Pregnancy Desperation!

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Posted by Rob on April 20, 2010 at 04:42 []

I'm sure there must be many wettings / desperation related to pregnancy would love to her othes on this? However my own dear wife never had any trouble before or after the birth of our two mind, but there again she had a cast iron big bladder anyway! Or she maybe just never told me if that may have happen!! But only a few weeks ago a group of us guys stood at the bar in a pub one of our mates was celebrating the fact his wife had just got pregnant this brought all the old stories out! James went on to recount how his wife struggled desperately to keep her panties dry right through her pregnancy one minute she would be OK the next she wanted and needed to go pee desperately as she would say ! On the early ultra sound scan she lost the plot and peed her panties and jeans as she got out the car in the hospital car park he told us! A really big flood to he recounted things for her got so bad she always carried spare cloths! She saw the funny side of it he recalled and thought it was funny to be like a two year old doing her potty training all over again at 29! her's was a big baby and later on she struggled to keep the bed dry as the babies weight forcing on her bladder made her pee in voluntary a sleep at night in bed as well!

Working as I do in a very woman dominated work place (most who are under 40 to )! I do get to here and witness a few such happenings a few years ago one of our very good looking top bosses fell pregnant you know the type very good looking blond early 30's very smart dresser married late in life first child at 33! Anyway she went out to lunch with some clients and on the way back they got stuck in a traffic hold up right near our work places a wide load had got stuck on a narrow river bridge they were in such a queue of traffic they could not turn round anyway going right round would have been a 40 mile detour as to two miles going over the bridge there was no cover or anywhere to pee! Boy she was frantic when she rang the front door bell to get in after the long hold up on the bridge and made a controlled dash saying loads of F**** words about wetting her F****** knickers at any moment! She dashed to the nearest loo which was the disable loo by my small office when she got in loo and from my office I heard her moan quite load "Jesus Christ! Shit" I assume maybe the pants had not been got down in time I suspect they were damp anyway! She was in the loo for ages and I thought when she did come out that would be that but she came in to my office and apologised blushing as she did profusely as she had been swearing so much as it took me a few minutes to get to open the office front door for her she went on to tell me she did not know how she had just managed that and really thought she at one point was going to just going to do a wee in her knickers when stuck in the traffic in Mrs Davidson's brand new BMW car!

She went on to say this need to pee quickly and fill up so quick in this her early stages of her pregnancy was hard ! And had caught her out already having had such good control always in her life and to my utter surprise started to recalled a happening last week! You have to remember in my job looking after the office complex and pandering to there needs I do get to know these women well and I think they trust me and also do confide a lot of things to me! Anyway when Ellie left the office mid afternoon on Friday of last week she was on route to a yoga class and had changed in to a very expensive looking very tight hugging pair of bootleg style fitness pants and tight sports top and pricey looking new trainers. I do remember seeing her leave the office on this Friday and thought my God she does have a fantastic legs and bum! Anyway after getting to her new car a Mazda RX 8 in a stunning red! She felt a bit nauseous so decided to give the yoga a miss she was not going home but up to her sister in Coventry for the weekend as her husband Tim was away so she had a 1 hour 30 min's drive up the M1 being a Friday afternoon in mid summer traffic was very heavy on the M1 and just with the volume of traffic things were bad but just after Luton traffic ground to a halt a lorry had caught on fire miles on up the motorway but had slowed the traffic this far back to snails pace it was then the urge hit her she had not gone to the loo on leaving the office as would have gone before and after the yoga class! Now she was just beginning to feel her full bladder of pee hurting and having to hold it in tight she new in her condition she did not have the normal holding power or time any more! And hence needed a toilet very soon!

Obviously I am surmising some of this to add to it! But yes the base of both these happenings is 100% true as she did not go in to great personal detail naturally ! Things got worse pretty quick and she said she was soon having to hold her self and was squirming about in the very new leather sports car seat which she most certainly did not want to flood with her piss (her words)! She saw a slip road ahead and in another 10 min's was coming off the M1 up the slip road by now all she could think about was finding a safe place to get her tight fitness pants and knickers down and do a long wee-wee! The A road she joined was just as busy with everyone having the same idea about getting off the grid locked M1. She had not a clue where she in Bedfordshire! Nor for that did it matter or did she care as now the need to relive her bladder had taken over all else on her mind! She turned off the busy main road as soon as possible and drove through a couple of villages and slowly the roads became quieter! She admitted by the start of the second village with still no safe place to pull over in sight she had almost resigned herself to just relief herself and to do her wee- wee in her knickers in the car seat there and then as the pain and discomfort was all but to much to manage and cope with! (Her words again).

But just outside the second village it became much more rural and she was on no more than a country lane then she saw it round a bend there was a track off the road leading to a gated field she pull off up the track and in the very secluded spot with the car stopped struggled across in to the passenger side seat there was more room that side making this move she so nearly lost control but got the door open and got in to position by resting her pert bum on the car door sill yanked her fitness pants and knickers clear and at that point her wee started to dribble out wether she was ready or not! And soon it was a ssshhisssiing torrent just bursting forth! I think that paints a lovely picture of a good looking very sexy 33 year old women sitting on a very expensive sports car front door sill peeing long and hard! I'm sure like all blokes in to this pee thing I some times fantasies about women peeing and I guessed Ellie was the sort of woman to do a strong hissing spray! I do know she must have either leaked in her knickers or what I think happened was sprayed them not getting them clear and entirely out of the way of her gushing stream! As she said it was a good job she had all her weekend clothes in the car and had to change in the car after she had done! Its funny why some women like talking about this! Why I ask do you think they have slight connections with this fetish? I don't know maybe maybe not! And I kind of like how there again some women seem to act very young and girly when they talk about this kind of thing more than once Ellie talked and used the words wee-wee and whispered parts in this conversion! And that seemed strange for a top high flying career woman to do that. Maybe it just makes us all human and in someway's is a humbling experience however much money you have or good job or car house or whatever if you want to pee well its a great leveller and just makes you think we are all human.

Best wishes


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