A Night With Mistress Lauren

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Posted by Florida sissy on November 03, 2007 at 06:02 []

A Night With Mistress Lauren

Just for fun, I though I would call a new Mistress I saw an ad for named Mistress Lauren. The pictures on web page are not that good, so I was wondering what she would look like in person. Any way, she far exceeded my expectations when I got a glimpse of her for the first time a fairly tall and somewhat muscular woman was before me in a vinyl skirt and halter to die for.

I had pre-arranged with he to go out for a little public humiliation in the Orlando area of course with me in diapers, nursery print plastic baby pants and a short sailor dress that did nothing to hide my diapers.

When I arrived at her place she had me get out of the car so she could get a good look at me she immediately started to laugh and called me names such as sissy and diaper boy right as a car pulled up to see my embarrassment.

We got in my car and left and she said we needed to go to the store and get some items. She had me pull into a CVS Pharmacy. I did not want to get out of the car, yet she forced me to much to the amusement of all the patrons. We walked around the store to get a baby bottle, juice and some lipstick for her. Everyone was laughing and pointing. One women said to me “you must really love her to dress like such a sissy” Mistress Lauren blurted out that I loved to wear diapers and dresses and was out for the humiliation cause I truly was a sissy, the women then laughed at me and walked away..

We left the CVS and went to a large shopping mall and proceeded to walk from store to store with my diapers in full view to all. Mistress Lauren has more energy then any other women I have met and want relentless in my humiliation as she acted as if she was shopping for clothes and baby items. She did nothing to hide the fact that I wanted to be dressed like this and truly liked diapers and dresses.

After about 45 minutes of this I told her I could not contain my excitement and the thrill this had been to me and we should go back to her place. She told me we would finish up there with a severe punishment which ultimately included a very hard over the knee spanking. I thanked her for the time and promptly left still diapered to the amusement of others and returned home much happier and with a sore rear end. I am seeing her again soon and am sure I will be heavily diapered again

If anyone is looking for a beautiful mistress with energy and an imagination of how a sissy boy should be treated, look up Mistress Lauren at http://www.mistresslaurenorlando.com/


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