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  Do You Have A Diaper On?

Do You Have A Diaper On?
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Do You Have A Diaper On?
CODE: VC-402


Price: US$9.95

 Running Time:   11:42 mins 

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You've invited your girl friend over for a meal and have been working away quite happily, with a nice puffy diaper under your jeans, wetting it when ever you felt the need. You love how it feels when your diaper brushes against your cock everytime you bend over. Quite a few times the sensation had made your cock get so hard, but you want to save this for tonight.

You'd planned on taking a quick shower and changing out of your diaper before she arrives. You've thought quite a lot about how you can tell her about your fetish but decided that it's to soon in to the relationship to be able to predict her response. You hadn't planned on Kara arriving early and as she leans against the counter talking to

you about what you're cooking. Your panic about being diapered lessens some as she seems a little pre occupied with her phone but as you bend down to get some plates out, it happens! ...

"Whats that by your jeans ... I saw it, when you bent over ... do you have a diaper on!?" Karas face breaks out in to a look of shock and amusement!

"Is it pink! It is isn't it!" Kara laughs "I can see it over the top of your jeans!... Is this some kind of a joke, it is isn't it ... only babies wear diapers!" You tell kara that it's not a joke and brace yourself ready to be told how pathetic you are, and to watch her walk out. But what happens takes you totally by surprise! seeing that you're serious Kara suddenly snaps in to mommy role! OMG this is more than you'd in your wildest dreams hoped for!

"Come here little baby boy" Your girlfriend continues "Take off your jeans, I want a good look at you in your little baby diaper" You slowly remove your jeans. Could this actually be happening? Her eyes are on you the whole time, watching as you pull down your jeans and reveal your little pink diaper to her.

"If you want to look like a baby, then you're going to have to be treated like one" Kara tells you. Your heart pounds and your cock begins to stiffen! "Let me see you piss in that diaper, just like a little baby would." You know it's now or never and release a long stream of hot pee in to your diaper. You feel it flooding around your balls and as the pee soaks in and creeps up the front of your diaper, your cock is bathed in the warmth.

"OMG look ... I can actually see your diaper filling up ... I can't believe your pissing in a diaper, right in front of me!" Kara asks you if your done then tells you that she wants to look inside your soaked diaper. Coming closer to you, she reaches out and stretches open the waistband of your diaper so that she can see inside.

"Oh Crap!" Kara laughs "If what you just did wasn't bad enough, you have the smallest cock I've ever seen! ... I can't believe how tiny it is!" Now she's really amused. The humiliation is so turning you on and your cock is giving it away!

"OMG you going hard ... Look, your tiny little cock is getting all hard!.... lay down on the floor, I think this little baby boy needs his diaper changed!"

You could have shot cum out everywhere at just hearing those words! Trying as hard as you can not to loose control of yourself, you lay down on the floor. Kara asks you where you keep your diapers and goes to fetch one. She's going to be the one to do the changing from now on!

Bringing back a fresh diaper, Kara opens your legs and sits down between them ready to start your diaper change. "It's so wet ... You've peed it so much you dirty baby" Kara scolds as she pulls your soaked diaper down at the front and laughs at how hard your cock is.

You watch as she picks up the baby lotion and squirts some in to her hand. "I bet you'd love me to rub this all over your hard cock wouldn't you? ... my nice warm hands and this cool lotion, rubbing all over your tiny little cock!" Kara begins to rub her warm hands all over your cock, spreading the baby lotion all over and sliding up and down from the base of your cock all the way to the top, up and down ... omg this feels so good!

"You want me to go faster? ... Yes you like that don't you! ... I still can't believe how tiny your cock is though ... I have small hands and they still make your cock look small!" She laughs "I could just jerk you off using my fingers!" Just as your about to cum, Kara stops. She's now going to be in charge of everything and you'll cum when she's ready for you to! She picks up the lotion bottle and pours some more into her hand.

She continues jerking you off, you look down and see how sticky her hand is becoming with the mixture of lotion and pre cum. She rubs harder, faster, gripping your hard cock tightly until huge squirts of cum shoot out everywhere as you literally explode in to the hugest orgasm you've ever had!

Kara quickly leans backwards "OMG look at all that cum! It's gone all over you ... Did I tell you that you could cum?... Did I? ... Look at it, it's even all over your face!" You quickly go to reach up to your face to wipe it clean.

"No leave it! I'm going to re diaper you and then your going to finish cooking for me  just the way you are diaper boy!"

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Do You Have A Diaper On?
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Do You Have A Diaper On?
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Do You Have A Diaper On?
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Author: Anonymous     Date added: 13 January 2020, 09:55 AM     *****
  This so sexy to I wished I had a mommy to change my diapers maybe some day soon if will happen my diapy is so wet know peace

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