Drinking Wife's Pee

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Posted by Hapee Husband on August 21, 2008 at 04:57 []

I know many of you guys wants to drink your wifeís pee or just want to get your wife involved in your watersports fantasies. I wanted to drink from my wife from the day I got married. But I had to wait patiently for 4 years for this to happen. I came a long way starting from rejection of my fantasy. First she thought I am weird. But now she do not mind pissing in my mouth any time when I ask and she knows how will it turns me on.
So I decided to write this for the benefit of the guys who has the same fantasy and still couldnít full fill their fantasy.
As I said, in the beginning she did not like the idea. But I was going to the bath room when she wants to pee and I tried to touch the stream. She was OK with that. One night she wanted to go to pee and I just gave her a glass and asked her to pee for me. Just after some hesitation she agreed. She sat at the edged of the bed and I hold the glass in front of the pussy. She just started pissing while I start stroking my self with the other hand. As soon as she finished, I was so hard and I came. It was bit funny for her, but that day she understood how hard I get by looking at her pissing.
After that we continue pissing in the glass for several days and I tried something new. I asked her to pee on my mouth, but I will not drink and I will empty it to the glass. Again after some hesitation she agreed. She was sitting at the edge of the bed while I was sitting on the ground with the wide opened mouth, she started pissing. It was bit difficult to start the pissing in the beginning but she managed to release it. She let it go till her piss filled my mouth. I could not wait in this moment and I just drank the first zip. She was bit upset and said if I am going to drink, she will not pee any more. So I agreed and emptied it to the glass. We finished with filling a full glass with her worm yellow colored pee.
By the way, from the day she started pissing on the glass, I took the pee glass to the bathroom to empty it in the WC. On the way to the bathroom, I just take a zip of it and drink. I did not want to drink the whole thing because of two reasons. One being the smell she will get from my mouth and anyway I did not like to drink from the glass. She knew that I was drinking on the way and she always says donít drink or I will stop doing this.
We continue to do the game of pissing in the mouth and empty to the WC for a while. She also liked this because she knows after the pee I get so hard and she will get a good fuck.
After some time later, say 6-8 months we play this game and one day when she wanted to go to the bathroom for pee, I said you have to pee in my mouth and you cannot stop pissing. She just looked at my face for a min and agreed with out much hesitation. She came on top of me on 69 and I started licking her. She couldnít start with the sensation of me licking. She asked me to stop it. And I stopped. After some time she managed to release the flow and I stared drinking it. I could drink anything with out closing my mouth, which let the air send out when drinking. So it was much easier for me and she release it for nearly 2 mins. It was worm and not so strong. I drank the whole thing and my stomach was full. That was my most happiest day in my life. I wait nearly 28 years with this fantasy of drinking womenís pee and finally it came true.
After that night there is no hesitation from her for pissing in my mouth and drinking by me. Now she is well aware of my fantasy and she let me drink. But still she fear that something bad might happen to me by drinking her pee. So she wants to control the amount. Some days she just go 2 zips and stop. So I stop from there and I can pump her for ages with the sensation and the taste in my mouth. Some days she gives me the full load. I cannot explain the sensation I have when her hot pee stream hits my tong.
I would like to hear from others on your similar experience. Happy pee.


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