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  What My Friends Say

Baby Puma

What my friends say about wetting and pooping in
both diapers and panties...


Wetting #1:

Another thing I have tried on many occasions is to wear panties under my diapers. This extra layer of cotton between my privates and the padding creates a very special feeling as I wet myself. Instead of the pee soaking into my diaper straight away, it is trapped for a second or two. I usually start by just letting out a couple of small spurts, and then a dribble starts and I feel as though my reflexes are going to shut it off. Then I take a deep breath, and as I breath out, it starts. As the weeing increases I can feel it bursting out and swirling around my privates.

This tickles and then the best part, I can't describe it, it's a sort of vibration, I think it's because my most sensitive parts are caught in a strong stream. I love that feeling so much! It's so erotic. Perhaps only girls can feel this... it's caused by female parts and is exclusively a female sensation. Girls who don't wet themselves are missing out on a lot. I don't feel this as much when I wet in just a diaper. Panties are essential, as there is a pocket of pee against my privates, and it feels so warm and nice.


Wetting #2:

Yes, I have heard about other girls wearing panties under their diapers for the added thrill this gives them as they wet. I agree with this totally, but for me I think me it's also very exciting to know that I have wet my "big girl" panties as well as my diaper. After I've done it all in my pants, sometimes I take my diaper off and look at my pantirs, delighting in how wet and transparent they look. It makes me feel so naughty to know I've wet my pants, and I can see myself through them. Then I will put the wet diaper back on, and it always feels lovely and warm. I will try to wet again if I can, and just walk around with my pissed panties and diaper under my skirt. I love the way it makes me feel, and sometimes I just can't keep my hands out of my pants!


Pooping #1:

Wearing panties under my diapers started with wetting and them progressed to pooping. I wasn't supposed to wear my night time diapers during the day, but I'd often put one on after school whenever I could. For reasons of not wanting to be caught, I'd leave my panties on too, just in case I had to get the diaper off and hide it real fast. I didn't want to have a bare bum under my skirt, and wet panties were a lot easier to hide than a sagging wet diaper. Then one afternoon after wetting myself I needed to poop too. I'd pooped in just diapers many times, but never before in panties too. Since my Mom was out shopping, I knew I had plenty of time, so I got on my hand and knees on my bed and started pushing.

I noticed straight away that my tight school panties offered a lot more resistance than a diaper alone, and I had to strain much harder to fill them. The tight panties kept pushing the poop back inside me, so I'd have to strain again harder to get it out. The feeling was electrifying, and it was like I was getting to poop myself over and over again. Out, in, out, in! My pussy was twitching like never before. Eventually I managed to push hard enough to overcome the resistance and filled both my panties and diapers with a sudden rush of poop, making a huge bulge. At that point I tured over and lay on my back, squashing the poop everywhere, jammed my hand down the front of my diaper and panties and fingered myself like crazy!


Pooping #2:

I too like to wear panties under my diaper when I poop myself. Having the diaper on is part of what makes me feel like a baby, along with sucking my thumb, cuddling my soft toys, and using a bottle and stuff like that. But the panties are for something else, which I can't really explain. I always make sure they are really cute and childish looking ones, but that's not it. For some reason they just make pooping myself feel better in special places, if you get what I mean. I don't fully understand why, but after I've pooped myself in both my panties and diaper, the urge to play with myself is much stronger. Does it make you feel like that too?



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