ground. Mrs. Jenkins took my chin in
her hand and forced me to look up at her. "A little old to be wetting
your pants, arenít you Tommy?" "Yes." "Well, I guess youíre going to
need that diaper I caught you with earlier after all." "No, no, Mrs.
Jenkins! Please donít make me wear that! Iím just a little sick,
thatís all." "No arguing young man. Now you go down to the nurseís
office and wait for me. Hopefully sheíll have some clean pants for you
to wear, otherwise youíll be spending the rest of class in just your

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 5

Nurse Ingvarsson was a big blonde woman in her late twenties, at least
six feet tall and very Nordic looking with blonde hair and a powerful,
voluptuous figure. All the little boys had a crush on her and I hung
my head in shame as I walked into her office in my wet pants. "Awe,
did we have a little accident sweety? Itís ok baby, come over here and
give me a hug." Nurse Ingvarsson had a very gentle and motherly way
about her which I found reassuring and embarrassing at the same time.
I blushed even redder when she called me baby and felt very small as
she engulfed me tightly in her strong arms. "Itís all right champ,
Iíve had lots of little boys walk in here with wet pants. Weíll find
something dry for you to wear," she said as she patted me on the back.
"I donít think thatíll be necessary. Tommy brought his own change of
clothing, didnít you Tommy?" It was Mrs. Jenkins.

I turned around and saw her standing there holding the diaper she had
caught me with earlier. "Oh, Iím sure it was just an accident. You
donít need to wear a diaper, do you Tommy?" Nurse Ingvarsson asked.
"No. It was just an accident," I replied. "Just an accident?" Mrs.
Jenkins shot back. "Well then, do you mind telling me how it was that
you happened to go pee pee in your pants instead of in the potty like
a big boy?" I paused a minute, not wanting to tell them what had
happened between me and Brandy. "Well I... I was wrestling around with
someone and when I told him I had to go to the bathroom he wouldnít
let me up." "Oh really?" Mrs. Jenkins asked. "And who was it that you
were wrestling around with?" When I didnít answer right away she said
"if you tell me who it was that held you down then I wonít make you
wear the diaper Tommy. Now tell me who it was." I looked to Nurse
Ingvarsson for support, and then just looked down at the floor, not
knowing what to say. "I think youíve been telling a fib, havenít you
Tommy?" Mrs. Jenkins asked. "Yes Mrs. Jenkins," I finally responded. I
didnít see any way around it. "Well Tommy, thanks to your little lie
youíre going to be spending the rest of the day in your pretty pink
Pampers... and nothing else!"

"NO MRS. JENKINS! Please donít make me do that!" I pleaded. "Iím sure
he didnít mean to lie, he was just a little embarrassed," Nurse
Ingvarsson added on my behalf. "No excuses, I gave him a chance to
tell me the truth and he didnít, so now he must suffer the
consequences. Youíve wasted enough of my class time already Tommy, now
if you donít get out of those wet clothes and up onto the exam table
right now Iím going to give you a spanking to boot!" I looked once
more to Nurse Ingvarsson for support. "Better do as she says Tommy."
Seeing that Mrs. Jenkins was only getting more angry with me, I
quickly took off my shoes, socks, pants and underwear, trying to cover
my little privates from their view in the process. My shirt was wet on
the bottom too, so I took that off and stood in front of the two women
totally naked and humiliated. I hurriedly made my way over to the exam
table that stood in the corner of the office, but before I could climb
up I felt Nurse Ingvarssonís strong hands grip me under the armpits
and lift me up onto the table as easily as if I had been a baby.
Nobody had lifted me like that in years and it gave me a distinct
feeling of helplessness. "Lay back sweety," she said as she put a hand
on my chest and gently pushed me back. I laid on the paper covered
table staring at the ceiling as I felt her cleaning me up with a baby
wipe. The sensation of her wiping the warm damp cloth over me and the
babyish smell was so strong I had to stop myself from sticking my
thumb in my mouth. I felt as emasculated as an 11 year old boy can
feel and it got even worse when she started rubbing in the baby
powder. By now the office smelled like a nursery, and the feel of her
big, soft hands caressing me gave me such a confused feeling of
arousal and shame that I almost cried. Then I heard the crinkling of
the diaper and watched as she slid it under my powdered butt, brought
it up between my legs, and snuggly pinned it on me. As much as it had
plagued my thoughts all day I could hardly believe it as I looked down
and saw myself taped into the pink, Minnie Mouse diaper, and not by
Brandy, but by the school nurse! And now the whole school would know!

"Awe, look how cute she is in her diaper! And it fits you perfectly
Tommy! Sometimes I forget that you kids really arenít that much
removed from your diaper days," Mrs. Jenkins teased. I didnít like her
referring to me as Ďsheí, but I thought it best to leave it be. Nurse
Ingvarsson just smiled at me sympathetically. "Do you have a shirt
that our little girl can wear?" Mrs. Jenkins asked the nurse. "Iím not
a little girl!" I finally shouted. "Whoa there young lady, you just
watch that temper or youíre going to find yourself wearing diapers the
rest of the year," Mrs. Jenkins shot back. "In fact, if those diapers
arenít still dry at the end of the day, I guarantee youíll be wearing
them the rest of the year, and I know your mother well enough to know
sheíd approve." The thought of suffering this kind of humiliation
every day for the rest of the year was too terrifying for me to start
an argument, so I let it go. "I just figured that since youíre wearing
a girlís diaper you must fancy yourself a little girl," Mrs. Jenkins
teased, patting me on my diaper. I expected this from Brandy, but I
never knew my teacher could be so sadistic. Nurse Ingvarsson tried to
stifle a giggle and then pulled a t-shirt from out of the storage
closet. "Iím afraid this is all I have." She held it out before me and
I nearly wet myself right then as I saw the pink Minnie Mouse
sweatshirt. "Oh itís perfect," Mrs. Jenkins laughed. "What a lucky
girl you are Tommy. Matching sweatshirt and diapers!" Mrs. Jenkins
made me put on the shirt and my shoes and then took my hand to lead me
back to class.

Just before we walked out the door Nurse Ingvarsson came to my rescue.
"You really should put some pants on her... er, him Marilyn. Heíll
catch cold." Mrs. Jenkins stopped, looked down at me for a second
considering it, and finally agreed. "What do you have?" "I have a pair
of sweatpants that go with the shirt," the nurse replied. "Well, ok,
but donít think your classmates arenít going to know your punishment
Tommy," Mrs. Jenkins told me. I couldnít believe I was actually
thankful to be putting on pink Minnie Mouse sweatpants, but anything
was better than sitting in class all day in just a diaper. I quickly
put on the pants and as we walked out the door Nurse Ingvarsson gave
me a little pat on my rear and said "stay dry sweety." I prayed that I

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 6

Needless to say I was shaking like a leaf as Mrs. Jenkins led me down
the hall in my girlish clothes and back to the classroom. As we walked
into the room all the kids turned to look at me and laughed as they
saw my new pink attire. My face was bright red and I tried to avoid
looking anyone in the eye as I hurried over to my desk, waddling
slightly thanks to the thick diaper I was wearing. The giggling was
incessant, as were the taunts from some of the students commenting on
what a pretty girl I was. Finally, Mrs. Jenkins told the class to be
quiet and I hung my head in anticipation of her revealing my diapered
condition to my fellow classmates. "Tommy got his clothes dirty at
recess, so we had to find something else for him to wear." I breathed
a huge sigh of relief as she spared me further humiliation. I guess
all the taunting made her feel sorry for me.

As Mrs. Jenkins got back to her lesson, most of the taunting subsided,
except for Brandy and her friends, of course, who unfortunately sat
behind and to either side of me. "What cute new clothes you have
Tommy, you should wear those more often. Say, her butt looks bigger,
doesnít it girls? Did your butt get bigger during recess Tommy?" I
looked around me in hopes that no one was listening, but I could
already see that more than half the class was stealing glances at me.
Brandyís ribbing continued. "I asked you a question little girl. If
you donít answer me youíre going to get a spanking." Then Tara
started. "Hey, what happened to that diaper that was sitting on Mrs.
Jenkinsí desk earlier? Do you know Tommy? After all, it is your
diaper." She was whispering, but I know that several of the kids
sitting around her heard and continued to look over at me trying to
determine whether I was indeed wearing a diaper. Then Sandy came to my
defense... um, kind of. "Leave the little girl alone you two, canít
you see sheís going to cry?" "Maybe she needs to be changed," Brandy
replied. After several minutes of this Mrs. Jenkins finally told the
girls to be quiet, but the damage was already done. By lunchtime every
kid in the classroom was convinced I was wearing a diaper, and soon
enough they would find out they were right!

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 7

When the bell rang for lunch I just sat in my seat and went through my
bag pretending like I was looking for something while the rest of the
class filed out. I knew that Brandy and her friends would be waiting
for me to get to the cafeteria so they could expose me to the rest of
my classmates, so after everyone had left the room I just continued to
sit in my chair. "Arenít you going to go to lunch Tommy?" Mrs. Jenkins
asked. "Iím not hungry," I replied. "Now, now Tommy, you canít just
spend your lunch hour hiding in here. All babies need to eat," she
said, in a very matter of fact tone. "If you wonít go into the
cafeteria and eat like a big girl, then Iíll just have to take you
down to the day care facility and you can eat with the other babies.
Itís up to you." Still I didnít move, terrified of what Brandy and her
thugs would do to me if I went down to the cafeteria. I must have been
quite a sissy to be thinking of little girls as thugs. "Very well
Tommy," Mrs. Jenkins said, taking me by the hand and forcing me out of
my chair. "You can eat with the babies."

As Mrs. Jenkins led me out of the room I saw my trio of tormentors
standing in the hall watching her lead me by the hand. "Where are you
taking Tommy Mrs. Jenkins?" Brandy asked. "Tommy has decided to eat
down at the day care room with the other babies today, havenít you
Tommy," Mrs. Jenkins announced. My face couldnít turn any redder than
it already was as Brandy and her friends laughed. "Are you going to
spoon feed him?" Brandy teased.

Mrs. Jenkins continued leading me down the hall until we got to the
door with the big rainbow on it Ė the door to the day care room. As we
walked in the room I saw about 30 or 40 kids aged anywhere from 2 to 5
years old sitting in little plastic chairs at several tables being
served their lunch. The walls of the room were decorated with alphabet
characters and childrenís drawings, there were toys, cots for nap time
and in a little room in the back I even saw a changing table and
diapers. I also noticed that it wasnít just women attending to the
children, but some of the older middle school girls who helped out in
the day care center on their lunch break. The school I attended went
all the way from kindergarten through 8th grade, so these girls were
only 2 or 3 years older than me, and I could tell that a couple of
them recognized me as soon as I walked in. Mrs. Jenkins began to lead
me over to the far table, the one where the youngest kids were
sitting, when a plump, but pretty looking young woman walked up and
asked Mrs. Jenkins if she could help her. "Yes. This student of mine
has decided that he doesnít want to eat lunch with the big kids today,
so I was hoping maybe you could take care of him down here," Mrs.
Jenkins replied. "Oh, well Iím sure we have room for one more," the
woman said looking down at me. "I would suggest seating him with the
toddlers, as heís acting especially childish today. I have to go back
to my classroom to get my next lesson prepared, so just send him back
when heís finished. Be good Tommy." And with that Mrs. Jenkins turned
and left.

"OK Tommy, letís get you some nummies!" the woman said, taking my hand
and leading me to the toddler table. To my misfortune, the handful of
7th and 8th grade girls were all stationed at this table, helping the
little ones with their lunch. When we got to the table, the woman
introduced me to a girl of about 13 named Gretchen, and asked her to
get "little Tommy" his lunch. "Sure Miss Williams," Gretchen said,
kneeling down a bit to look me in the eyes. "Ready for num nums
Tommy?" She was tall and well-developed for a 13 year old, and I felt
like I truly was a little toddler standing in front of her in my pink
sweats and my bulging diapers, which I prayed she wouldnít notice. No
such luck. As soon as we started walking towards the table I felt her
pat me on the butt. "Whatís this? Arenít you a little big for
diapers?" I blushed, but before I could answer she apologized. "Just
teasing sweety. You donít have to be embarrassed."

I sat down in one of the little plastic chairs and a minute later I
felt her tying a bib around my neck. "Hey, what are you doing?" I
protested. "Sorry honey, but all of the kids who eat at this table
wear bibs. You wouldnít want to get your pretty Minnie Mouse outfit
dirty, would you?" she asked. "Itís not mine. Mrs. Jenkins made me
wear it," I explained. "Well, at any rate, as long as youíre wearing
diapers you might as well wear a bib as well." After saying this she
opened up a can of greenish looking baby food, spooned some out, and
tried to feed it to me. "Here comes the airplane!" I pushed her hand
away. "I can feed myself!" I yelled, bringing unwanted attention to
myself. "You better just pipe down and do as I say tiger, or Iím going
to have to pull down those Pampers and give you a spanking!" This girl
was at least half a foot taller than me, and I figured if Brandy could
take me so easily, Gretchen wouldnít have any trouble carrying out her
threat. Swallowing my pride I obediently opened my mouth and allowed
her to feed me the baby food. The whole time I just tried to keep
telling myself it was better than having to endure whatever Brandy had
in store for me in the cafeteria. Some of the 2 and 3 year olds at the
table laughed and called me a baby. I was in no position to disagree.

After the baby food, Gretchen had me drink some apple juice from a
sippy cup and then much to my embarrassment had me sit on her lap and
burped me like an infant. As she let me up I thought the humiliating
ordeal was over. Then I felt her pulling down my sweatpants. "What are
you doing?" I yelled, grabbing at my waistband. "Checking your diaper
silly," she said, easily pulling my hand away and sticking her fingers
inside the crotch of my diaper. "Still dry," she chirped, patting me
on the butt and pulling my pants back up. "But I better give you a
couple more diapers to take with you for later. Come on." She grabbed
a couple of Pampers from the changing table and then began to walk me
back to class. As we neared the room I started to resist, realizing
that she intended to walk into the classroom with the diapers in one
hand and my hand in the other. "What are you doing Tommy? We have to
get you back to class." "Canít you hide them or something?" I pleaded.
"Hide what?" she replied with a smile. "The diapers." "And wear am I
going to hide them silly, behind my ears? Now come on, itís nothing to
be ashamed of." "Give them to me, Iíll hide them under my shirt," I
said. "All right, if youíre going to act like a baby, Iíll just have
to treat you like a baby." After saying this she bent down and lifted
me up, cradling me in her arms, and then continued to walk towards the
classroom. I tried to struggle, but to my mounting shame discovered
once again that I was much weaker than the girl I was fighting
against. I closed my eyes in embarrassment as her hand reached for the
doorknob and prepared to suffer my next humiliation.

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 8

As Gretchen walked through the door carrying me in her arms I opened
my eyes and was greatly relieved to see that the other students had
not yet returned from lunch. "Where shall I put the baby Mrs.
Jenkins?" Gretchen asked. "Oh, little Tommyís back from the nursery.
You can set her in her desk over there," she replied, pointing to my
desk. Gretchen set me down in my seat and then walked over to Mrs.
Jenkinsí desk, handing her the extra Pampers she brought. "She was dry
when I checked her after lunch, but I thought you might need these for
later," Gretchen said, now addressing me as a girl as well. "Oh, how
thoughtful. What do you say Tommy?" "What?" I asked. "Well arenít you
going to thank Gretchen for feeding you and bringing you extra
diapers?" "No," I said stiffly. "Oh yes you will young lady, unless
you want me to have one of your classmates change your Pampers," she
threatened. Well, what difference did it make? I was already as
humiliated as I could possibly get, I thought. "Thank you Gretchen for
feeding me and bringing me extra diapers." "Awe, youíre welcome
princess," she cooed. "I love taking care of sweet little baby girls."
She kissed me on the cheek and then left as the other students began
to file back into the room. Thankfully, Mrs. Jenkins hid my Pampers in
her desk drawer.

"How was your baby formula Tommy, or were you breast fed?" I heard
Brandy say as she sat down behind me. "Maybe we should burp her,"
Sandy added as I blushed, remembering that I actually had been burped.
I didnít get much ribbing from the rest of the students this time Ė
apparently they had tired of striking such an easy target. The next
hour or so passed without incident, but as recess neared I began to
grow nervous again, and I also felt my bladder growing heavy. I
decided I didnít want to suffer the indignity of being sent down to
day care again, so I would just have to do my best to stay away from
Brandy. My plan was simple Ė as soon as the bell rang I would make
sure I was the first one out the door, and then Iíd run out onto the
playground and hide in one of the big tires that was lodged in the
ground. I might get caught, but I figured it was the last good chance
I had to get through the day with the rumor of me being diapered
remaining just a rumor. If no one actually saw them I could just deny
it all tomorrow.

I was out of my seat before the bell even rang, and by the time Brandy
was up I was already out on the playground running for my life. I
quickly found a tire I could fit in and squeezed myself inside.
"Tommy, come out come out wherever you are! No oneís going to hurt you
little girl. We just need to change your diapers," I heard Brandy and
her cohorts calling out as they passed by me time and time again. I
had been standing in the tire almost twenty minutes and they hadnít
found me yet. Just ten more minutes and Iíd be home free! But I had
another problem to deal with Ė staying dry. It was getting harder and
harder to hold it in, and if I didnít get to the bathroom soon I was
going to have my second accident of the day, and this time in baby
diapers! If I wet myself again I was sure Mrs. Jenkins would carry
through with her threat of keeping me in diapers the rest of the year,
and thereís no way I could hide it from my classmates that long. But I
could forget about all that, because just as I was thinking this I
looked up and saw Brandy staring me straight in the eye, with an evil
grin on her face. My bladder gave way immediately, and like a
frightened little girl I christened my Pampers.

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 9

"Iíve found our girl," Brandy announced. "Come on out and play
sweety." I was still peeing in my diapers when Brandy grabbed me by my
sweatshirt and pulled me out of the tire. "Who were you hiding from
Tommy?" she asked, as I tried to avoid her gaze. "You werenít hiding
from little old me, were you?" As she said this she grabbed my chin
and forced me to look her in the eyes. "You arenít afraid of a girl,
are you diaper boy?" Nobody other than Tara and Sandy had witnessed
the fight between Brandy and I earlier that day, but now there was a
fairly large group of students gathered around us, giggling at me and
egging on Brandy, saying things like "give her a spanking Brandy" and
"take her pants down so we can see her diapers." Brandy had everyone
referring to me as a girl now. What Vincent had suffered yesterday was
nothing compared to what I was going through now. Why couldnít I just
keep my big mouth shut.

Funny I was thinking of Vincent, because thatís what Brandy was
thinking as well. "Donít worry little girl, Iím not going to waste my
time beating your ass again. Your such a weakling itís not fair. Itís
like pitting a lion against a little kitten. No, I want you to fight
Vincent instead." Brandy looked over towards Sandy and Tara and I saw
them standing there with Vincent. "We told Vincent all about what you
said about him being a sissy and how he should wear a diaper. Frankly,
I think youíre right, but Vincent didnít think it was very funny." I
looked over at Vincent and he was smiling that dumb smile of his,
looking like he couldnít wait to kick my butt. Vincent was always like
that, even if the person was twice his size. Iíd seen him get in lots
of fights and I never saw him even come close to winning a single one
of them. I was very happy that Brandy was letting me off the hook. I
wasnít worried about Vincent at all. "If you can take Vincent Iíll
never bother you again. So what do you say, do you want to find out
who the bigger sissy is?"

Everybody was cheering for Vincent and all of the sudden he came
charging at me. I braced myself, but to my dismay I found myself being
driven to the ground. When we hit the ground Vincent started swinging
wildly, punching me in the stomach and ribs. I tried to hit back, but
didnít have any leverage. As much of a wimp as he was, his punches
were beginning to hurt and I tried to roll us over. Vince scooted his
way up until he was sitting on my chest pinning my arms down and began
punching me in the face. I struggled wildly, but after 3 or 4 good
punches I was crying like a baby and begging him to stop. I couldnít
believe it Ė the biggest wimp in the school had just kicked my ass and
turned me into a blubbering little girl in less than a minute! It
wasnít even close! As I laid there crying I figured that I must be the
wimpiest 11 year old Ė boy or girl Ė in the whole world.

"Whoís the sissy now?" Vincent gloated, staring down at me with a mix
of pride and surprise that he had actually won a fight. "I am" I
whined pathetically. "You are what? he demanded. "Iím a sissy," I
replied. "And who should be wearing diapers?" he asked. "I should be
wearing diapers," I answered with no resistance. "What do you mean you
Ďshouldí be wearing diapers? You are!" I heard Brandy exclaim, and
then felt my sweatpants quickly pulled off my legs. A great deal of
laughter followed this unveiling, as well as shouts of "sheís wet!
Babyís wet herself!" "Awe, did the widdle baby girl get scared and wet
herself?" Brandy asked me in a babyish voice, which was, of course,
exactly what happened. "Do you need mommy to change your Pamper
wampers?" she added, pulling a fresh diaper out of her backpack and
waving it in front of my face. As I felt her untaping my diapers I
began kicking my legs wildly. I felt Sandy and Tara each grab one of
my legs and Brandy finished taking off my diaper, exposing my tiny,
hairless penis to the rest of my classmates and prompting another wave
of laughter and taunts. "Wow, you even have a babyís pee pee," Brandy
observed, as I felt her wiping me with a baby wipe and sliding the new
diaper under me. I felt her sprinkling baby powder on me, but then she
suddenly stopped.

"Now ask mommy nicely to tape your diapers on for you Tommy," Brandy
said. When I didnít respond I felt her lift up my legs and spank me
hard 5 times. It hurt bad, but still I didnít respond. She couldnít
make me ask her to diaper me in front of everyone. "Spank his face
Vincent," she said, and Vincent began slapping my face with glee. It
only took a couple before I finally broke down and politely asked my
tormentor to tape my diapers on me. I was shamed beyond belief, but
tried to endure it with a small dose of optimism, realizing that
Brandy had actually just saved me from being forced to spend the rest
of the school year in diapers. Had she known this Iím sure she would
have sent me back to class wet.

After making me thank her for changing my diapers, Brandy thoughtfully
pulled up my pink sweatpants and told Vincent he could let me up.
Vincent wasnít ready yet. "Kiss the crotch of my jeans, sissy!" he
demanded, grabbing my hair and pulling my face into his crotch. I did
as he said, and then he asked me who his little diaper girl was. "Iím
your little diaper girl Vincent," I obediently complied, completely
defeated and understanding that I was announcing my new role as the
biggest sissy in the school and the new favorite target of all
bullies. I was ashamed that I didnít fight back at all, but I truly
was afraid of Vincent now. If I had just kept my mouth shut yesterday,
he would still be the school wimp. He made me agree that from now on I
would present him with my lunch every day so he could choose what he
wanted before I ate it, and then he let me up. Thankfully, the bell
rang marking the end of recess, and I was given many pats on my
diapered butt as I made my way back into the classroom. I just
consoled myself with knowing that my dry diapers would save me from
enduring this the rest of the year... but the day wasnít over.

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 10

The rest of the school day was fairly uneventful, with the exception
of some taunting from the other kids. A couple goose eggs and some
bruises were forming on various parts of my head and body from the two
humiliating beatings Iíd taken, but apparently not large enough for
Mrs. Jenkins to notice. Later when I got home Iíd find that there
werenít any very noticeable marks on me at all Ė for all the crying
Iíd done youíd think Iíd been beaten within an inch of my life. When
the final bell rang and my incredibly long, humiliating day had come
to an end, I waited for all the rest of the students to leave so I
could show Mrs. Jenkins that my diapers were dry and have her give me
back my clothes.

Mrs. Jenkins checked my diaper, as any adult would check a babyís
diaper, and then gave me a little pat on the butt and complimented me
on staying dry like a big girl. Then she led me down to Nurse
Ingvarssonís office to get my clothes. "Hi there sweety," the big
blonde nurse greeted me, mussing my hair as I walked through the door.
"Letís see how you did champ," she exclaimed, pulling down my sweats
and checking my diaper as my teacher had done just a minute ago. "Oh
good, all dry!" she exclaimed. "Hold on, Iíll get your clothes." Nurse
Ingvarsson reached into the cabinet and pulled out a plastic bag
containing my clothes Ė which were still wet! "Theyíre still wet!" I
shouted, stating the obvious. "Well of course they are silly," the
nurse replied. "Iím a nurse... and occasionally a nanny," she laughed,
"not a laundry service. You can just wear home what youíve got on and
have your mommy wash your wet clothes for you. And you can keep those
cute Minnie Mouse sweats if youíd like." This was horrible! I thought
I was saved, I thought my mom would never find out! I thought Iíd put
my clothes back on, go home and be able to just put it behind me! I
looked back at Mrs. Jenkins who just stood there grinning at me. I
opened my mouth to say something, but there wasnít anything to say. My
clothes were still wet, what other choice was there? "Canít I just
take my diaper off? I stayed dry all day. You said..." "And we want
our little girl to continue to stay dry," Mrs. Jenkins remarked.
"Besides, I want your mother to know what happened today. I know if I
was your mother Iíd want to know if my little girl was wetting her
pants at school. No, youíll keep that diaper on until you can get home
and your mother can decide what to do with you. Thatís final. No
discussion." I hung my head and started to walk out the door. It
didnít matter. Iíd just take it off myself before I got home. Maybe I
could sneak in quick and my mom wouldnít see me. "And donít you even
think about taking that diaper off yourself young lady. I want you to
tell your mommy exactly what happened, and have her call me to let me
know you did. If I donít get a call tonight, itís big trouble for you
sweety." So much for that plan.

I walked out slowly to the bus stop, trying not to look anyone in the
face as I made my way towards the line for bus nine. Brandy and her
friends took the same bus as me, so I already knew the ride home was
going to bring plenty of new indignities. The busses were coming in
just as I was getting in line, so thankfully I wouldnít have to wait
in line long. "Hey sissy boy, still got your diapers on I see," Brandy
said as she walked up to me, reaching out and grabbing my crotch. I
tried to pull away, but Brandy squeezed harder. "Do you have a penis
inside those Pampers Tommy, because I sure canít feel one," she added.
"Hey diaper butt," I heard someone else say from behind me. "Nice
clothes. Hey, I heard that wussy Vince kicked your ass at recess." It
was Brent Harris, a big sixth grader and one of the toughest kids in
the school. I was terrified of him. "And made you pee your baby
diapers," he said, smacking my butt. "You must be a real pussy to get
beat up by Vince, hey?" He looked at me, waiting for an answer. "I
donít know," I mumbled, trying to look away. "What did you say wimp?"
he asked, pulling me by the hair and making look him in the eye. "Are
you disagreeing with me?" "No." "Well then say it!" "Iím a pussy," I
said, trying not to cry. "The biggest pussy in the whole school?" he
asked. "Yes, Iím the biggest pussy in the whole school." Everyone
around us was laughing and I heard someone comment that I deserved to
be treated like a sissy if I couldnít even stand up for myself.

Brent made me hold onto his finger like a little boy as we got on the
bus and walked to the back seat. He chose the short seat in the very
back and made me sit on his lap like a baby. Brandy, Tara, and Sandy
sat in the seat in front of us and made me do humiliating things the
whole ride back, like suck my thumb and play patty-cake. I just sat
there and did what they said, waiting for the ride to be over.

When we finally got to my stop, Brent marched me down the aisle with
my arms twisted behind my back and my sweatpants around my knees so
everyone could get a good look at my diapers. There was lots of
laughing and our 70 year old bus driver had long since passed the
point where he enforced any discipline on the bus. Brent pushed me out
the door and I fell face first in the dirt between Brandy and her
friends with my big diaper butt sticking up in the air. "See you
tomorrow diaper butt," Brent said. When I got up Brandy insisted that
I take her hand so she could walk me home. I did as she said and we
finally parted ways when we got to my drive way. "Tell your mommy to
call me if she ever needs a babysitter little girl," Brandy said as
she and her friends walked away. With a heavy heart I walked towards
the front door, shivering at the thought of what awaited me inside.

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 11

"Oh, what a cute outfit Tommy!" It was Suzy, the 9 year old daughter
of my motherís boyfriend Jason Anderson who was the first to greet me
as I walked through the door. "Is that Minnie Mouse?" I blushed as I
quickly walked past her, heading for the stairs so I could go upstairs
to my bedroom and change before anyone else saw me. But to my
misfortune, there was her older sister Amber sitting on the stairs
talking on the phone. Amber was 14 and probably the prettiest girl I
had ever seen, so I stopped dead in my tracks when I got to the stairs
and saw her staring back at me smirking. Jasonís kids went to a
different school, so they hadnít heard anything about the day Iíd had
yet. Amber gave me a wink and I quickly turned around to head in the
other direction, bumping into her 10 year old brother Eric. "Watch
where youíre going little girl," he told me, standing in my way and
refusing to let me pass. Even though he was a year younger than me,
Eric was much stockier than me and slightly taller. After getting
beaten up by a girl and the school wimp today I didnít want to get
into it with him. I tried to walk around him and he grabbed me by the
arm, snatching the bag out of my hands that had my wet clothes.
"Whatchíya got there sissy boy," Eric asked as he pulled my wet
clothes out of the bag. "Oh my God, you donít still wet your pants, do
you little girl?" he said. Then I felt his little sister quickly pull
down my pants. "Heís wearing a diaper! Heís wearing a diaper!" she
squealed in delight, as her brother laughed.

"Whatís going on here!" I looked over Ericís shoulder to see my mom
and her boyfriend watching us. "Tommy was just showing us her Pampers"
Eric laughed. "She had a little accident at school today." "Tommy,
donít tell me your wetting your pants now Tommy! Itís bad enough you
still wet the bed, but this is too much!" "He wets the bed too?" Suzy
asked, giggling. "What a sissy baby," Eric followed. "Shut up Eric," I
replied, trying to maintain some sort of dignity. "Donít you tell him
to shut up!" my mom shot back. "Youíre the one standing there in
diapers! Eric has every right to call you a baby." "And a sissy," her
boyfriend responded. "Like father like son, hey champ?"

My parents had gotten divorced about a month ago. Mr. Anderson and his
three kids had moved in next door to us three months ago. My father
was a fairly timid man, with a slight, almost boyish build and my
mother was definitely the head of the family, constantly scolding him
and giving him chores to do like she was his mother. The trouble
between he and Mr. Anderson started after Mr. Anderson had called him
several times to complain about our dog shitting in their yard. My
father always brushed it off like it was nothing, until one afternoon
Mr. Anderson came over to confront him face to face about it. Mr.
Anderson was a very large man, about 6í4" and probably 100 pounds
heavier than my dad. He charged into the house without even knocking,
snatched my dad out of his chair by the arm like he was a little boy,
and marched him out of the house and next door as my mother and I
looked on. When they got to where our dog had defiled his lawn, Mr.
Anderson grabbed my dad by the back of his neck and forced him to his
knees, then forced his face down towards the poop like you would when
training a dog. "If you wonít train your dog, then Iíll just have to
train you!" he screamed at my dad. Then, as he held him down he
started spanking him hard on the butt with his other hand, yelling
"bad boy", like you would with a naughty puppy.

After a couple minutes of this he made my dad pick up the dog poop
with his bare hands and marched him back to our house. My dad was
crying like a little boy, and as they stood on our porch Mr. Anderson
told my dad that after he cleaned up he wanted him to come over and
mow his yard, since our dog had kept him from doing it himself. My dad
meekly complied. My mom hadnít said a word to Mr. Anderson through the
whole ordeal, and when he came over to borrow things, which he did
often after that, she actually became friendlier with him, oddly
enamored at the way he had dominated her husband. She and Jason
started openly seeing each other before my dad even moved away.

Now the same man who had humiliated my father and stolen his wife was
standing in front of me making fun of both of us right to my face. His
son had one hand tightly on my arm and the other holding my diaper so
that all I could do was stand there and try not to cry. But I failed
at that too. "Like father like son indeed," my mom agreed as the tears
started flowing down my cheeks. "Well, since youíre going to act like
a baby, Iím going to treat you like a baby. Take him upstairs and put
him to bed Jason. After the adults eat dinner, Iíll bring you yours.
In a baby bottle." Jason left my new sweatpants laying on the floor
and picked me up like you would a real baby, with one hand behind my
back and one cradling my diapered bottom. As he tucked me in he told
me that he and my mom were going to be married, and that he was sure
his kids would just love having a new baby in the family! As he left
the room and turned out the lights I was so overcome by the days
events that I stuck my thumb in my mouth like a real baby and almost
immediately drifted off to sleep. When I awoke my mother was changing
my diapers which I had apparently wet and instead of sucking my thumb
I was now sucking a pacifier.

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 12

"Itís a good thing Mrs. Jenkins stuck a couple extra diapers in your
back pack. You obviously need them," my mother said as she taped up my
new diaper. I spit out my pacifier. "Mom..." "Donít you mom me! I just
got off the phone with your teacher and she tells me that not only did
you wet your pants like a little baby, but you tried to tell her and
the nurse a lie as well! Is that true?" "Well..." I tried to think of
something to say, but couldnít. "Come on now. Youíve gotten yourself
in enough trouble already. Now tell the truth." So I did. I told her
the whole thing. I told her about Brandy beating me up and making me
wet my pants (though not about me egging her on), I told her about
Vince, and I even told her about the bus ride home. By the time I was
finished I was crying again.

"I suppose you want mommy to cuddle you and tell you everythingís
going to be all right," my mother said rather coldly. That was exactly
what I had wanted. "I never should have married your father. What a
sissy Iíve got!" Now I was even more embarrassed for having told her
everything, since I hadnít drawn the sympathy I had expected. "And
what about when Iím not around, huh? Whoís going to protect you from
the big bad girls then? Or maybe I should enroll you in Eric and
Suzyís school, so your new little brother and sister can protect you.
Is that what you want baby?" "No," I replied meekly. "And what are we
going to do about wetting your pants and your bed all the time? Do you
need to be potty trained all over again?" my mother asked. "It was
only a couple times?" I tried to argue. "Only a couple times?
According to my calculations youíve wet yourself four times in the
past 24 hours! Oh wait, two of those times donít count, because you
were frightened by a girl and couldnít help yourself, right?" she said

"Really Tommy, I donít know what to do with you. Your eleven years old
now. When are you going to stop being a sissy?" "I could take karate
lessons or something," I said, trying to think of anything that would
keep my mom from branding me as an incurable sissy. "What, you want me
to pay to have other kids beat you up? Donít you get enough on the
playground?" I couldnít believe she was being so mean. "No Tommy,
youíre just like your father. Iíve tried not to baby you, but youíre a
natural born sissy, arenít you?" The way she spoke it was like she
felt cheated. It was kind of like the way she talked to my father when
she didnít feel like he was sticking up for himself. Like she was
exasperated, like he deserved to have her bully him. Like he was

"You know, Iíll bet even little Suzy could beat you up." I cringed.
"No she couldnít," I replied weakly, not at all sure that I was right.
"Are you sure about that peter pampers? Iíll tell you what Tommy, Iíll
give you one last chance to prove youíre not a total sissy. If you can
beat your soon-to-be little sister in a wrestling match, then Iíll
overlook all the little accidents youíve had today and you can take
off your diapers and your pretty pink sweatshirt and pretend to be a
real boy. But if you lose, youíre going to stay in diapers until you
can be properly potty-trained... and Suzy will be doing the
potty-training." "What!" I screamed. "And if you decide to decline,
then you will remain in diapers for the rest of the school year. Itís
up to you."

It seemed like a strange request, but my mother loved doing things
like this Ė I had seen her sadistic side before, although I honestly
didnít think she expected me to lose. I, on the other hand, was not so
sure after all that had happened today. But what kind of boy would shy
away from a girl two years younger than him? "Oh for Peteís sake
Tommy, donít tell me youíre afraid of a nine year old girl!" my mom
said, reading my mind. "OK," I finally replied, convincing myself that
I couldnít possibly lose a wrestling match with little Suzy, and
certainly not wanting to just voluntarily spend the rest of the school
year wearing Pampers. "All right then sport, lets go downstairs and
see what kind of boy you are," my mom said, helping me out of bed and
leading me out of the room. "Donít make me go down there like this," I
pleaded, still wearing just my diapers and Minnie Mouse sweatshirt.
"Youíll get to take them off soon enough," my mom replied. "I
certainly donít expect you to lose to little Suzy."

Suzy and I stood in the living room facing each other while my mother
and the rest of my new family looked on. Amber actually seemed to feel
a little sorry for me, and said nothing, but Eric was having the time
of his life coming up with new nicknames for me. "That a boy Tommy
Tinkle Panties! You can do it Diaper Butt! Show us what a big girl you
are Princess Pampers!" I tried to ignore it, thankful that I was
wrestling his sister and not him. Just as I was about to make my move
Suzy slapped me in the face. "Hey, she canít do that!" I shouted,
looking over at my mom. I got slapped again. "Awe, is crybaby going to
wet her diapers," Suzy taunted me. "Mom!" I tried again. "Oh, stop
acting like such a sissy," my mom said, as Suzy slapped me a third
time. Her slaps were hard for a little girl, and to my great
embarrassment I found my eyes starting to water. "Sheís going to cry!"
Eric shouted with glee. I charged at Suzy and with a hard shove she
knocked me down on my diapered butt. "I canít believe this," I heard
my mom say.

More angry than embarrassed this time, I jumped up and charged at Suzy
again. This time we locked hands and I found myself playing mercy with
her. At first we just stood there with our fingers locked, neither one
of us moving as Eric cheered on his sister. After a few seconds I felt
Suzy slowly bending my fingers back and forcing me to my knees. Suzy
was almost the same size as me, but I had never imagined she was as
strong as me, or as I was finding out now, even stronger. I tried to
pull my hands away, but couldnít, and soon found myself on my back
with my hands pinned to the floor and Suzy sitting on top of me. I was
mortified as Suzy just sat there smiling down at me. I could see Eric
over her shoulder looking down at me. "Oh my God, I canít believe my
little sister beat you up, dude!" Suzy put her knees on my shoulders
so that she could let go of my hands and then tweaked my nose. "Donít
worry sweety, Iíll have you into training panties in no time!"

Brandy's little diaper sissy, Part 13

After the wrestling match, mom took me and Suzy to Target. On the car
ride there I was made to sit in my old child seat which mom brought
out from storage. It was the largest size child seat available, and
unfortunately it fit me perfectly. Suzy also made me suck my pacifier
the whole ride there. When I tried to protest, mom told me that I had
to obey Suzy from now on, because she was in charge of me now, and
Suzy added "and just because youíre a baby doesnít mean I wonít spank
you little girl." My mom giggled at Suzyís comment and I just sat in
my baby seat obediently sucking my pacifier, to much of a sissy to
stick up to a nine year old.

Suzy made me hold her hand as we walked into the store and insisted
that I keep my binki in my mouth. When we reached the baby section I
was suddenly overwhelmed by the endless rows of diapers, knowing that
I would be wearing them for as long as this little nine year old girl
wanted me to. I felt completely pathetic as I stood there holding her
hands waiting for her to pick out some diapers for me, knowing that I
was her little charge, and if I tried to pull away from her or protest
she would probably pull down the diaper I was already wearing and
spank me right there Ė and was strong enough to do it!

"Well Tommy, do you prefer Huggies or Pampers? Or are you more the
Luvs type?" I didnít respond. "Whatís the matter? Canít talk with your
baby binky in your mouth?" she laughed. "Hmm, letís see... oh, these
are the ones you like, right?" She grabbed a box of extra large
Pampers for Girls off the shelf and held them in front of me. "See,
they have the Minnie Mouse characters just like the dipies youíve got
on princess!" I blushed and looked around me to see if anyone was
watching. To my chagrin I saw three pretty girls from my class
watching the whole thing from the end of the aisle giggling and
pointing. "Are those your friends Tommy? Why donít you wave hi?" Suzy
said. I didnít do anything. "Now Tommy, youíre being very rude. You
wave to your friends right now or Iím going to take down your pampies
and spank you on your little bottom, and I mean it!" Wracked with
shame I weakly looked back at my laughing classmates and waved. This
brought even more laughter and to my horror they began to approach.

"Hi Tommy, watcha doiní?" a girl named Megan asked me. "Tommyís been
having a little trouble controlling his bladder, so weíre getting him
some diapers to keep him nice and dry until he can learn to use the
potty like a big boy," my mother answered. "Maybe you can help us pick
out some," she added. "He seems to like the pink kind." "Well of
course weíll help you pick out your didees Tommy wommy," Jenny,
another girl replied. "Those Minnie Mouse Pampers your little sisterís
holding look pretty cute. Arenít those what you were wearing today
when Vince gave you that little spanking?" she asked, patting me on my
diaper butt. "Ooh, I like these," Megan said, holding up a box of
Huggies for Girls. These ones were mainly white, with a little pink at
the top and Muppet Babies around the waistband. There was a toddler
girl on the cover wearing one and holding her arms up. "She looks just
like you," Megan commented, pointing to the girl. I couldnít believe I
hadnít yet died of shame. "I think Luvs are the best," said the third
girl, Rebecca, holding a package of non-gender specific diapers. "I
think just a big, plain white diaper on a baby is so cute!" "Well why
donít we just get all three," my mom said, "and you can wear a
different diaper every day! Then when you get to school, you can show
your nice friends here what kind of diaper you have on." I didnít
believe I was expected to respond at this point, so I just hung my
head while they put my diapers into the cart.

"What about training panties?" Suzy asked, bringing more giggles from
the girls. "I get to potty train him," Suzy gloated. "Oh, I think
youíve got your work cut out for you," Megan laughed. "I donít think
Tommyís ready to start his potty training just yet. Weíll stick to
diapers for now." I looked up at my mom in disbelief, realizing that I
would at least have to go through these three big packages of diapers
before I could even begin wearing at least training pants.

The girls followed us as Suzy finished up the mortifying shopping
list: baby powder, baby wipes, more pacifiers, a bib, baby food, baby
formula, and even a little rattle and a baby doll for me to play with!
After we checked out the girls helped us carry the stuff out to the
car, watched as I was put in my car seat, and then each gave me a kiss
on the cheek before we drove off.

As we drove home I sat in my car seat sucking my pacifier trying to
come to terms with the fact that over the past 24 hours I had been
transformed from an 11 year old boy to a diaper wearing sissy, and
there wasnít a soul in town who didnít know about it. I was hardly
surprised as I felt myself wetting my Pampers.


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