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Dirty Danni





Tired of holding it? Let it go with one of the Wet Set Girls!

These pretty pussies won't stay clean for long! These American girls like things wet and dirty.

Have a fantasy? Want to share a messy moment? Call one of the dirty girls to hear their stories. You might even catch them in the act of wetting their undies, or having an oopsie in a diaper!

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OOPSIE!! Daddy's diaper girl may have made a poopie in her diapers! Meet Alice, a playful Adult Baby that seeks a Daddy for mutual fun and fantasy.

"I'm the happiest when I'm in my diaper and I get to be Little Alice. I've been lucky that I get to wear 24/7 pretty much all the time as my past Daddies have made it clear that their baby girl needs to be pampered and of course changed when necessary. Sometimes I get really naughty and I wont tell him I went tinkle and wait until there is a big messy in my diaper. I like when Daddy has to check the back of my diaper and gets a surprise" - Alice

Do you smell something Poopie? Better call Little Alice and see just how full her diaper is.

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Wet Set's own Dirty Girl Candie is game for just about anything! This naughty girl doesn't mind getting caught in a poopie panty, in fact, Candie will admit that it's one of her secret pleasures.

"Sometimes, I will do it for shock value, but there's a part of me that gets excited by the feeling. I get this nervous feeling at first, like I shouldn't be doing it but I want to. Once I push it out, I get this rush that sometimes brings goose bumps. With it all contained in my panties I like to squish it between the crack of my cheeks and feel it slide up and out." - Candie

Do you like getting messy as well? Let Candie Mess with your mind as well as her pants.

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Sweet Cheri likes to be Daddy's playful girl with her mischievous smile and innocent eyes. Cheri likes having accidental wets often outside with no where proper to go. Sometimes these accidents may require a spanking or the embarrassment of having to leave behind her undies.

"I guess I've been having 'accidents' most my life. When I was younger, they truly were accidents, the bus ride home was so long and bouncy and by the time I got to my stop I would have to pee so bad that sometimes I couldn't make it home. Now I find it kinda fun to either drink latte or soda and try to hold it until I can't. My last few relationships have involved a "Daddy" who said I needed spankings for being so naughty. I guess you can say, Daddy knows best!" - Cheri

Are you Daddy material? Would you like to bend her wet bottom over you knee and give it a SPANK?

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A quiet girl, who finds a thrill in doing the unexpected, leaving her mark outdoors. Olivia confesses that when stress is getting to her, she discovered by accident, that simply by squatting on tip toes and letting the pee go, she gets more relief than just a full bladder. The satisfaction of seeing her giant puddle on the pavement not only puts a smile on her face but sometimes excites her.

"My whole life has been structured and planned; from extra-curricular activities to countless hours sitting in the shadow of my older brother, my father's pride and joy. My release, as silly as it sounds, is urinating outside. Hot pavement is my preference as I love the sound and smell of my pee as it splatters and flows until it slowly fades into non existence." - Olivia

Do you like to secretly leave your mark for others to see? Have you found that doing what is socially unacceptable gives you the release and control you need?

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A lurker of Wet Set, Susan came to us with a tasty offer we thought might be of interest. Not only does Susan enjoy saturating her panties, but she shared with us some action shots of her spraying from the source!

"Susan is my alter-ego, the vampy temptress with a kinky side. I see many women wearing cotton panties, but I prefer spraying through lace, especially when there is a salivating mouth awaiting a reward. That may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm not looking for just ANYONE." - Susan

Looking to talk to a kinky confident woman? Possibly explore the receiving side of the WET realm.

Click on the images for a bigger surprise!

Looking to speak with an older woman to share your tinkle fantasies with? Pam enjoys naughty role-playing with wet boys and girls. Aside from being a lifestyle player in the Swinger / Cuckold Scene, Pam has found that many DL's are great little cuckboys.

"When you're in the lifestyle you meet many people, with many kinks. I'm pretty open minded and have played out several different fantasies over the years with different partners. A few years ago I was introduced to the DL lifestyle by a lover who would wear them while I jacked him off. Occasionally I would change him, but he truly loved checking my dirty panties for cum, sometimes pee and occasionally an accidental stain." - Pam

Let Pam be your fantasy girl. Explore fantasy role playing with an open minded woman who wants to get you off!

Click on the images for a bigger surprise!

She ditched the diapers and now just pees in her pants! Don't let Maddie's sexy curves fool you, she still acts like a 3 yr old and potty's in her jeans. The real embarrassment is when the occasional poopie slips out! Maddie isn't a fan of a big stinky mess in her pants, but sometimes it happens.

"Diapers are fun when you're doing laundry- ha ha. I like my clothes to fit me and diapers are just too bulky to wear with jeans so I skip them. I guess it started with a dare, I tried to hold it but I couldn't and I ended up pissing in my jeans. It ran all the way down the inside of my legs, this big wet spot! And with no change of clothes I was stuck wearing wet pants until I got home. Weeks later when my friends joked about how wet my pants were, no one believed them.. so I had to do it again!" - Maddie

Like a girl with wet jeans? Let Maddie sit on your lap and warm you up!

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