Male Desperation and Public wetting

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Posted by I.P. Daily on February 14, 2005 at 08:56 []

I have many public wetting stories since my last post, but Iíve been too busy to write them. Hereís one, though. Oh, I should say Iím careful about not leaving any puddles behind.
Iíve been experimenting with desperation lately.
On January 15 I held it and held it. I wanted to get so desperate that I lose control and have a real accident. I drank water now and then over the two hours as the pressure built. There were times it got so bad I was sure Iíd lose it. I bounced up and down, danced around my apartment, but didnít squeeze my dick. The threat passed and I didnít wet. Happened again. Didnít wet. Happened again. This time I felt a drop leak out. I put my shoes on and thought walking to the mailbox would either keep from wetting, or have the huge accident in public I was hopping for.
I went out the door and another drop involuntarily leaked out. As I was locking the door a squirt slipped out that felt like about the size of four drops. As soon as I started walking away from my door the urge went away.
I passed a couple girls on my way to my apartment mailbox and let loose. Pee ran down my legs and one leg got wet half way past my knee, but they didnít see.
Since I started wetting I didnít want to finish in my apartment. I went inside, had another big drink of water from the jug, got my keys and went to a nearby Safeway grocery store. I soaked my faded blue jeans there. They were wet to my shoes. Then I went to hobby store Craftmart. The girls at the register seemed a little dom looking. As dom as you can look when serving the public at a hobby shop. I walked around, wetting when I saw a cut girl, then stopped wetting when we passed each other.
I walked down an aisle so the girls at the register could see as I walked out. They did, they stared without trying to while doing their job.
I left and went next door to Ross clothing store. Despite my best efforts, none of the very cute girls saw me pee my pants.
I went next door to Big Lots. One woman who worked there saw. She openly stared at me as I walked in her direction wetting my pants.
Before security was called, I left and went to a nearby Walgreenís. Did some wetting there. By this time my shoes squished when I walked.
I was still full of pee, and I hit all the stores on that side of the street. I thought about going across the street and finish pissing my pants at Target, but I peed my pants there that morning. But anyone who worked there in the morning, wouldnít be there at night. So, I crossed the street and walked into Target in my piss sopping pants. I walked around the store peeing myself when Iíd see a cute girl, stop wetting when we passed each other. Didnít get much, if any reactions.
Walking through the store I saw a cute girl with pig tails walking in my direction. At this point my pants were so wet the wet spot wrapped around the ankles of my pants. My front, butt, inner legs of my pants had that dark obviously peed look. The bottom of my shirt was wet, too. Only the outer sides of my pants were dry, but that ended at my ankles. I love it when your pants get so wet the stain starts to connect around the pants.
Well, I walked in her direction. When I got close enough I started peeing in my pants. I let out a full force stream. It filled my underwear, it ran down my dick, cascaded over my balls, and ran like Niagara Falls down my legs.
She turned inside a clothes rack section and never saw. Damn. I kept walking in her direction, though. I heard her say something and I thought, ďShit! Thatís H!Ē I quickly turned down the shoe aisle only two feet away from her. Ooooo, sooooooo hoping she didnít see me!
H was a good friend from high school. I really liked her. Sheís a hugger, too, so if she saw me sheíd want to hug me and Iíd have to tell her why she couldnít.
I really thought about going back again. Iíve always had a small fantasy that I run into her while Iím out peeing my pants. Sheís a very dominating person, so I wondered what she would do. Would she laugh at me for peeing my pants? She might. Or would she be into it, too? But my fantasy didnít involve her mother, who was with her, so I kept walking away from her. Too bad, too. I havenít seen or heard from her in 9 years. I wouldíve like to talk to her and see whatís happened with her.
Probíly for the best. Sheíd have told everyone she knows, and it might get back to my friends who donít know about my fetish.
I left Target. Pants so wet with piss they were weighed down and heavy on my waist. I love it when it feels like that! And I STILL had pee in me. So I went across the street to Safeway again. Wet more there. No one saw. God, it feels so good to pee pants even more when theyíre so soaked they canít hold anymore pee. The pants just feel so good. So heavy with piss.
I left Safeway and walked by the nearby McDonaldís. If they were any girls in there Iíd go in. One girl was there. My pants were so heavy the cuffs scrapped the ground with every step. I tried pulling them up, but my pants were so wet they got a little longer.
I went in the McDonaldís and headed for the bathroom. There was only a guy and a girl inside. I walked past them to the bathrooms. I walked bowlegged like I'm trying to keep my peed pants from touching my legs, and looked ashamed. How embarrassing. A grown man peeing in his pants like a bad little boy. (I loved it!)
They didnít notice. I went in the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror and checked out the damage. Not a dry spot on the front of my pants from waist to shoes. Front of my shirt was wet halfway up my belly. The back of my pants were wet almost all the way up to my waist. The wet stain wrapped around both legs of my pants halfway below my knees. My socks, my shoes, drenched in pee. I faced the mirror and let the rest of my pee out into my already sopped, heavy with piss pants. There wasnít much left.
I walked out of the bathroom doing the same humiliated walk past the girl. No notice that I saw.
God, my pants felt good. So soaked and heavy with pee. I think the only thing keeping them from falling off was my erection.
Out of pee, and places to go, I went home. Got in the tub, rubbed my pants up and down my legs while I wore them. Held the bottom of my shirt to my nose and smelled the pee. I Rubbed my hard cock outside my pants. Feeling the erection through wet pants. I unzipped, slipped my hand inside my pants, outside my underwear, rubbed my hard dick, and tried to push out more pee, which was nothing more than a few drops, but it felt good shooting through my underwear to my hand. I pulled down my underwear, took my cock in my hand and started stroking. I held my heavy, wet pants up with one hand, to feel the wetness against my legs as I jerked-off. Didnít take long for me to cum. I groaned and shot my load across the shower against the tiled wall. Then I collapsed to the tub floor in my piss soaked clothes catching my breath and waiting for the strength to stand up again and take off my clothes to take a shower.
Wish I had someone to take pictures and video of these things.


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