Orange Julius and Peeing in a Girdle

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Posted by lhansen on April 20, 2009 at 15:32 []

How often did women pee in their girdles?

Orange Julius

During the seventies I worked weekends and a couple of summers at a rather large shopping mall in my town while finishing school. The mall was fairly busy and a great place to enjoy our hobby. I dont think protective panties were all that common then so if one of the pretty ladies that frequented the mall wet her pants for some reason, it was usually rather obvious. While I worked there I saw quite a few wet butts, especially during the warmer weather.

The thing that brought all of this back was reading a recent article about girdles and remembering a rather, attractive women that worked at the Orange Julius kiosk at one end of the mall. Every time I made a delivery I had to go right by her enclosed stall where she prepared and served orange juice drinks. She was always by herself and rarely left the stand for any reason. When she did leave, I loved watching her walk, as she wiggled her butt through the mall wearing an orange dress. It was her uniform and it reached just past her knees with ruffled sleeves and had a white apron tied at her waist. She always wore heels and nylons, which I believe were panty hose. A matching scarf that went with her outfit really made her look hot. A sexy young lady in her late twenties, with long legs, cute breasts that kind of poked out the front of her dress and what I finally decided, was a great ass.

I always watched her, but Id only been there a couple weeks when I accidentally ran into her late one evening at the drug store downtown. She was at the cosmetics counter buying some things while still dressed in her Orange Julius uniform. Im sure that she had just gotten off work. I first noticed her as she faced away from the cosmetics counter and was immediately attracted to a large wet splotch in the middle of her apron, centered over her crotch. She was only half successfully using her purse to cover the wetness, which may have been four or five inches in diameter. I kind of suspected that she was probably wet from a spill at work, however the stain was just too suggestive of someone peeing in their pants. I was instantly aroused. Working my way around behind her gave me the surprise of my life. There centered on her lower butt was a matching wet stain. My heart stopped. There was little doubt that at some point shed wet her pants. It was that obvious.

I spent the next half hour shopping a safe distance away so that I could examine her wetness, enjoying the scenery from every angle. She acted as though she was not the least bit concerned that shed peed her panties. The only effort she made to cover her wet patch was to occasionally hold her purse in front of her apron when someone was looking in her direction. She was conscious of her wet panties but not overly bothered by it. She finished her shopping, paid at the counter after waiting in line and walked to her car in the parking area. I watched while shed waited at the check stand and at one point even glancing at the stain on the front of her apron. She probably wasnt thinking of the obvious wetness on her ass.

From that day, until she left to get another job, her beauty took on a whole new meaning for me. I never passed up a chance to examine her butt every chance I got. I learned a lot from watching. For example, while she probably wore panties I was sure that she regularly was wearing a panty girdle. I suppose she expected it to shape her already beautiful butt. The panty girdle helped explain the wetness on her uniform the night I saw her wet her pants and must have been really soaking. Im sure the girdle held a lot more wetness that panties would, resulting in the larger stain on her uniform.

My theory about her girdle was confirmed one Sunday when I saw her with her family at the river park where I hung out. She was wearing a white pantsuit and had been riding on the back of some guys motorcycle when they pulled up to the picnic area. When she lifted her leg to get off of the back of the bike it was obvious that shed wet her pants again. A rather medium size yellow stain circled her pussy and had soaked through from her girdle outlined under her pantsuit. I couldnt understand why she wore the pantie girdle unless she was expecting it to help soak up her dribbling if she peed.

It may have been that she had a little bladder leakage and expected the girdle to absorb her pee if she decided to pee in her pants. Because both times I saw her away from her job, shed wet her pants I was sure she was doing it at work as well. The Orange Julius uniform would have mostly allowed her to pee while at the kiosk and since I never saw her leave to go the public restrooms I was all but sure that it was not unusual that she was wetting herself. Im sure that she could have peed anytime as long as she did not sit on the back of her dress.

I always wondered about her. Does anyone know what other women did if they were wearing a girdle? Was it acceptable just to pee in it rather than take everything apart?


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