desperate to poop

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Posted by A on November 03, 2002 at 11:01 []

I had a rather bad experience the other weekend. we were driving to my moms and decided to stop for lunch. Being quite hungry and in the mood. I had this chilli at the service station. BAD MOVE!

we had driven about 1/2 hour when my guts cramped really badly. I Told my g/f (Im a lesbian) to pull over at the nearest toilets! It took about 10mins to find one. Boy my bowels were screaming to be let out. We found a small car park with a toilet block. I grabbed some Kleenex just in case and ran as fast my bowels would allow me. To my horror there was only 2 and they were both taken. And a girl was dancing up and down waiting. I asked how long she'd been waiting and she said 10mins! Just as she said that someone moaned deeply and let out a large barrage of poop. It stank and I felt really sorry for her, however my urge was no near breaking point. There wasn't really anywhere suitable outside. I ran into the gents but the only toilet was out of order. I ran back into the ladies and she was still waiting. She was sweating quite badly and doing a 'I NEED A POO' dance. Se whimpered she shouldn't have had that chilli and it turns out she was at the same place.

Just then one of the cucibles became free. She dived in and immediately let out a loud moannnnnnnnnnn and her bowels exploded! The noise was enough to tell me I GOTTA GO NOW. I looked round and saw a trash can. it's was reasonably big. Just then a lady in her 40's came in. She saw and the close cucibles and whimpered a bit herself. I said 'sorry but I gotta go NOW' and with that I sat on the trash can and exploded. It hit the bin and also the back wall. Thankfully it was quite a big bin otherwise I might have really filled it. Just then the lady who had been in cucible 1 for ages came out. She was not looking well. The other lady went in and started to pee. Just after that the other lady bent over looked around and started to moan. She had to go again. She saw me shitting my brains out and litterally pooped herself there and then. I felt sorry for her but I was still going. Just then the last lady came out. the other girl had run off crying so I managed to stop waddle! over and crash onto the toilet. I was going for 45 minutes. My girlfriend came and did a small poo herself. I had to stop 2 more times on the way home but thankfully that was it.


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