My pooped pantyhose

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Posted by Tanja on November 23, 2001 at 07:17

Hi, it was somewhen in Summer afternoon this year when I, a 23 old girl from Germany, went home from my work. I was dressed in a very short white skirt and a black-colored thin pantyhose. I'm wearing pantyhoses very often, but always without undies. My way home takes about half an hour by bus, half an hour by walking. The past three days I had no need to go to toilet. So during the whole day I had a strange feeling in my stomach, as if there was a ball inside. I knew that somewhen I'll have an urge for pooping, but I had a lot of work, so I didn't worry about that feeling. At this evening when I left my firm I already felt an urge to poop, but I hoped I can hold it still one or two hours. So I went to the bus. Sitting in the bus the pressure got stronger and stronger. I was afraid that I had to poop in the bus, o god, that smell and that shameful situation. I pressed my lips as if this had an influence to the situation of pooping. At last, after 40 minutes (!), the bus arrived to the station I had to went off. I hasted out the door and felt I could not hold the poop any longer inside me. I edged away from the people - and in this moment the poop came out of my butt, at first a little bit, and then I pressed it all out into my black pantyhose. I was a magnificent pleasure, this warm and brown bulg in my pantyhose!!! I went some meters - and suddenly I got horny and hot. This poop in my pantyhose turned my on. So I went home, enjoying the sliding of the thick pantyhose poop between my legs. At once when I came home I layed into bed, lighted a cigarette and began to masturbate.
This pooping experience was so nice and exciting for me that I decided not to poop any longer into toilet, but into pantyhose!


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