Girl Friend Shits Her Panties

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Posted by CFW on May 28, 2002 at 22:24

Girl Friend Shits Her Panties

I pulled the speed boat up to the low dock. My girlfriend Kaila would have trouble climbing anything higher because she is so fat. With a bit of effort I helped her out of the boat onto shore, and breathing hard Kaila said that if she doesn't go on a diet or something that pretty soon she'd weigh over 400 pounds.

Of course I assured her that she looked beautiful, and told her not to worry about her weight so much, while at the same time I secretly hoped that she would go a lot over that weight, and encouraged her to eat even more than she already did.

We had docked at the restaurant. It was around one in the afternoon, and to my delight Kaila said that she was really hungry - fucking starving as she put it - having not eaten since breakfast. Of course breakfast was only a couple of hours past, just past eleven, when I fed her a huge omlet, sausages, and lots of buttered toast while she laid in bed at the her parent's cottage. Kaila's pretty lazy, and likes to be waited on like that.

Kaila waddled to the restaurant, plunked her fat ass down at an outside table, and got herself a double order pasta lunch with garlic bread and salad. She thought about waving off desert as we were going over to the local dairy bar after lunch for one of their famous oversized icecream cones, saying I should really cut down, but with a little encouragement from me - not much mind you - she ended up eating a huge piece of lemon morange pie.

Kaila had gone into the lady's washroom when we first arrived to check her makeup and fix her hair as all beautiful women do. She did so again just before we left, and when she came out whispered to me that she had to go pee rather badly.

Of course most guys would question why their girlfriend having just come out of a lady's washroom would whisper to them that she had to pee, but in Kaila's case I knew it was because she never used public washrooms. Maybe that was because she was a spoiled rich bitch, or mayby it was because she was just too fat to fit into the stalls.

I don't know, but I'm glad, because Kaila prefers to just go in her panties, and nothing turns me on more than - well maybe nothing more than watching her pig out - to see my beautiful, sexy, 400 pound girlfriend deliberately go to the toilet in her panties.

We left the restaurant, Kaila with a bit of dificulty, trying to hold herself below the swell of her bloated stomach as she waddled the short distance to a picnic table along the shore so that kaila could pee.

She spread her massive thighs. Kaila was wearing tight grey shorts with lots of buttons under and over her protruded belly. The shorts stretched tight over her wide hips and across the basketball-size globes of her massive ass.

Kaila closed her beautiful green eyes and pursed her suculent full lips, drawing a strand of her wild kink-curled blond hair from out of her beautiful fat face. Then she held her breath, placing pressure upon her bladder, though she didn't have to as her need to urinate was so great. But she did in order to force her pee through her white silk panties and grey shorts she was wearing, experienced as she was at doing so.

Chubby hands placed on her heavy wide-spread thighs Kaila sighed with relief as the crotch of her grey shorts turned dark before dribbles of piss showed through and developed into a full blown stream. She seemed to hold her breath forever pressuring her heavy stream through her panties until it slowed to a trickle and then died.

I knelt down in front of Kaila so that I could see the piss as it coursed through her shorts below her huge gut, then dabbed the wet spot in them dry with a tissue when she had finished relieving herself. "I'm going to have to go poop too," Kaila said flexing her gut to try, but producing only a loud fart for her efforts.

I helped Kaila up, her massive watermelon-like breasts bearly contained in the white bra beneath her grey sleaveless teeshirt pressing into me. She looked at me sensuously pursing her lips, shaking out the long curls of her hair, and smiled. I took her chubby hand, and we slowly walked the short distance to the shopping village.

Looking around a few shops for clothes that were tasteful, or that might fit her, we desided to go to the village dairy that offered the famous oversized icecream cones that Kaila had been going on about.

In the shops she had whispered to me again that she needed to take a shit, but aparently was not desperate as yet because she did nothing more than mention it to me and then carry on with her shopping. Of course I couldn't get out of my mind the fact that my beautiful obese girlfriend had to take a shit, especially when I knew full well that, even if she did pretend that it was another accident, she intended on going in her panties, and that I was going to have to change her when we got home.

The dairy bar a couple of blocks away. Far enough that Kaila couldn't walk it so I called a cab. We arrived and Kaila was right, their reputation was well waranted, the icecream cones were monstrous, and really good. She ordered chocolate, and had it gone before I was half way through my vailla.

"Want another one?" I asked.

"You're just trying to make me even fatter than I already am." Kaila complained, and then relented; of course she wanted another one.

When Kaila was just about finished her second huge icecream cone I called a cab to take us back. "Better hurry," she said, "I really have to go now." And when the cab finally got there I could see that Kaila was getting a bit desperate, she really did have to go now.

In the back of the cab Kaila leaned over and whispered in my ear that she couldn't hold it any longer and was starting to poop in her panties. She gripped my hand, and I couldn't tell at that moment if she was trying to hold on, or if she was forcing it out into her panties.

Just over the bridge Kaila whispered that she had starting to dump in her panties so I ordered the cab to stop, and we got out. Kaila waddled over to a nearby bench and sat down, leaning forward to raise her fat ass from the bench seat, forarms on her thick thighs, and hands under her fat gut.

She closed her eyes straining. It sounded like a muffled hhhhhmmmmmmmppppphhhhh as Kaila pushed a huge hard shit into her panties. She strained again, tying to get it all out. "It's stuck, I have to stand," she said holding her pudgy hand out to me.

I took it, helping her to her feet, and Kaila waddled past to the rail a few feet behind me, grabbing hold of it with both hands, and bending over. "Hhhhhhhhmmmmmpppppppphhh!" She grunted, breathed hard, and then grunted again.

Kaila's ass cheeks are so large that there is a number of inches between her opening and the outer curve of her bum cheeks; even so her shit was so large that I could see it forming a tent in the seat of her grey shorts. She bore down again and they bulged further.

"Hhhhmmmmpppphhh-fuuucckk-hhhmmmmpppphhhh, it's a stubborn one,hhhhhmmmmppphhh." Kaila complained as she tried to unload in her panties. "Hhhhhhhmmmmmpppphhhhh!"

When she finally finished shitting herself the seat of Kaila's shorts bulged way out below the crest of her big fat ass, she had pissed herself again, and was completely winded. "How big is it?" She asked.

Standing behind her I cupped my hand over the mound in the seat of Kaila's tight grey shorts. It was lumpy, plyable but solid, and fucking huge. I could feel the warmth of her bowel movement through the fabric of her panties and shorts.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Kaila moaned when she felt my hand pressing into her load.

"I better get you back home," I whispered, kissing the fat on her neck, "I think you need your panties changed." Kaila moaned again, her breath rate picked up, and I knew that she couldn't wait to get there either.


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