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Posted by skywatcher on January 14, 2007 at 16:54 []

In Reply to: Re: My Wife Filled Her Pants posted by L.E. on January 14, 2007 at 14:52

Actually, my fetish doesn't specifically revolve around accidents. All I really wanted was to see her panties slowly starting to bulge with a big load, and she knew that. It could easily have been done at home in the bedroom or bathroom. When she went the "full monty" by waddling around in public with a big bulge in her jeans, I nearly died.

I guess it's possible that a woman who never had accidents would suddenly have two of them right after learning about her husband's fetish -- but it sure is suspicious. Even if they were accidents, she played up the sexual side of it. Never in all the years we had been together had she ever hung her panties over the shower rod -- only the day she made a mess in them. She knew I had an underwear fetish too, and the panties she was wearing that day were my favorites. Coincidence? Anything is possible.

Even though we are separated, we still go out on friendship dates and have drinks. When she wants to be flirtatious, she squirms around and says she has to go so bad she's about to pee in her pants. When I ask her if she's trying to give me a kinky hard-on, she just laughs. Same old tease! I really miss her.


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