Forced to wear diapers

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Posted by Yorg on December 07, 2001 at 09:25

Hello my name is Yorg, True story
When I was young, my baby sitter who was incontinent seemed deemed to make me wear diapers too. She told my stepmother who worked at a Nursing Home that I was wetting my pants and wetting the bed. She would pee in the bed on convince my stepmother that I had a serious bladder problem. How would you like it trying to convince your stepmother that I was not wetting my pants? It was not an option; I was forced to wear diapers all day and night. I would cry and feel humiliated about wearing diapers. My baby-sitter Barbara who was in Middle School at the time thought this was a cool joke. I guess for her she felt that she wasn't the only one wearing diapers. I had no father and my stepmother worked all day. My stepmother would come in the middle of the night and I would get punished and yelled at me because I had taken off my diaper off. She made me lay in her bed to make sure I did not take my diaper off at night. I would remember lying with her in a spoon position with her hand on my diaper to know 100 percent that I was wearing my diaper. I do remember many occasions at night when she would change my diapers. She mentioned to everyone such as friends, school that to make sure he was wearing his diapers. I would get yelled out that I would tell her that I didn't need them. She yelled with a stern voice "You are going to wear those diapers so help me God". I would tell her that I think I can run to the bathroom and pee, she didnít want to hear my excuses and ďI did not buy these diapers for nothing! She wanted to see my diaper bulge in my pants to make sure I was wearing them. My stepmother was obsessive and compulsive about me wearing diapers. She would load up on buying a least 20 cases of diapers and plastic pants.
My stepmother worked in a nursing place and was common for her to change diapers and see people in diapers. My baby-sitter did also have a crush on me. Eventually when I got older, we would walk around the house with our diapers exposed and changing each otherís diapers. She is the one really got me turned on to learn how to enjoy wearing diapers.

Well, year after year my bladder became weaker and weaker. I would go on road trips, she would only stop if I had to go number 2. Eventually, wetting my diapers everyday was becoming very common. My baby-sitter was always there. When I was very young my babysitter had permission to change my diapers.
My baby-sitter would take me to the drug store and tell the clerk, he needs some diapers in a loud voice. Just so that everyone can see me that I was wearing diapers.
As I got older, I helped my mother at the nursing home. She always had ample supplies of diapers for me to wear. I stayed in the house because of being made fun of. Here is Diaper Boy. Eventually, I began to feel more secure when I had my diapers on. I told my stepmother one day that I really enjoyed wearing diapers. It feels so good; I like the way they my diapers make noises when I walked around with the plastic pants over them. I asked her if that is normal. She said I am glad to know that you have accepted yourself and needing to wear your diapers. She supported me 100 percent and called me her little diaper man. There was a time when I was about 20 years old, and walked in the bathroom and by surprise my stepmother was putting on a diaper. She said to me she became incontinent too. She would spend a lot of time in the bathroom or bedroom with the door locked. I would hear through the door a lot of diaper noises. I got really horny listening to diaper sounds. I would go then to my room and masturbate with my diaper on almost every day.
My stepmother had walked in by surprise in my bedroom and caught me rubbing my diaper on top of my rubber bed sheet. She smiled at me and said it is normal to masturbate. I enjoyed the security of sleeping in my stepmotherís bed. We would be in bed with our diapers on, she would lay her hand on top of my diaper and start rubbing my diaper. I felt it was normal because she would encourage me do so. She would say it is healthy to masturbate and do not be ashamed of it. My stepmother was pretty, she was caring and we both liked wearing diapers and incontinent. If any girls call for me, she would inform them that he is incontinent and wears diapers. My stepmother did not want to see me get hurt and being made fun of from girls because of my condition. She would bring young single women from her work or women she knew that they didnít care I wore diapers and some of the women wore diapers them self. My house was like a diaper factory, had a smell like the nursing home, wet diapers and baby powder smell. I would ask my stepmother if she could video tape my girl friend and me rubbing our diapers against each other. She loved watching us. She would encourage new angles. And then we all sit and watch the video afterward. There was only one time when my stepmother and me had a party and drank too much. We were in bed, diapers wet with urine and we both rub our diapers to masturbate each other into the night. She wanted me to promise her to always wear my diapers forever!
Now still single at 38 years old, I still wear diapers and incontinent. I truly love wearing diapers. Even if I stopped incontinence, I would continue to wear my diapers all the time.
Well, thatís my true diaper story and I have to change my wet diaper now.
Are there people like me that you have heard of? You have my permission to send this email to anyone who I can relate to.


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