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Dirty Danni


  Wet Set Announcements
Members area previews for 2016 now updated     Date added: 16 October 2016


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for Dec 2015 to Sept, 2016. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,147 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2016.


Long lost EARLY Nikki panty pooping movie!     Date added: 29 August 2016


For reasons long forgotten, it seems this very early panty pooping movie
of mine was never released. It must have been shown privately to a customer
though, as he mentioned it was his favorite Nikki movie, but he'd lost it. At
first I had no idea what he was talking about, and it took a long time to find it.
So better late than never, we decided to release it for anyone who wants to complete
their collection of my movies. Nikki xx

Long Lost Nikki Movie

ELEVEN NEW AB & DIAPER MOVIES FROM BABY BELLA     Date added: 22 August 2016
ELEVEN NEW AB and Diaper Movies From Baby Bella!

A Very Nice Punishment After School Diaper Baby Bella's Bathtime Double Diaper N Time Out Double Diapered Game Playing
I Drew A Heart 4 You I Want To Cum In My Diaper My Naughty Diapered Cam Show Phone Sex Diaper Masturbation Rush Home To Pee & Play

FIVE new diaper pooping, including DIAPER SEX!     Date added: 10 August 2016
Five NEW Diaper Pooping Movies From Kim!

Dirty Diaper Cock Job Dirty Diaper Fuck Playing In My Messy Diaper Pullup Plenty Pooped Squishy Messy Diaper

BITCOIN BLITZ!     Date added: 5 August 2016


Bitcoin    Checkout with Bitcoin or any other coin    Bitcoin
For a limited time
All coin orders get a free movie/s to the same value!

After your Bitcoin purchase, just send us an email telling
us your choice of free movie.

Love to all ~ Nikki

Two NEW Sophie Panty Pooping Movies     Date added: 24 July 2016
Two NEW Sophie Panty Pooping Movies!

Black Lace Panty Poop Black Lace Panty Poop The Interview The Interview

Visa & Mastercard are back!     Date added: 22 July 2016

But don't forget we also have many alternative payment methods

All cards
Love to all ~ Nikki

Members area previews for NOVEMBER, 2015     Date added: 30 November 2015


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for November, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,100 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Nikki's Half Price Xmas 2015 Sale: Our BIGGEST yet!     Date added: 22 November 2015

Loads of wet and poopy pants and diaper movies from Nikki and others at half price.

Including Kim's new sexy movies...
Dirty Baby Fucked On The Changing Table
Dirty Diaper On My Hard Cock
Wishing everyone a very merry Xmas from Wet Set

ALICE: NEW DIRTY DIAPER PHONE SEX GIRL!     Date added: 8 November 2015
New Dirty Diaper Phone Sex Girl
Do you smell something Poopie? Better call Little Alice
and see just how full her diaper is.

I'm the happiest when I'm in my diaper and I get to be Little Alice. I've been lucky that I get to wear 24/7 pretty much all the time as my past Daddies have made it clear that their baby girl needs to be pampered and of course changed when necessary. Sometimes I get really naughty and I wont tell him I went tinkle and wait until there is a big messy in my diaper. I like when Daddy has to check the back of my diaper and gets a surprise" - Alice

Members area previews for OCTOBER, 2015     Date added: 1 November 2015


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for October, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,090 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Morning Diaper Masturbation     Date added: 31 October 2015
Morning Diaper Masturbation
Dorothy just can't help herself as she gets back on
her bed and begins to play with herself!

She gets as far as putting on a tee shirt and then just can't help herself as she gets back on top of her bed and begins to play with herself, letting little squirts off peepee eascape from her very excited pussy. With her legs open wide Dorothy rubs up and down over her warm diaper before turning on to her tummy and rubbing her wet pussy against the bed.

MOVIE PREVIEW PLAYER UPDATED     Date added: 25 October 2015


All cards

Our movie preview player has now been updated to be more compatible with Android
mobile devices and newer browsers.

It should now be possible for everyone to watch the previews on all devices, as
the old Quicktime plugin has also been retained for Apple device users.

Please contact us if you still have any problems.

Love to all ~ Nikki

    Date added: 22 October 2015


Sick of reading about girls wetting or messing themselves, and want
to hear them actually do it? Wet Set Phonesex has hunted down a whole heap
of panty wetting, bedwetting and panty and diaper messing girls. They're all
really a part of the wetting, messing and adult baby lifestyle, and as such, they
really understand your most secretive, most vulnerable desires!


FIVE new diaper poop, including DIAPER SEX!     Date added: 19 October 2015
Five NEW Diaper Pooping Movies!

Dirty Baby Fucked on the Changing Table Dirty Diaper On My Hard Cock My Day In A Dirty Diaper Wet, Filled & Filthy Poopy Diaper Messturbation

Big Baby Pees Her Pampers - Lizzy Wets Her Training Pants     Date added: 16 October 2015
Big Baby Pees Her Pampers
A wet accident in her training pants!
Lizzy wiggles, whines and continues to call for mommy. She's tensing her muscles as hard as she can but the peepee drops are coming and soon turn into a full force huge peepee hissing in to her little pampers training pants.

April's Polka Dot Panty Poop     Date added: 13 October 2015
April's Polka Dot Panty Poop
My pussy is wet and ready for me to be a dirty girl
I'm going to do it in my panties!

She's ready now, her pussy nicely throbbing in her little panties - she's ready to do it! Turning around, she pushes out a mushy load of poop while fingering herself at the same time. He little panties are unable to hold it all, and it oozes out the side. Oh yumm... it's the best feeling a dirty girl can have! She pulls her panties down to reveal the warm poop load stuck between her butt cheeks. There's no holding back now - it's time to finger her sexy smooth pussy to full orgasm while mashing the poop over her butt with her other hand. April is definitely one very dirty young girl!

Two Fucking Diaper Girls!     Date added: 10 October 2015
Two Fucking Diaper Girls!
Pee soaked diaper & a cock filled pussy!
Hailey and Sam are not only very hot lesbians, but also very hot diaper lovers! Watching them kiss and play with each others diapered pussies is going to turn you on! But when they start fucking each other, you're going to explode!

Members area previews for SEPTEMBER, 2015     Date added: 1 October 2015


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for September, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,080 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


SIX NEW DIAPER & PANTY POOPING MOVIES     Date added: 18 September 2015
SIX NEW Diaper & Panty Pooping Movies!

Messy See Through Panties Kim's Messy Diaper Messy White Panties My Tummy Hurts Pink Panty Poop Messy In The Mirror

Paula - Sexy, Fun and VERY dirty!     Date added: 14 September 2015


Well known thoroughly dirty girl Paula is now doing panty pooping
movie clips for Wet Set. She's fun and vivacious, but most of all she's
dirty and sexy! She loves to fill her panties full of poop and then get
down and dirty, getting poop all over the place and masturbating
herself until she cums!


Members area previews for AUGUST, 2015     Date added: 1 September 2015


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for August, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,070 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Marcella - Dirty PantyPoop Girl     Date added: 31 August 2015


Marcella is one of the hottest dirty girls from PantyPoop. She always
has a mischievous smile on her face whenever she fills her panties. And
she's sexy too, with a perfect body and pert firm boobs. You'll love watching
her drop a load in her panties!

Alyssa Hart & Hope Harper - two hot diaper girls!     Date added: 26 August 2015


Hope and Alyssa are the naughtiest girls at the best of times, but once
they get a thick, puffy diaper between their legs they are dirtier than ever!
Join them as they soak their diapers, get extremely turned on and
masturbate right in front of you until they cum!

FIVE NEW DIAPER POOPING MOVIES     Date added: 12 August 2015
Five NEW Diaper Pooping Movies!

Messy Diaper Masturbation Messy Morning Mushy Pampers Poop Poop On The Phone Messy Diaper Sex

Members area previews for JULY, 2015     Date added: 31 July 2015


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for July, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,050 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Wet & Dirty Nikki:
Shit Shaped
    Date added: 9 July 2015

My pussy is dripping wet with anticipation. In my tight singlet and panties I squat down on the floor,
a little push and I feel the warmth against the inside of my butt hole. I hold it right there for a
few seconds taking in the delicious sensations it's giving me, before giving the push that my body has
been aching to do! I was right about it being a big poop, actually it was HUGE! My panties tent out as
far as they are able to go before the poop breaks in half and squashes against my butt cheeks leaving
a huge bulge in the back of my panties and between my legs. God it felt so good!

Members area previews for JUNE, 2015     Date added: 29 June 2015


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for June, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,050 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Trudie - Dirty PantyPoop Girl     Date added: 12 June 2015


You might already know Trudie from PantyPoop, one the dirtiest girls around.
You can tell by the look on her face how much she enjoys filling her panties
with a huge load of poop. See her panties and pantyhose bulge out with the
biggest loads ever!

Members area previews for MAY, 2015     Date added: 31 May 2015

FOR MAY 2015

Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for May, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,050 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Kim - Sleepy Poop     Date added: 26 May 2015
Sleepy Poop
The more I poop, the more it spreads over my bottom
and the better it feels!

I think I'd been asleep maybe a few hours when I woke up feeling the need to poop. I'm too sleepy to go and use the bathroom and plus I have a diaper on anyway! I give a few pushes and feel the warm squishy poop begining to load up my diaper. The more I poop, the more it spreads over my bottom and the better it feels!

FOUR NEW FLDiaperGirls!     Date added: 16 May 2015
FOUR new FLDiaperGirls Clips

PAYMENT GATEWAY PROBLEM FIXED     Date added: 12 May 2015


All cards

We apologize for the technical problems over the weekend with our payment gateway.

We are pleased to inform everyone that these problems are now fixed, and orders can
now be placed again using Visa and Mastercard

Love to all ~ Nikki

Kim - Impatient Poop     Date added: 8 May 2015
Impatient Poop
I can feel the end of it starting to poke out!

I clench my butt cheeks to hold it inside as I continue to clean. I'm determined to get done before I let this poop out. I jiggle around and cross my legs, I push my hand hard against my diapered butt when I begin to feel the pressure of the poop wanting to escape. I'm scrubbing as fast as I can but I can feel it, I can feel the end of it staring to poke out! I try to squish it back in but it's no use. I can feel it sliding further out until it's squished itself against the back of my diaper! At this point there's no point trying to hold on anymore, and I let the rest of the poop slide easily from my butt settling between my legs and warming my butt and pussy.

Sticky Fingers!     Date added: 7 May 2015
Sticky Fingers!
It's all wet & slippery between her legs!
Kim loves to wear diapers, loves to wet herself, and is a compulsive masturbator. It turns her on to know that guys are wetting and masturbating too as they watch her, and loves to think and talk about hard cocks inside soggy diapers.

Fun In The Forest     Date added: 6 May 2015
Fun In The Forest
"Can I see it? I want to see your poop inside!"

Jessie bends over with her diapered ass in Danni's face and starts to push. First a few crackles as the poop begins to make its way through Jessie's butt hole and then a loud fart erupts in Danni's face! As Jessie is pooping you can still see the big pool of warm yellow pee in her diaper where she flooded it so much, and this is turning Danni on even more. Mmmmm a warm squishy poop landing in a big puddle of pee inside a VERY soggy diaper!

Members area previews for APRIL, 2015     Date added: 5 May 2015


Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for April, 2015. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,050 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Pretty Pooper Girl     Date added: 2 May 2015
Pretty Pooper Girl
I'm gonna fill this diaper up so good!!
Pretty Pooper Girl

I doubt you will ever see a more gorgeous girl in a poopy diaper than Kim in this new movie. She's cute, sexy and so stunning in just socks and a wet and messy diaper!

Watch as she wets, poops and plays in her messy diaper, enjoying the feeling of the mushy warmth spread all over her butt and ozzing between her legs.

"I'm gonna fill this diaper up so good!"

There can be no doubt whatsoever that Kim loves to poop herself, and she adores the feeling of sitting on her poop and squishing it through her diaper.

Good Thing I Brought A Diaper     Date added: 30 April 2015
Good Thing I Brought A Diaper
And then the poop! You hear a fart as Jessie relaxes her butt cheeks and then lots of squelching as the warm poop escapes her butt and piles snugly into her diaper.

No sooner has she got the diaper completely on, you hear the pee hissing in to her diaper, and very clearly see it turning yellow and soggy between her legs. And then the poop! You hear a fart as Jessie relaxes her butt cheeks and then lots of squelching as the warm poop escapes her butt and piles itself snugly into her diaper. Once she's started Jessie can't stop. The poop is filling her diaper so much that it's beginning to bulge!

FIVE NEW FLDiaperGirls!     Date added: 28 April 2015
FIVE new FLDiaperGirls Clips

Kim - Denim Diaper Dump     Date added: 21 April 2015
Denim Diaper Dump
"I made a big mess. It's coming out. It's all squishy on my cunt!"

She has just sat down on the floor in her dirty diaper, and the poopy mess has squished it's way all over her butt, between her legs and some has even squeezed out onto the floor! Mmmm, it feels so nice moving her diapered butt back and forwards, feeling the warm poop inside! The diaper bulges forwards with poop on either side of the strip of denim.

Shhh... erotic amateur webcam wetting     Date added: 19 April 2015

Very erotic private webcam in her own bedroom of a young girl who is turned on by wetting. She does an amazingly long pee in her panties, having held it for so long so she could do it in her pants instead of the toilet. You can see how turned on she is, as after she wets, she actually creams herself before she's even started masturbating! And you can see how swollen and pink her clit and pussy is just from the wetting alone.

Kim - My Messiest Diaper Ever     Date added: 12 April 2015
My Messiest Diaper Ever
This is the messiest diaper I have EVER had!

With my pussy dripping at so many sexy thoughts, I turn around and poke my butt out. I can feel a poop right there and I begin to push. I feel that amazing sensation of the poop being squeezed out my butt, the warmth between my cheeks and then the feeling of the poop being forced to push the diaper out to make enough room to accommodate it! It's HUGE!

Members area previews now UPDATED!     Date added: 9 April 2015


We apologize for the long wait in updating our members area update previews, but we have now added several months in one go. Our members area contains over 53,000 photos and over 1,000 movies for a ridiculously low price! Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015.


Cleaning The Garage     Date added: 8 April 2015
Cleaning The Garage
She's pooping so much that her panties can't cope with it all!

As the warm poop squishes in between Jessie's butt cheeks, she begins to feel a little bit excited between her legs. Jessie reaches down, and very naughtily touches her pussy through her very messy panties. Once she starts she can't stop and all thoughts of being caught in a shitty little pair of white panties are gone!

Then... And Now...
Two dirty pullups from Nikki
    Date added: 2 April 2015


One new (and one from Nikki's past!) poopy pullup movies, including a special
price for purchasing both at the same time!

PullUP Poop From The Past
OMG - I look so young! I was too, and pretty innocent, but even at that age I knew I liked being a dirty girl!

I was searching through some junk in the attic the other day when I came across a few unlabelled video camera tapes. I didn't want to throw them out without checking first, so I charged up the old camera to have a look. I was expecting holiday movies, but to my shock and surprise I found the very first pooping movie I ever made when I was barely out of school! OMG - I look so young! I was too, and pretty innocent, but even at that age I knew I liked being a dirty girl!

Three Cums In A Poop Packed Pullup
For any normal girl that would be the end, but even that didn't satisfy me!

I put my book down and got up on knees on the bed. I planned to pee first and then poop, but this time I just went to the bathroom totally in my pullup in one go. I just couldn't help it. As soon as I started wetting, the poop just came out too. I went from being a big girl to a smelly dirty baby in hardly any time at all! The hot pee was all around my pussy and I had a wonderful warm poop nestled between my bum cheeks. At that point the tingle in my pussy went into overdrive!

Wet & Dirty Nikki:
A Seriously SHIT Movie
    Date added: 31 March 2015

On all fours I can look at the huge mess in my pants, while my hands are pushed inside my poopy
panties fingering my hot, wet, messy pussy! I'm completely covered in a stinky mess, my butt and
pussy are both covered thickly and I can feel it all warm and sticky between my fingers as I play
with myself. When I can't hold back any longer I burst in to the most amazing orgasm that totally
takes my breath away, but even that is not enough, I want more!

NEW GIRL KIM     Date added: 27 March 2015


Kim is our newest Wet Set girl, and she's into everything that's babyish, wet
and messy! Over the next few months we'll be featuring movies of Kim
wetting and pooping her pants and her diapers. She loves it!

Wet & Dirty Strip Tease
Being so dirty just turns me on even more
Stinky Messy Pampers!
I'm going to let you join me in my dirty little secret
I Love To Mess My Diaper
It felt so good as it spread all across my bottom
Messy Little Baby Girl
"Uh oh little piggy. I've had an accident!"

EIGHT NEW FLBabyGirls!     Date added: 3 February 2015
EIGHT new FLBabyGirls Clips

Jessie's Hot Mess     Date added: 16 January 2015
Jessie's Hot Mess
A big, mushy load of poop pouring out into her panties! Oh no!

When she presses on the bulge in her panties just to see how big of a mess she's made, it quickly spreads out over her white cotton panties and squeezed out of the sides of her panties. What a mess! It's everywhere!

Diary Disaster - wet & just a little bit poopy!     Date added: 15 January 2015
Diary Disaster
Wet and just a little bit poopy!
Before she can find a place to go she wets her lovely new panties, filling them up so they bulge with pee. It trickles out and runs down her leg. Unable to control herself a little bit of poo slips out as well! Ohh, what a disaster!

AB girls, pee soaked diapers & excited pussies!     Date added: 14 January 2015
AB girls, pee soaked diapers & excited pussies!
I'm going to soak my diaper!
Now she'll have to wait till tomorrow for her test, but she CAN have some fun in her soggy diaper today!

She loves the feel of a drenched diaper
and can't help rubbing her wet pussy furiously - she's just about to cum when the phone starts to ring!

It feels so good, all full of pee!
You can hear the pee start hissing into the diaper - she really had to go! Nice & warm on her pussy!

After all that milk, baby's gotta pee!
But she just can't hold on any longer, & thoroughly soaks her diaper with a gush of hot bubbling pee!

20TH ANNIVERSARY SALE     Date added: 7 December 2014

Wet & Dirty Nikki
Nikki Movies at HALF PRICE!

Wet Set started tentatively in March 1993 and then officially launched with sales into adult stores in 1994. Wet Set Magazine was (and always will be!) the only printed magazine in the world devoted to the subjects os pants wetting, accidents, desperation, panty and diaper pooping and adult babies. In all, 57 issues of the magazine were published, most of those as color glossy editions. Many of them are still available to this day.

** For a limited time only **
Like my Easter, Halloween & Xmas sales, this will not last long,
so take advantage while it lasts.

Nikki - Messy Mail Girl!     Date added: 30 November 2014

I'm sending out a copy of my new DVD in the mail...
I've got a big puffy diaper on under my short little skirt...
I'm desperate to poop, but now I have a sudden urge to pee too...
Ahhh! I wet and dirty myself at the same time. It feels so good!
I can feel the warmth and the squishiness all over my butt...
and there's so much poop that it's already covered my pussy!

Wet Shorts in the Woods & College Student Diaper Lover     Date added: 28 November 2014
She's off to college & so are her diapers!
I can still wear diapers though right?
She heads into the bathroom and puts a nice, puffy diaper on, pulling her skirt over her padded bum.

Hot streaks down her thighs & into her shoes!
She's a little bit lost, scared & WET!
She doesn't make it very far before piss starts to stream from her pussy, soaking her little white shorts!

Nikki - I'd Rather Mess My Pants!     Date added: 20 November 2014

She's reading a magazine but she needs to poop...
A dirty girl's mind begins to wander to naughty thoughts...
She's getting wet between her legs & wants to touch herself...
She needs to cum & fill those little white panties with a massive poop!

More wet diapers & pee soaked tights!     Date added: 19 November 2014
Her diaper is totally drenched in hot pee!
in my new apartment
What better way to celebrate the new apartment than to put on a nice, thick diaper and completely soak it?

Her soaked tights actually feel kinda sexy!
Walking home and desperate to pee!
She clutches between her legs, does a potty dance, but whatever she's going to wet herself for sure!

Poopy Diapers Before The Party     Date added: 13 November 2014
Poopy Diapers Before The Party
Straining & pushing they take turns to fill their diapers!

The big, hot, mushy loads feel so good inside the tight little diapers that it isn't long before Danni and Jessie are stroking their poopy pussies through the dirty diapers, squishing the mess all over their asses and reaching into their diapers to smear mess all over themselves.

Any excuse to be a dirty sexy girl!     Date added: 12 November 2014

Any excuse to be a dirty sexy girl!
Even though she's right near the toilet, she much prefers to push out a load of poop into her waiting white panties instead! You can see the firm poop pushing out the tight cotton of her panties as Sophie strains to push it out.

Wet, masturbating AB girls and a piss stained bikini!     Date added: 11 November 2014
Wet, masturbating AB girls and a piss stained bikini!
AB girls like to play with themselves!
She does a big noisy pee in her diaper
It makes her pussy feel so nice in all the wet warmth that she rubs her stuffed toys between her legs!

and masturbating in my diaper!
Danni loves to read sexy stories and wet herself, then rub her throbbing pussy through her nice thick diaper!

Her little bikini is flooded with pee!
Jessie relaxes on her towel on the beach
but when she needs to pee, and no bathroom in sight, she pisses right through her tiny white string bikini.

New payment options for US, Canada, Australia & Europe!     Date added: 6 November 2014

New payment options for US, Canada, Australia & Europe!

(First 15 orders using new methods receive FREE movie of your choice - 3 left)

Please report any difficulties in using these methods to us immediately.

After your purchase, just send us an email telling
us your choice of free movie.

Love to all ~ Nikki

Dirty Panties Swap     Date added: 24 October 2014
Dirty Panties Swap
Danni has a very, very dirty idea

Danni and Jessie are making out on the bed, but Jessie's got a bad tummy and she's afraid she might poop right there in her panties! Danni has a very, very dirty idea. She wants Jessie to take her messy panties off and do a trade!Watch as the two girls trade their poopy knickers and rub their pussies through each other's dirty loads!

Desperate, Wet, Diapered, Pregnant & A Pillow Fight!     Date added: 21 October 2014
Desperate, Wet, Diapered, Pregnant & A Pillow Fight!
Naughty Wet Baby Girls

Pillow Fight
Danni demands a diaper of her own!
How dare Jessie play diaper games without her?

Naughty Homework Alternative
She might be a big girl but she loves to play!
She pops her pacifier in and spreads her legs and shows off the diaper under her skirt.

Pregnant & Diapered
Try as she might she just can't get it on
It might not fit but she can still use it

Will she be able to hold on?

No Rest Stop In Sight
She needs to go so bad!
Poor Jessie is driving in her car and she's desperate to pee.
She hasn't passed a rest stop in ages! She's getting to the point where she's in pain

Left By The Road In Pooped Panties     Date added: 2 October 2014
Left By The Road In Pooped Panties
A big load forces its way out as she walks!

Danni hurries off the side of the road and into the bushes and a big load of poop forces its way out as she walks! You can see the bulge grow as she walks! You can see cars whizzing by as danni pulls up her dress to reveal her poopy panties and long dribbles of shit and piss running down her legs! This is all Jessie's fault! Danni can't stop touches the big poopy bulge in her panties, she can't believe she's done it in her pants!

A Stinky Surprise For Daddy!     Date added: 1 October 2014

Sophie is bored when sent for a nap
Daddy tells her to stay clean, but when she needs to poop, she doesn't hesitate, and goes right in her diaper! Making a mess is certainly something fun to do, and masturbating in her loaded diaper keeps Sophie amused for quite some time!

Cute baby girls & warm wet diapers     Date added: 30 September 2014
Cute baby girls & warm wet diapers
Needing to pee distracts from her lesson
So Mommy tells her to put on a diaper, which little Danni totally fills it with a big, splashy pee!

Her Mommy bought her some pom poms!
With a puffy diaper on under her pretty red dress, she's the cutest diapered cheerleader you ever saw!

Grown women don't have accidents, do they?     Date added: 29 September 2014
Grown women don't have accidents, do they?
open pissing on the floor!
She runs outside and lifts her skirt, revealing her bare, shaved pussy & a huge stream of steaming piss!

Jessie goes to pick up her neice
But she needs to pee. Can you imagine if she pissed herself? Grown women don't have accidents like that!

Bulging Diaper After Breakfast     Date added: 12 September 2014
Bulging Diaper After Breakfast
There's nothing better than a full diaper!
At the restaurant she gets horny just thinking about loading her diaper with pee and poop. She forces out a little bit of poop then leaves to find a quiet little corner to fill it up the rest of the way and show you the mess she's got inside!

Diarrhea Day At The Beach     Date added: 11 September 2014
Diarrhea Day At The Beach
Danny fills her panties with a huge runny poop!

She thinks she might just be able to squat somewhere, but before she can a huge load of runny poop forces its way into her panties. The big, wet load stains her nice white panties brown right away! More and more poop comes out, and after looking around and not seeing anyone on the beach, Danni goes back to her towel and lets her panties fill up even more.

Smoking & Stroking My Messy Diaper     Date added: 10 September 2014
 Smoking & Stroking My
Messy Diaper

Sophie's cums in her filthy diaper!
With a heavy poop in her diaper, Sophie smokes & strokes herself. Before her friends arrive she wants to cum and not waste this sexy, shitty diaper. Feeling the poop squish tight between her ass cheeks, she rocks on the big load.

Soggy wet diapers, naughty girls & a dripping bikini     Date added: 9 September 2014
Soggy wet diapers, naughty girls & a dripping bikini!
Naughty wet baby girls
Baby girls get bored waiting in the car!
Danni drives her toy cars, but it's not what Mommy meant when she told her to play with her toys!

Baby Jessie plays with her new stethoscope
She wants to hear how it sounds when she wets her diaper, but even without it you can hear it very clearly!

Naughty girls have to go out in diapers!
When she needs to pee, Danni wants to be a big girl but Mommy insists she go right there in her diaper!

Just piss yourself naughty girl!
She was planning to do it in the sea...
but she can't hold it any longer, & pees right there in her bikini bottoms making a giant puddle at her feet.

DANNI'S DIRTY DISCOUNT SALE     Date added: 3 September 2014

Right now we are having a huge sale of all Danni's movies at an enormous
discount. Each movie is half price, BUT you can get the lot for...


Diaper Poop In The Car     Date added: 25 August 2014
Diaper Poop In The Car
In seconds her diaper is filled with a huge load of smelly poop!

Jessie goes to drive away but she can't start the car so Danni climbs into the backseat and within seconds her diaper is filled with a huge load of smelly poop! The whole car stinks with the smell of Danni's dirty diaper and just as she's done some hikers walk right up beside the car.

Pooping In White Tights     Date added: 24 August 2014
Pooping In White Tights
Sophie's doing yoga and needs to poop!
Being the dirty girl she is, she doesn't even think twice about going to the toilet. She gets very turned on at the thought of soiling her bright white tights with a big load of poop instead!
Included in Sophie's Messy Giveaway

Adult Babies, pissy pants and low hanging diapers!     Date added: 22 August 2014
Pissy wet pants & low hanging diapers!
Wet baby Danni
The wet diaper feels heavy between her legs!
Sitting on the bike rack, Danni lifts her skirt and you can hear a giant flood of pee hissing and splashing out into the lining of her diaper.

Is that girl wearing a diaper under her dress?
Up at the counter, Danni's can feel the lovely warmth of the pee soaked her diaper between her legs, but no one else at the store is any the wiser!

Wet Sophie - panties and diapers
Not easy being pregnant & needing to pee!
Clutching between her legs, there's no way she can hold on & a big stream of pee pours into her panties!

Sophie only just fits into the baby Pampers!
It's a turn on to wear real baby pampers, but the tiny pullup can't hold it when Sophie does a big girl pee!

INTERNET BANKING payment option is here!     Date added: 20 August 2014



Love to all ~ Nikki

A Dirty Girl's Diaper Game     Date added: 16 August 2014
A Dirty Girl's Diaper Game
The hot shit squishes tight between her ass and the diaper!

Danni and Jessie sit down to play a card game. Danni wants to use the bathroom first but Jessie thinks that should be part of the game! In fact Jessie thinks they should turn it into a strip game as well, and adds that the winner should get one wish. With these two dirty girls we can only guess where this game might end up!

Full Panties Filled     Date added: 9 August 2014
Full Panties Filled
The full panties are snug over her butt!
When Sophie finds the body slimming panties in the closet, she can't resist the urge to fill them with poop - and they're not even hers! It isn't long of course until she starts to feel horny!
Included in Sophie's Messy Giveaway

Tied up & Desperate & plus 4 cute wet AB girls     Date added: 2 August 2014
Tied up & Desperate - cute wet AB girls!
Four new ABDL clips
She looks so cute with her hair in pigtails!
Sophie must be a big girl at work, but at home she just like a baby - wet diapers, a pacifier and pigtails!

Jessie cheers herself up before an exam!
She lets a huge flood of pee into her diaper - the hissing as it splashes against the lining is so loud!

I'm so horny, and I want to cum in my diaper!
You know what I have on under my little dress & you're desperate to see it. I know your cock is hard!

Sick girls need to be diapered just in case!
But diapering her patient turns her on, and she wants one too! Two baby girls together with wet diapers!

No choice but to wet herself!
Danny's gets to play the damsel in distress!
Danni helps her boyfriend act out his fantasy, but she unexpectedly needs to pee & he's nowhere in sight!

Sophie's Messy Giveaway + Pantyhose Poop     Date added: 24 July 2014

Right now we are having a bonanza sale of all Sophie's movies at almost
giveaway prices. Each movie is half price, BUT you can get the lot for...


...including her new movie
The warm poop held tightly against her butt by her pantyhose!

Bending over Sophie then begins to push. You see as the poop pushes it's way out of her butt hole and against the back of her tights. Sophie is just loving the feeling! The warm squidgy poop being held tightly against her butt by the pantyhose, and knowing you can see right through them at every dirty move she makes is turning her on even more!

Running Late!     Date added: 22 July 2014
Running Late!
I pushed the rest of the poop in to my tight, once white, panties!

I'd got almost to my garden gate, when on the road side, the urge to push was just over whelming. I could feel the head of the poop had already escaped my butt hole and there was nothing I could do except to lift up my skirt and let the poopy push into my panties! It felt so good - all warm and squishy between my cheeks. I reached my hand back to touch the warm lump, rubbing my hands over it. Seeing a couple watching me from down the street, I decided to move in to the yard - I still needed to poop more!

Desperation, accidents and AB girls in diapers     Date added: 17 July 2014
Desperation & AB Girls in Diapers!
Cute Baby Girls And Pee Soaked Diapers
Little Danni is in the park without her Mommy.
It's lucky she was thickly diapered before leaving for the park, because now she needs to pee!

Sophie is pregnant and run out of panties.
She doesn't really need any excuse to wear a diaper, but she enjoys knowing she really needs one.

The diaper is so obvious under her short skirt!
What's even more thrilling than flashing the diaper under demin skirt is pissing herself in public!

Ally is planning a sexy surprise under her skirt!
Her pussy and ass nestled in the warm pee filled diaper, she's gotta cum before she goes out!

Pants Wetting Accident!
Jessie is almost caught flooding her jeans!
She's exited to be at an audition for a talent show, but before she goes on stage, she really has to pee!

Diapers Are For Pooping!     Date added: 9 July 2014
Diapers Are For Pooping!
The more she poops the nicer it feels!

Once she's done Sophie is so turned on that her pussy is throbbing and mixing excited juices in with the huge load that now nestles between her legs. She can feel a lot of sticky warm poop is still between her butt cheeks and she sits on the floor and wriggles her dirty diapered bottom against the hard tiled floor, spreading the poop all the way over her cheeks.

New Pants wetting & 5 wet diaper clips     Date added: 3 July 2014
Pants Wetting & Pissy Diapers!
Baby Girls Who Love To Pee In Their Diapers
Who can stay mad wearing a hot wet diaper?
"You'll forgive me once you feel my hot pee," she says, pulling down her panties & putting on a diaper.

Taylor tans in her little sun dress and diaper.
She likes how swimming in her diaper makes it so wet that it hangs down heavily between her legs.

She slips the diaper on under her tights.
Danni turns around to rub her ass, looking really sexy in stretchy pants with a think diaper on underneath.

Alayah snoops through her housemate's closet.
Oh my god! She laughs, but as she fingers the fresh diapers, she can't resist the urge to try one on!

Danni heads to McDonalds wearing a diaper!
She parts her legs to reveal the diaper more, not caring if any of the people walking around can see!

Pants Wetting Accident!
Danni completely soaks her jeans with hot pee!
It's hard enough, worrying about the outcome of the test, and now she's about to piss her pants too!

EIGHT NEW FLBabyGirls!     Date added: 20 June 2014
EIGHT new FLBabyGirls Clips

After School Diaper Enema     Date added: 20 May 2014
After School Diaper Enema
The hot, messy diapers feel so good hanging
heavy between their legs!

After a lot of wet diaper fun, Danni gets an idea. What if they do an enema and make a mess in their diapers? Wouldn't that be fun? Jessie's really into the feeling of her soaked diaper and she thinks that a messy enema diaper might feel even better. Danni heads into the bathroom, taking off her soaked diaper. She unscrews the shower head and pokes the stream of warm water into her tight little asshole. "How does it feel?" asks Jessie. "It's getting me horny!" Danni replies!

Our Latest Soaked Diapers & Pissy Pants!     Date added: 19 May 2014
Accidents, Wetting & Drenched Diapers!
Soaked Diapers and Sexy Baby Girls
Hot girl-on-girl diaper action!
Danni's waiting for her girlfriend Jessie to arrive so they can have some diaper fun in private!

Sun, Sand, Soaked Diaper
Not caring that she's out in the open, Jessie starts to rub her pussy through the drenched diaper.

Time to have some public diaper fun!
Aly soaks her diaper with pee, then jumps into the shower and soaks it even more!

Pants All Pissy Wet!
Hydrating for her workout catches Jessie out!
A huge torrent of pee spills down her leggings, staining the fabric dark & pooling all over the floor!

Panty Poop In The Tub     Date added: 8 May 2014
The feel of poop pressing against her asshole kinda turns her on!

As Sophie starts to push, a big flood of pee comes out. She strokes the wet cotton, then turns around, poking her ass out. Before long, you can see the pointy poop pressing up against the piss-soaked white cotton. She pulls her panties tight over the load, squishing the poop up against her ass. She rubs the poop until the stain starts to spread over the panties, then pulls them down, revealing her shit-smeared ass and the dirty load nestled inside.

More wet diapers and piss soaked leggings!     Date added: 7 May 2014
Accidents, wetting & pee soaked diapers!
More Wet Diapers and Sexy Baby Girls
Walking rubs the diaper between her legs!
Alayah can't resist finding a spot to totally soak her diaper and masturbate her very excited pussy!

She dreams of going diapered to the cinema!
She slips the thick, puffy diaper around her hips, making sure it's nice and snug before wetting herself.

Time to have some public diaper fun!
Both girls just love to wear diapers in public and get off on the thrill that someone might see them!

Skin tight, sexy & soaking wet!
She desperately tries not to wet herself!
A huge torrent of hot piss flows right down her legs, staining her purple leggings very noticeably!

I'm Going To Poop In Your Favorite Jeans     Date added: 25 April 2014

The girls get off on how dirty they are, and rub each others loads!

In the kitchen Danni bends over, the tight jeans pulling tight over her shapely ass. She really had to poop anyway, so it's only a second or two before a big, mushy load pushes out into the little space between the tight jeans, her cotton panties and her ass. She pulls the waistband open to show Jessie the mess that's already spreading out and up towards her pussy.

Desperation, accidents, AB girls and diaper fucking!     Date added: 24 April 2014
Desperation, accidents, AB girls
and diaper fucking!

AB Girls And Diaper Sex
The warm, wet diaper makes her horny!
Seeing just how excited she is, he wastes no time in opening her legs and fucking her wet pussy hard!

Wetting herself is the best cure!
Her boyfriend always hated her diaper habit, so she feels defiant wearing one now, and a bit sexy!

She strokes her warm, pee soaked pussy!
She lets a giant flood flow into her diaper - you can hear it hissing and splashing inside the lining!

Shiny Wet Pee Soaked Jeans
Out and about and desperate to pee!
Hot pee explodes into panties and pours down the legs of her jeans. The pee seems to go on forever!

My Sister's Dirty Secret!     Date added: 11 April 2014
Reading her sister's diary reveals more than she ever imagined!

Sitting on the bed reading the diary, her eyes growing wider with every word! It says her sister has been wearing diapers for a long time, peeing and pooping in them every day! She's kind of horrified! Her sister is not a baby, why does she wear diapers? Reading on, she finds that her sister actaully plays with herself in her messy diapers! She has a diaper fetish! Her first instinct is to call her mother and tell her what's been going on, but just as she starts to dial, she has second thoughts...

Pissy accidents & cute wet AB girls     Date added: 10 April 2014
Pissy accidents & cute wet AB girls!
AB Girls In Soggy Wet Diapers
Two wet horny diapered girls!
The girls lean against the bench and start to pee their diapers. Then it's time to get sexy together!

Daisy May came home in wet pants!
Daddy has to change his naughty wet baby girl into a thick diaper and send her to her room.

Excited pussy in a wet diaper!
She lets go a such a big flood of hot pee into her diaper that she completely overflows it.

Pee Soaked Jeans & Panties
I've totally pissed myself!
I jump up and more pee flows out, running down my tight white pants in big, long, shiny wet streaks.

AND NOW WE HAVE BITCOIN TOO!     Date added: 10 April 2014


Bitcoin    Checkout with both Bitcoin and Litecoin    Bitcoin
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All Bitcoin orders get a free Nikki movie to the same value!

After your Bitcoin purchase, just send us an email telling
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Love to all ~ Nikki

Dirty Diaper Day At The Beach - big smelly load!     Date added: 29 March 2014
Danni enjoys feeling the messy poop load in Jessie's diaper!

If Jessie's going to poop in her diaper, then Danni isn't going to be left out. She bends over and starts to push some poop out, as well as some noisy farts that Jessie laughs at. Danni opens up the legband to show Jessie the big poop nestled inside! Jessie bends over and Danni starts to rub her ass through the diaper as she pushes her huge load out into it! "It's such a big poop!" she says. "I can feel it!" says Danni, smacking Jessie on the ass.

Pee stained jeans and soggy wet baby girls!     Date added: 28 March 2014
Pee stained jeans & wet baby girls!
Sexy Diaper Lovers & AB Girls
Jessie accepts the dare!
She likes the feeling of having a diaper on outside, hiding a sexy wet secret under her skirt.

Ally doesn't like potty training!
She much prefers wetting herself, and the way her hot wet diaper presses against her pussy.

Trying to be a big girl!
But she is so into playing that before she knows it she's doing a HUGE pee in her diaper.

Soaked Jeans & Panties
I'm in the park & bursting to pee!
Unable to find a toilet, pee pours into my jeans, spreading out and spilling down my legs!

FULL BILLING RESTORED!     Date added: 25 March 2014

All cards

After months of waiting, we have moved to a bew bank and finally have full billing
restored and the ability to accept all major cards - including for the members area.
We apologize for long delay, but it was all due to factors outside our control.

As 2014 is our 20th anniversary year, don't miss our
20TH ANNIVERSARY SALE coming soon.

Love to all ~ Nikki

We're back with THREE NEW Messy clips!     Date added: 6 March 2014

They fill their little white panties with loads of messy, dirty poop
They've made so much mess already that it wont make much difference if they make more... Seeing each other all dirty like this is kind of turning them on! Soon Danni and Jessie are touching their pussies through their messy panties, sitting on and squishing the dirty loads between the floor and their asses and smearing poop over their legs, bellies, tits and pussies! It isn't long before they start to rub each other's dirty pussies, getting hot, heavy and messy together.

What a pair of filthy girls!


When Lucy's new diaper arrive in the mail, she can't wait to get one on. But there's something else she wants to do in a diaper...
If peeing in her brand new diaper felt that good, Lucy can only imagine how good it would feel to mess it! She pushes a huge load out in to her already soaked diaper. OMG she's never felt anything like it! All warm and mushy, spreading right across her butt cheeks! Lucy can't keep her hands away as she touches herself, spreading the mess not only all over her bum, but all over her pussy too.

She pumps her pussy against the warm mess in her diaper as she
masturbates to a wonderful orgasm!


Danni takes her fantasy one step further, filling her diaper with a huge, stinky mess.

The last few weeks I've been crushing over my new history teacher. Sitting in class I like to wriggle around in my chair in my diaper, wondering how much he'd like to change it. As I get in from school I can't help thinking about how much he'd like to see me in a messy diaper. Would he like to hold his hand against the back of my diaper feeling the warmth as it fills up with a big load?

Pushing the enema hose deep into my butt, I turn on the water and let my ass fill up. Unable to hold it any longer, I let go. You can hear every sound as my diaper fills! I can feel the mess trying to get through the leg band of my diaper, but I'm not done, I still feel like I have lots more poop in there!

We're Back With SIX New Diaper & Wetting Clips!     Date added: 6 March 2014
We're back!
with six new Wetting & Diaper Clips

Sexy Diaper Lovers & Ab Girls
Little snoop Danni finds very grown-up toy!
She turns it on, pushes her diaper aside and slips it into her wet pussy!

Playing Baby with Mommy!
Little Jessie and her Mommy Danni play some funny games with Jessie's afternoon snack.

Two sexy, slippery diaper girls.
After wetting and masturbating each other in their diapers, the girls relax in a bubble bath.

Waiting is boring; flashing is fun!
Jessie exposes her diapered pussy and then wets right there in the waiting room!

Soaked Jeans & Panties
Jessie held on through the test...
But doesn't make it to the bathrooms in time, drenching her tight blue jeans!

Sexy Soaked Thong!
Jessie has an accident by the side of the road, flooding her little pink thong with hot pee!

WE'RE BACK!     Date added: 24 February 2014

We are finally able to accept credit cards again, starting with Visa, and Mastercard will follow soon. In the next few days we will do some new updates. Also, Wet Set has been serving our fetish community for 20 YEARS now, so stick around for our 20TH ANNIVERSARY SALE.

NOTE: We still of course accept American Express, which we prefer if you have one.

Email Paul or Nikki for other online payment alternatives

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL     Date added: 12 December 2013

Unfortunately we missed the Xmas deadline to fix our billing problems with Visa and
Mastercard, but not for want of trying. We have been in constant contact with banks
and programmers, and while there is definitely still light at the end of the tunnel, the
Xmas season has slowed down our progress. So it's looking now that we will be up
and running again early in the new year.

As 2014 is our 20th anniversary year, we'll be back bigger and better than ever, and rather than a Xmas sale, we'll have a 20TH ANNIVERSARY SALE instead.

We wish everyone a merry Xmas and a happy New Year,
and we'll see you in 2014!

Temporary interruption to billing     Date added: 13 October 2013

For reasons totally outside our control, we are temporarily unable to accept Visa and Mastercard orders. This is down to a technical issue with our biller, which affects our ability to accept payments.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers with an American Express card can still place orders.

We hope to have this situation resolved as soon as possible.

Email Paul or Nikki for other online payment alternatives

Lost Angel's Wetting Stories now avaliable at Amazon     Date added: 9 October 2013
Now available through Amazon US, UK and AUS

Volume 1 in both English and German
Once common practice, then taboo for many years, finally accepted again: Water sports, an outstanding tender erotic play Lost Angel's Wet Stories tell in a sophisticate, never primitive language of the many ways to erotically enjoy your own water and that of a partner. A story book for everyone who wants to enjoy but gets turned off by the usual hardcore stuff on that topic.
Volumes 2-5 plus Bedwetting in German

Messy Diaper Sex!     Date added: 28 September 2013
Ally begs to be fucked after loading her diaper with a huge poop!

"Oh, fuck me," Ally moans. He tells her to push her ass up in the air. He can see the load inside her diaper pressing out and he rubs it, pushing the mess around inside. He rips a hole in the messy diaper, revealing the poop load inside. He slips his fingers inside her dripping pussy. He finds her clit and starts to rub it furiously.
But that's just the start!

Out & About in Soggy Diapers - 4 new clips     Date added: 26 September 2013
Out and about in soggy diapers!

Adult babies and wet diapers
Filling my car and soaking my diaper
She diapers herself & rubs her pussy through the thick padding, thinking about the cute attendant.

All prepared for those long queues
She loves the idea of her pussy bathed in hot pee, sitting surrounded by people who've got no idea!

Watching her sister ride her horse
Danni gets up carefully, but her diaper squelches and drips as she walks. How embarrassing!

Flashing her diapers at the fountain
She relaxes as hot pee flows into her diaper. People around makes her feel naughty and sexy!

American Express now on shopping cart     Date added: 24 September 2013

The Poop Hostage     Date added: 20 September 2013
Danni becomes Jessie's poopy diaper bitch!

Suddenly Danni just loses it! Her body completely takes over and she begins to uncontrollably mess her diaper! Jessie smiles with satisfaction as she clearly hears it all squelching out! Danni's diaper is absolutely bulging and now leaking. Jessie can see it can't possibly hold any more and throws Danni another one to put on. The tapes on one side have already opened from the weight of whats in her diaper and Danni has to literally catch it as she untapes the other side.

New diaper girl Ally     Date added: 19 September 2013
Our newest baby girl is lost and wet!

Once her diaper is on and taped up, the feeling of it's thickness between her legs starts to really turn her on. Ally ventures away from the track in to the wooded area it runs along side, where she floods her diaper and touches herself until she cums!

FOUR new fun and sexy diaper clips     Date added: 17 September 2013
Lots of pee soaked soggy diapers!

Adult babies and wet diapers
We're playing strip poker & I'm losing!
I slowly unbutton my jeans and slip them off to reveal the pull-up diaper I've got on underneath.

Two girls diapered & horny on a train!
The wet diapers turn them on (you can even see her hard nipples!) & they start to touch each other.

Jessie wets while shopping for toys!
Jessie loves anything that makes her feel little, and nothing beats a diaper under her summer dress.

Wetting & masturbating at the stadium
Danni starts to rub her pee soaked pussy - she just can't help herself when she's in a wet diaper.

SEARCH Top Selling Clips     Date added: 14 September 2013

For those interested in looking at the top selling products in all our categories, maybe as an aid in deciding what you would like to purchase yourself, we have now added comprehensive stats on all the top selling items arranged by week, month and year.

Morning In Messy Diapers     Date added: 13 September 2013
The girls spend the morning pooping their diapers together!

I can feel the poop pressing against the back of my diaper, so I push a little harder until it's right out. I can feel I'm not done and fart a little. I then begin to push again. Just as I do Jessie appears from the bedroom! I pull my skirt down quickly so she wont see it, but there's not much I can do about the smell!

NEW DIAPER GIRLS - Ella & Chloe     Date added: 11 September 2013
Our newest baby girls show off their love for diapers

More pissy pants, diapers and adult babies     Date added: 9 September 2013
More desperation, accidents & soggy wet diapers!

Adult babies and soaking diapers
Pizza in the park & pissing my diaper
Flashing her diaper gets her excited, but she loves the thrill that comes with almost getting caught!

Balloons & stickers & party dresses!
But not to forget the most important part, diapers! Parties are exciting and accidents might happen?

She can tell he finds her sexy!
Sophie gets a very naughty idea. Pulling her skirt up, she reveals the thick diaper underneath!

Jessie has peed in her bed again!
Danni tells Jessie that she's going to have to wear her diaper to school, in front of all of her friends!

Desperation and pissy pants
The need to pee become so intense!
A big gush bursts out, and Danni is totally soaked and stuck in public in a pair of drenched jeans!

Sunbathing & Masturbating In My Messy Diaper     Date added: 6 September 2013

Danni fills her diaper with a huge poop at the beach!

As it fills up it hangs heavy between her legs. Danni sits down and pulls the legband open, revealing the mess inside! The hot poopy squishing between her bum and the tight diaper feels so nice, and Danni (being the dirty girl she is) can't help but feel a bit turned on. She's topless and in a filthy diaper, out in public where anyone could catch her at any minute - it all adds up to a very naughty, very excited feeling!

Pants wetting, adult babies & very wet diapers!     Date added: 1 September 2013
More desperation, accidents & soggy wet diapers!

Adult babies and soaking diapers
Ella plays in a thuck puffy diaper
But she soon gets that nice familiar tingly feeling between her legs, and just lets go with a long pee!

Two big babies playing in the baby pool!
With their pussies now nestled snuggly in their warm soggy diapers, they continue their games!

Danni takes her diapers on vacation
She rubs herself through the soaked diaper, not caring who else is exploring the ruin behind her!

The massage got her feeling sexy!
On the couch with her her tanned thighs spread wide, she touches herself through the thick diaper.

Your little AB girl is so adorable!
I do a lovely long warm pee in to my diaper. The soggier my diaper gets, the harder your cock gets!

Desperation and pissy pants
So drunk that she pisses herself!
Jesse stumbles home from a party, still drinking... and wetting her little blue shorts uncontrollably!

Wet tights on the way to karate class
As she clutches at her crotch, her bladder bursts and a big stream of piss floods her blue tights!

Changing room diaper poop!     Date added: 23 August 2013
Two Girls, Two Messy Diapers & One Stinky Dressing Room!

As fast as the poop came, so does the smell. "Oh My god are you pooping!" Danni asks with her hand over her nose trying to shield it from the smell that is coming from Jessie. Jessie though is not going to let having a dirty diaper ruin their shopping trip and convinces Danni that apart from the smell, she's okay. The girls pick out a few dresses and head to the changing rooms. The shop is busy and they have to wait a minute with Jessie's stinky diaper smell wafting around before a changing stall comes free.

Naughty Sophie's Dirty Little Panties     Date added: 20 August 2013
Naughty Sophie's Dirty Panties
She promised to be a good girl this time!
When Sophie starts to feel the need to poop and can't find the potty daddy left for her, she has no other choice but to go in her big girl panties! But as the poopy load presses out into her panties, Sophie starts to get very horny!

Pants wetting, enemas, diapers & adult babies!     Date added: 17 August 2013
More desperation, accidents & soggy wet diapers!

Adult babies and soaking diapers
She needs to talk about her problem!
Danni is shocked when she sees the diaper, but the doctor tells her she should go and put it on!

A diaper change at the fun fair!
Danni is so frightened that the flood gates open, and we watch a huge pee gush into her diaper!

Her mother made her wear diapers!
Danni rubs her throbbing clit through her thick diaper, but she still wants to fill it with hot pee!

Diaper Enema
An enema is needed for a sore tummy!
She slides her diaper down just a little so you can see it squirt from her tight little asshole!

Desperation and pissy pants
Maisy is out & about & desperate!
The pee starts to flow fiercely, hissing through her panties and leaving her jeans a dripping mess!

HALF PRICE SPECIALS UPDATED     Date added: 13 August 2013

65 in total - 46 NEW - something for everyone!

Danni's Dirty Diapered Ass     Date added: 9 August 2013
She's gotta go poop so bad, she can feel it starting to push out!

Looking behind her, she cups the hot little bulge and pushes more and more poop out into the diaper, watching as it starts to escape out the leg bands!

Soaking jeans & adult baby play     Date added: 6 August 2013
Pissy accidents & adult babies

Danni & Jesse want to be little!
They curl up on the bed in their diapers, sucking their thumbs and cuddling. It's fun to play baby.

Pretty new girl wets herself!
Before I can help it, a huge flood of hot pee flows all the way down the legs of my tight jeans!

THREE NEW FLBabyGirls!     Date added: 3 August 2013
THREE new FLBabyGirls Clips

Two Messy Diapers At The Mall     Date added: 26 July 2013
Danni has some very dirty plans for their shopping trip!

Two naughty diaper girls wriggling and clenching their tummies, desperate to poop, is beginning to draw attention, but the need to release it is growing with every passing second!

Messy Gigolo Encounter!     Date added: 23 July 2013
Messy Gigolo Encounter
She pushes the big load into her panties!
Danni's never done anything like this before, but she's been feeling so horny lately so she's called a male escort! She's got a really dirty fantasy that she wants to try - she wants to get fucked as she poops her little white panties!

More desperation, accidents & soggy wet diapers!     Date added: 19 July 2013
More desperation, accidents & soggy wet diapers!

Adult babies and soaking diapers
Sexy together in wet diapers!
With both girls feeling very turned on they soak their diapers and have lots of sexy fun together!

She should have gone before!
She puts the diaper on just in time before Jesse floods it with the huge pee she's been holding!

Danni & Jesse swap wet diapers!
She thinks it will feel very sexy to feel her girlfriends hot pee pressing up against her pussy!

He has to change her diapers!
When Danni pretends she's hiring for a baby sitter it's not the normal interview you'd expect!

Desperation and pissy pants
I can't stop jiggling desperately!
I try going up, but pee starts to gush out of me, running all the way down my bright pink tights.

TEN NEW FLBabyGirls!     Date added: 12 July 2013
TEN new FLBabyGirls Clips

Sophie's Messy Revenge     Date added: 5 July 2013
Sophie's Messy Revenge

Dropping to all fours on the ground, Sophie starts to push and push, and very quickly her litte white
panties are all full of poop! This dirty girl has a very messy revenge in mind. The hot, mushy poopy in
her panties feels very nice indeed. She starts to rub her messy little pussy through the stained panties.
Her boyfriend will be sorry that he crossed a dirty girl like her!

Diapers, desperation, pissy pants & adult babies!     Date added: 2 July 2013
Diapers, desperation, pissy pants & adult babies!

Adult babies and soaking diapers
Jessie is taking a special potion!
Now totally in baby mode, Jessie coos as Danni pulls the baby diaper up tightly around her hips.

Sophie's diaper is totally soaked!
The huge flood of pee gushes out into her diaper, so hard that you can hear it splashing the liner!

Desperation and pissy pants girls
What's worse than being late?
Charlee's bladder is ready to burst & no amount of holding, wriggling & leg crossing is helping!

Out and about and deperate to pee!
Maisy's pee starts to flow, hissing through her panties and leaving her jeans a dripping mess!

Fucked In Poopy Panties!     Date added: 27 June 2013
He's so lucky to have such a dirty girlfriend!

He can feel Danni straining and it isn't long before she's pushing a load of poop out into her panties as she rides his cock! This is even sexier than he imagined! He strokes the lump inside her panties! Danni Climbs off him and gets down on all fours on the bed, pushing out more and more hot poop as her boyfriend watches, his cock so hard it feels like it's going to pop!

Poop Packed Plastic!     Date added: 25 June 2013
Poop Packed Plastic
Sophie shits her pants in full view!
Sophie brings her filthy ass closer and spreads her cheeks it apart so you can see the huge poop straining against the clear plastic pants. She rubs the hot load through the plastic, smearing it around her gorgeous creamy ass.

Dirty Girl's Messy Diaper     Date added: 22 June 2013
Dirty Girl's Messy Diaper

Sophie crouches down and pushes, squeezing a cute little fart into her diaper. It isn't long before
a whole lot of poopy follows! Sophie rubs the bulge in her diaper, feeling the heavy, warm poop inside.

Diapers & sex make Danni cum!     Date added: 19 June 2013
Diapers & sex make Danni cum!

On my knees in a wet diaper that's still all warm around my pussy and sucking off my boyfriend of at the same time is really turning me on. He must have seen it in my eyes as before I knew it he was pulling me up again and leading me over to the couch.

Piss soaked denim!     Date added: 17 June 2013
Piss soaked jeans!

I really need to go pee!
Before I can even unbutton my jeans a big gush of pee comes, staining the light blue denim dark.

Pregnant girls are always wetting!
With her jeans totally piss soaked and no change of clothes, Danni is horrified at her accident!

Sophie Stays In Her Stained White panties     Date added: 14 June 2013
Sophie Stays In Her Stained White Panties

She lays back on her couch and starts to masturbate furiously. "It feels so good, this hot shit in my panties!" she says. Stroking the stained white panties, she starts to slap the bulge, dirtying the white cotton even more and mushing hot, stinky poop all over her bum!

Six New DIARRHEA DAISY Clips     Date added: 11 June 2013

Not a Good Way To Wake Up
Birthday Blowout In Bongos
Peeing & Farting In The Tub

Not In My Good Slacks
Runny Fart In My Levis
Damn It Come On Already


Pants wetting accidents & soaked diapers!     Date added: 8 June 2013
Pants wetting accidents & soaked diapers!

Diapers in the car make me feel horny!
Jesse climbs into the back, takes off her panties & wraps the nice thick diaper around her butt.

My date is over!
Peeing full force, piss gushes through her panties & streams down both legs of her tight jeans.

Where can she hide the soaking wet diaper?
Danni pulls out her friend's secret stash of baby diapers, takes her clothes off and puts one on.

Desperate to pee but nowhere to go!
She wanders around desperately, jiggling and crossing her legs until she can hold it no longer.

Messy Diaper Holding Contest!     Date added: 5 June 2013
Two very dirty girls mess their diapers together!

One of the girls can hold no longer! A loud fart rips as she looses all control. The other laughs as she watches her friends diaper filling up fast! The laughter being her down fall as she then also begins to mess her diaper! The hot and mushy poop spreads out all over her butt cheeks as it trys to find room in the diaper!

I Wanna See My Ass In A Diaper!     Date added: 3 June 2013
I Wanna See My Ass In A Diaper

My sister had asked me to order some baby diapers for her. Sat at my computer
I look through all the different types. They are so cute, I wanna see my ass in a diaper!

Female desperatiom & pissy wet pants!     Date added: 1 June 2013
Female desperation & pissy wet pants!

Her skin tight jeans soaked in warm pee!
Crossing her legs and bouncing up and down, she knows if she's going to make she needs to go now.

The hot pee is flowing through her jeans!
Jessie is doing her workout at the park when she suddenly becomes very desperate to pee!

Don't miss the new News Box in the right hand column --->     Date added: 31 May 2013


Don't miss the new announcements box in the right hand column for all the news items relating to the new AMATEUR CLIP STORES
New stores, new movies, new girls...

SIX NEW FLBABYGIRLS CLIPS!     Date added: 28 May 2013
SIX new FLBabyGirls Clips

Daddy's Messy Diaper Girl     Date added: 23 May 2013
Daddy's Messy Diaper Girl

Naughty Sophie sits onto the mushy load and starts to rock back and forth over the mess, rubbing it all over her dirty bottom. The snug diaper rubs over her pussy too, and that makes it feel even nicer! She takes a cushion and sits on it, pressing it between her legs.

New Diaper Messing Clipstore!     Date added: 23 May 2013

Early for Class & Toilet or Diaper?     Date added: 22 May 2013
More pissy pants & soggy diapers!

When Sophia arrives for class early, she's already busting for a pee.
Danni is about to run to the bathroom when she stops herself, thinking, "Toilet or diaper?"

New AMATEUR owned clipstores NOW OPEN!     Date added: 21 May 2013


This is an exciting new development at Wet Set where amateur girls can run their own movie clip stores and offer their movies direct to customers through our website. We have loads of girls wanting to offer you their home made clips, and we are more than happy to provide them the space to do it. There will be wet pants, accidents, female desperation, adult babies with soggy diapers, and of course plenty of dirty messy girls!

Messing My Diaper To The Max!     Date added: 17 May 2013
Messing My Diaper To The Max!

As soon as I've got the diaper on I let go. At first just a little comes out, but then I explode! I can feel my diaper filling fast - so much that I feel the mess squishing about in the leg band every time I move. I think I'm done, but then the cramps start and more of this stinky mess is forced out in to my full diaper!

Pissy wet pants & AB playtime     Date added: 13 May 2013
Pissy wet pants and AB playtime

Danni promised to pick up her sister
But... how embarrassing to wet herself! "I'm at the kindergarten but I've peed myself like a baby!"

Wet diapers help to relieve the stress!
Having a soggy wet diaper between her legs and masturbating herself is a perfect way to unwind.

Sophie Poops Her Panties & Diaper     Date added: 8 May 2013
A Very Messy Morning

Turning quickly on her hands and knees, Sophie relaxes and lets the mess begin to ease it's way out. The first slides out easily in to her diaper, but the second is huge and takes some pushing.

I've Pooped My Panties & It's All Your Fault

Sophie pulls the dirty little panties down and you get a glimpse of the huge dirty mess inside the panties! What was initially a very embarrassing accident turned into a very sexy, very messy afternoon!

Danni Punishes Her Girlfriend     Date added: 5 May 2013
Jessie gets what's coming for cheating on the card game!

Desperation On The Bus & Kitty's Stinky Revenge!     Date added: 2 May 2013
Pee pee desperation and a stinky revenge!

Bursting on the way to a job interview!
Suddenly pee floods, streaming down her jeans and all across the bus seat, puddling on the floor!

Pay her back by stinking up the room!
The coffee had a big effect - Kitty lets rip lots of very big, noisy farts as the poop comes out!

Six Brand New Clips from our Dirtiest Girl: DIARRHEA DAISY     Date added: 25 April 2013
Six brand new clips from our dirtiest girl:

Xmas Shopping In My Skinny, Shitty Jeans
My Own Brownie Batter
 Daisy's day of Bartending

Request For My Special People: Filthy White Panties
I Have Nowhere To Go
Blew Out My Bongos Just 4 U


The Latest Clips From Danni & Sophie     Date added: 23 April 2013
Sophie's Huge Pampers Leak
Sophie lets a HUGE stream of pee into her diaper. It spreads all across her bottom, soaking her little diaper. It starts to leak, flooding the kitchen floor!
Wet & Dumped By The Driver
The driver watches as Danni wets her pants on the side of the road. She hears the scream of tires as he takes off, leaving her wet & stranded!

Poop packed panties and dirty diapers!     Date added: 18 April 2013
Sophie loves the feeling of warm firm poop filling her pants!

Danni Gets Caught with pissy pants FOR REAL!     Date added: 15 April 2013
Pissy pants & wet diapers

Caught out for real by a total stranger!
With her feet in a puddle, Danni is horrified when another girl from the complex opens the door!

I wish I'd put my diaper on earlier!
Danni has lots of accidents since getting pregnant, but she can't find a place to diaper herself.

Dirty Danni's Diaper Enema     Date added: 12 April 2013
Dirty Danni's Diaper Enema

As more and more of the mess floods out, the diaper gets heavier and more bulging. Danni starts to rub her pussy through the saggy, filthy diaper. Being so dirty is making her feel really horny!

Who Would Hire A Pissy Pants Nanny?     Date added: 10 April 2013
Who Would Hire A Pissy Pants Nanny?
Stepping from foot to foot in desperation, she's not going to be able to hold it much longer!

Sophie Loads Her Lacy White Panties     Date added: 8 April 2013
Sophie Loads Her Lacy White Panties

Sophie doesn't know what to do. She really has to poop but she doesn't want to sit on the dirty toilet, or clean up her roommate's mess. She sits on the side of the bath and tries to hold it in while she thinks about what to do. She jiggles and holds her tummy, but it feels like it's going to come out any second!

Pissy wet jeans & a really stinky diaper!     Date added: 6 April 2013
Pissy wet jeans and a really stinky diaper!

Farting, poop & a really smelly diaper!
"I need to poop. In fact I need to go so bad I almost don't get in front of the camera in time!"

The worst part is they really need to pee!
"What if I pee my pants?" How embarrassing if these guys get here and find us soaking wet!

SIX new Diarrhea Daisy + Discount Special     Date added: 4 April 2013

Locked Out, Runs In My Levis
Can't Stop Even For The Potty
Boo Boo In Bongo Jeans

Daisy In Diapers
Request Gone Bad
I Guess I Wasn't Done


The Landlord Is Coming & I can't Hold It!     Date added: 2 April 2013
How long can she hold her bladder?
Danni has so much to do and to make matters worse, she is now so desperate to use the toilet!

Naughty Girl's Messy Diaper     Date added: 31 March 2013
Naughty Girl's Messy Diaper

Sophie has just got home and is wearing her uniform and diaper. Sat doing an assignment, she's working very hard, until she gets the urge to poop - this begins to really turn her on!

More wet diapers & pissy pants accidents     Date added: 28 March 2013
Warm wet diapers & pissy pants accidents!

More from DIARRHEA DAISY!     Date added: 25 March 2013

Runs In My Levis, Damn Tequilla
You're So Not Funny
I Love My Enema

THREE new pants wetting, AB and messy diaper clips     Date added: 23 March 2013
THREE new pants wetting, adult baby and
messy diaper movies

Meeting a friend but desperate to pee!
Her bladder is about to burst, and every few steps she has to stop and cross her legs tightly.

What can I do? I've run out of diapers!
When Danni gets down to her very last diaper, she decides it's time to write her letter to Santa!

I love to lose control & dirty myself!
I love how it feels when I do this to myself and I lose all control of filling up my diaper with poop.

Icky Tummy & Messy Diaper     Date added: 21 March 2013
Icky Tummy & Messy Diaper

"OMG It's happening again" Sophie tells you as she clutches her tummy and bends over. You hear more farts and then lots of squelches as you see her diaper begin to expand as it's filled with a big mushy mess!

THREE new wetting and diaper movies     Date added: 19 March 2013
THREE new wetting and diaper movies

Jessie is in for a very wet ride home!
When Jessie arrives at the station to get her train home, she's already desperate for a pee.

Taylor likes to wet real baby pullups
When she sits back down and opens her legs, you can see the massive pee stain on the pullup.

Jessie discovers Danni's hiding place
Wondering how much nicer a wet diaper feels, Jesse releases a long warm stream of pee in to it.

Diarrhea In My Diaper!     Date added: 17 March 2013
Diarrhea In My Diaper



I quickly turn around and you see the back off my diaper filling up fast with this stinky mess. It's seriously like there has been an explosion in there and the mess is already at the waistband of my diaper trying to get out!
I show you what a mess I'm in. You can see for yourself that the diaper is not holding well as the mess escapes the leg bands. When I realize how completely messy I am I quickly pull on a pair of plastic pants to stop the
smelly poop getting all over my bed sheets.

Pissy pants, wet diapers, farting and poop!     Date added: 15 March 2013
Warm wet diapers - pissy pants accidents - farts & messy pullups!

More from DIARRHEA DAISY!     Date added: 13 March 2013

After My Run Comes Diarrhea
Doing It In My White Thong
Runs In My Brand New Jeans

I Have A Crush On You     Date added: 12 March 2013
I Have A Crush On You
She never knew Danni wanted her sexually!
When Danni and Jessie wake up from a night spent together on the couch, Jessie's plans are to get up and fix them some breakfast. Danni has other ideas though, and as she checks Jessie's diaper, she leans closer and kisses her.

Bulging Panties Workout     Date added: 11 March 2013
Bulging Panties Workout

She hasn't pooped in days and the mess she's held in is soon stretching out her tight white panties. The big, soft, brown bulge keeps growing as Sophie comes up close to show you every inch of it through the white cotton.

Dressing Room Pee     Date added: 10 March 2013
A shopping trip gone very wrong!
Everything was going smoothly until after drinking quite a few Cokes they both needed to pee.

TWO Messy Diaper Girls     Date added: 8 March 2013

For the first time ever...
TWO dirty girls messing their diapers together!


Desperation In The Store     Date added: 7 March 2013
So desperate she can hardly focus!
The more desperate she gets the more obvious it is, that this girl is about to piss her pants!

Nikki's Private Messy Moments     Date added: 6 March 2013

A new category where Nikki can show off the messy movies
she has made herself when there was no one else at home!

Wet Bed Into Diapers     Date added: 5 March 2013
Wet Bed Into Diapers
Poor Jessie wakes up in a pee soaked bed!
Jessie is totally embarrassed and not so sure about wearing diapers like a baby, but she doesn’t want to keep washing her sheets every morning! She lies down & lets Danni slide the diaper under her. "I want to pee!" says Jessie!

My Messy Little Pampers     Date added: 4 March 2013
My Messy Little Pampers

My bladder feels relieved but now the poopy is coming, and coming out fast - I worry that there wont be enough room in the diaper for it. I grunt and groan and then sigh with relief as I fill my diaper with this big smelly load.

Pee At The Bar     Date added: 3 March 2013
  Pee At The Bar

Danni’s red jeans get totally pissed and the stain is so bright that there will be no hiding it! Jessie can’t stop the streams of pee flowing down her denim-clad legs.

FOUR new warm, soggy diaper clips from Nikki     Date added: 2 March 2013
Four new sexy wet diaper clips from Nikki

Messing My Diaper At School     Date added: 1 March 2013
Messing My Diaper At School

I double over, leaning on my desk for support, and as I do, my bottom just literally explodes! I can't hold it in! Load after load is being forced out in to my diaper and you can see it filling up quickly!

Warm wet diapers, pissy pants accidents, farts & a messy pullup!     Date added: 28 February 2013
Warm wet diapers - pissy pants accident - farts & a messy pullup!

DIARRHEA DAISY!     Date added: 27 February 2013

Introducing our newest dirty girl... Diarrhea Daisy!

U Wanted It Here It Comes
Me And My Dirty White Panties
Oops I Missed!


Public accidents & diaper wetting     Date added: 25 February 2013
Pants pissing and soggy wet diapers

Messing My Diaper Just Got Hotter     Date added: 23 February 2013
Messing My Diaper Just Got Hotter

She argues about it a little, but stops when you remind her of the spanking she got the last time she refused to do as she was told. You know she'll give in, and she does. Turning around, Sophie pokes her diapered bottom in your face, and begins to grunt and groan. You can see the first load pushing against the back of her diaper, making a little bulge. She pushes some more, and you see how much she really needed to go.

FOUR great new FLBabyGirls movies     Date added: 21 February 2013
FOUR great new FlBabyGirls movies

Explosive In My Diaper     Date added: 16 February 2013
Explosive In My Diaper

I get on my hands and knees on the bed and give a push. I wasn't at all ready for what was about to happen! When I've done this at other times, the poops all eventually come out, but more bit by bit as I push. Not this time! It was like an explosion! All the soft warm poop came flying out of me filling up my diaper in seconds!

Pants pissing & soggy wet diapers     Date added: 15 February 2013
Pants pissing and soggy wet diapers

Poo Bum Baby     Date added: 14 February 2013
Poo Bum Baby

If I'd have known how much I was about to poop, I may have changed my mind! Bending back over I begin to push the poopy out. I grunt and groan a few times and then tell you that I can feel it coming! As I push it out in to my diaper it feels so good! At first it presses against the back of my diaper making me have to push harder against it, but then I feel the warmth as my diaper squishes it over my bottom cheeks. I push again and there's more ... lots more! I can tell I'm seriously pushing the limits on what this diaper can take!

FIVE new wetting, pooping & diaper movies     Date added: 8 February 2013

FIVE new wetting, pooping and diaper movies

Kitty goes snap, crackle and poop!
She loves to be naughty and peeing, farting & pooping her pullup makes her feel VERY naughty.

They completely soak their jeans
Two pretty girls in tight jeans walking around town searching... searching for somewhere to pee!

She should have been more careful!
Jessie is caught red handed masturbating in a diaper as Danni secretly takes photos of her!

I wore my diaper to work today!
Ryley masturbates while thinking about her day at work as she pushes out a poop into her diaper.

Ryley confides her love for diapers
I wish this vibrator had been your cock I was sucking, after you'd fucked me in my wet diaper!

My Embarrassing Day     Date added: 2 February 2013
My Embarrassing Day

Would you like to see me fill them with poop? You dirty boy!

But you don't think it was terrible day at all! In fact your cock is already straining inside your pants just hearing Sophie tell you about it. The thought of her sitting there in the meeting with her panties full of shit is really turning you on, as is the image of her all distraught & struggling in the bathroom trying to get the poop off her sexy ass!

EIGHT new sexy wet diaper girl movies     Date added: 30 January 2013

EIGHT new sexy wet diaper girl movies

THREE new desperation & wetting movies     Date added: 27 January 2013
THREE new desperation and wetting movies

Fuck Me In My Messy Diaper     Date added: 23 January 2013
Fuck Me In My Messy Diaper

I need you to fuck me! I need you to fuck my tight dirty pussy!

I can hear all the squelching sounds from inside my diaper and I know they are turning you on as much as they are me! I can't hold off much longer, I can feel the tingles building up inside me. My breathing gets harder and faster and suddenly I explode in to such a hard orgasm that I can feel myself peeing all over your cock that's still deep inside me! This feeling makes me cum even harder and my whole body trembles.

Danni & Jessie - 2 fun diaper movies     Date added: 22 January 2013
Get together for lots of diaper fun!

Sophie's Dirty Denim     Date added: 21 January 2013
Sophie's Dirty Denim

Watch as Sophie caresses the firm mound of poop protruding from her panties, then squishes it a little between the white cotton and her bum. It feels so warm mushing up against her bum! She bends over on all fours and rubs the load, feeling all the lumps and bumps squishing beneath the fabric. Mmmm, it feels so good!

Sophie's Sexy Holding Contest     Date added: 20 January 2013
  Sophie's Sexy Holding Contest

Sophie has already drunk three cups of water and you're falling behind! Filling up her fourth glass, she tells you that you better catch up with her or she'll win the contest!

Kitty Does Dirty Things In A Diaper     Date added: 19 January 2013

Kitty Does Dirty Things In A Diaper

This is one very messy pullup indeed, because Kitty is a very dirty little girl!

I Messed Right Through My Diaper!     Date added: 31 December 2012
I Messed Right Thru My Diaper!
Sophie is a dirty smelly messy little baby!
My hand wanders over my naked body and I begin playing with my tits. I'm getting turned on by this warm squishy mess! I begin to rub up and down between my legs. God it feels good, I can feel the mess being smooshed all over my pussy!

You Want Me To What?     Date added: 28 December 2012
You Want Me To What?

Pushing her hand down inside her messy shorts and panties, Sophie begins to finger herself telling you that this is the best web cam show she's ever had. She then gets up on her knees and puts her ass in your face. You can see how her shorts are stained all the way across the back, before she slowly pulls them down and reveals to you the messiest pair of panties you've ever seen - they are filled to the waist with poop!

While My Friend's Away     Date added: 23 December 2012
While My Friend's Away
I'm really excited to get home today!
Sitting down I tell you how since my new room mate moved in, I've had no private time, like none at all! But this week she's away visiting her family leaving me heaps of time to have lots of hot wet fun peeing in my diapers!

Nikki's Half Price Xmas Sale - including the new Santa's Dirty Little Helper     Date added: 18 December 2012

Loads of wet and poopy pants and diaper movies from Nikki and others at half price.

Including Nikki's new full length movie...
Santa's Dirty Little Helper
A Christmas movie with a difference!
Nikki's longest movie ever has no reindeer,
but one very dirty little Xmas elf!

I'm so excited for Christmas and have been excited forever to put the tree up and decorate it. In my sexy Santa's naughty little helper outfit, I lay down on my bed and put one of my favorite diapers on. As I begin to decorate the tree, I get the strongest urge to poop. I tell you how I'm too excited to stop and how I'll just hold it. I continue with the tree and grab at my butt as the feeling gets stronger and stronger till I can't hold any more.

Diapergirl Katie 4 for 1 offer     Date added: 16 December 2012

Buy any ONE of these movies and get ALL FOUR!

Sophie's Messiest Diaper Ever     Date added: 14 December 2012
Sophie's Messiest Diaper Ever
Dirty Sophie shits herself big time!
"Oh god, yeah! I can feel the warm poop sliding out now!" Sophie tells you as she grunts even louder. As the first firm load drops and settles into the bottom of her diaper, Sophie knows she still has lots more lovely poop to come!

Zoe's Diapered Milk Enema     Date added: 13 December 2012
Diapered Milk Enema

Stood on top of the toilet seat is an enema bottle filled with nice warm milk. Zoe looks at it a little confused and then picks it up and puts the tip in to her mouth. Zoe tastes a little of the milk before realizing this is one of the special bottles that goes up a naughty baby girls butt!

Danni & Jessie Desperate in the grocery store     Date added: 12 December 2012
  Grocery Store Desperation

Twisting, turning and bouncing in desperation, Danni does the best pee dance you've ever seen, before her bladder lets loose & piss pours in a gush through her pants.

Taylor & Sophie - dirty girls messing their diapers!     Date added: 11 December 2012
Dirty girls love to fill their diapers with poop!
Introducing new girl diaper messing baby girl Taylor

Ava's Diapered Video Call     Date added: 9 December 2012
Ava's Sexy Diapered Video Call
Cute little diaper girl wants to cam!
As I sit down in front of the computer and turn my cam on. I'm missing you so much while you're away and can't wait for you to get back. We've been having so much hot diaper fun the last few weeks that I'm really, really missing it.

Tara Soaks Her Sexy Blue Jeans     Date added: 7 December 2012
Soaks Her Sexy Blue Jeans

When Tara wakes up absolutely desperate for a pee, she is horrified to find the toilet backed up and flooded! What the hell happened here last night! After having friends over and getting through many bottles of wine, Tara's memories of the night are some what fuzzy.

Kitty's Poopy Diaper FARTARAMA!     Date added: 5 December 2012

Kitty's Poopy Diaper Fartarama Double Offer


Danni & Jessie - Sexy In Diapers     Date added: 4 December 2012
Sexy Together In Diapers
Two wet and diapered girls having fun
With both of them securely diapered Jessie gets very excited and tells Danni how she wants them both to pee their diapers together at the same time. Danni is more than up for it, and with her legs wide apart begins to pee herself.

Tara's First Messy Diaper     Date added: 3 December 2012
Her First Messy Diaper
I push again. More bubbly farts explode from me and I can feel it coming, I can feel the poopy
getting closer. I grunt and groan and push harder, oh yes it's coming. I squat down on my bed
and with a loud groan, push the first load of poop in to my diaper.

Mia So Desperate She Pisses Her pants     Date added: 2 December 2012
So Desperate She Pisses Her Pants

After more pacing, more crossing her legs tightly and more squirming around the room, Mia can finally hold on no longer. She doubles over and clenches her stomach as she feels the firsts squirts of piss fly in to her panties, but there's no stopping it! The squirts turn in to a long hard flow, and hot piss is streaming down her legs, soaking her jeans from top to bottom!

My Best Friend's Diapers     Date added: 30 November 2012
My Best Friend's Diapers
Mia makes a really amazing discovery!
Mia comes home excitedly and tells about something amazing that happened after school! She then holds up a diaper, and tells you with a big grin that this is her first real diaper, and how you're not going to believe how she got it!

Mean Babysitter Messy Diaper     Date added: 29 November 2012
Mean Babysitter Messy Diaper

Sophie looks up at you sleepily and you can tell right away that something is bothering her. She tells you how she's been left with a babysitter while her Daddy is away on business, and how the baby sitter is VERY mean. Pouting she tells you that the babysitter had put her to bed just because she made a little mess with her paints. Suddenly a very worried expression forms on her face as her hand goes back to her diapered bottom.

Pooped Panties In The Forest     Date added: 28 November 2012
Pooped Panties In The Forest
I was just so desperate I couldn't wait!
Danni is on a road trip with her friends and she’s gotta poop! They stop by a forest and she grabs a roll of toilet paper and heads into the trees for some privacy. But just when she finds the right spot the poop starts filling her panties!

I've Got A Secret     Date added: 27 November 2012
I've Got A Secret

Sitting on my bed I tell you how I have a secret that I've never told anyone. I tell you how when I was younger I used to watch my parents changing my little brothers diaper!

Your Diaper Punishment     Date added: 26 November 2012


Secretary's Dirty Accident     Date added: 25 November 2012
Secretary's Dirty Accident
I pooped myself - please don't fire me!
Sophie is your new sexy secretary, and one day while taking notes you notice something is wrong, but you'd never guess what she's done! She begs to keep her job, and you see your chance to take full advantage of this sexy situation!

Ava's Dripping Diaper Leak     Date added: 22 November 2012
Ava's Dripping Diaper Leak

When Ava got off the bus today, she knew for sure that she needs
thicker and more absorbent diapers!

Weekly Specials Updated     Date added: 19 November 2012


Maximum Enema, Maximum Mess!     Date added: 16 November 2012
Maximum Enema, Maximum Mess!
The messiest diaper EVER!

I really didn't think my diaper was going to be capable of holding this amount of mess, so I quickly put on a pair of plastic pants. At this point I'm absolutely desperate to mess more, and I can feel my body taking over and making me push involuntarily. More mess is pushed out of me, my diaper is so full and heavy that I'm sure with out the plastic pants, it may have even fallen off!

Public Desperation In The Beauty Salon     Date added: 15 November 2012
Desperate In The Beauty Salon
You won't be disappointed
Standing in the middle of the salon with her legs crossed tightly, the flood gates suddenly open, and a huge gush of pee begins pouring down Danni's legs, as the nail lady looks on and puts her hands to her mouth in total shock!

My Loud & Messy Diaper Load     Date added: 14 November 2012
My Loud & Messy Diaper Load

I feel even more like I'm about to fill my diaper now, and more big farts are confirming that! But I don't want to let it out just yet - I want to play with my pussy as I fill my diaper!

Sophia's Huge Pissy Puddle     Date added: 13 November 2012
  Sophia's Huge Pissy Puddle

Suddenly a huge rush of pee gushes out in to her panties! Before she knows it the pee is pouring down her legs in fast flowing rivers snaking down from top to bottom.

Sliding On A Poop     Date added: 12 November 2012
Sliding On A Poop
Poop filled panties sliding on the floor
Turning around, Sophie sits her messy bottom down on the clean kitchen floor. "I'm such a dirty girl" Sophie tells you as she grinds her poopy butt against the floor, making her mess spread even further up the back of her panties.

Made To Stay in Your Messy Diaper     Date added: 10 November 2012



Made To Stay In
Your Messy Diaper

FIVE new Diapergirl Katie clips     Date added: 8 November 2012
FIVE new pee soaked diaper movies from Katie

Danni Pees In The Car     Date added: 7 November 2012
  Danni Pees In The Car

When Danni is locked inside the car by her Mother, she is not in the slightest bit amused, especially as her bladder is bursting and she's so desperate for a pee!

Wet & Dirty Nikki - Pissed ON & Pooped IN     Date added: 6 November 2012
Pissed ON & Pooped IN!

As I look down at how soggy my diaper is, my tummy begins to rumble and I know things are about to get a whole lot dirtier - but I'm loving it! I love that feeling when you suddenly feel uncomfortably full and you know you need to go - like right now.

Two Girl Pee Holding Contest     Date added: 5 November 2012
  Two Girl Pee Holding Contest

When Danni's friend comes over for a house warming celebration, she arrives pretty desperate to pee. She asks Danni where the bathroom is, but Danni has other ideas!

Sophie - Dirty Diaper Double     Date added: 4 November 2012



My Messy Diaper Accident
Today I'm so excited! Daddy's taking me to a movie and I'm planning some VERY sexy fun with him when we get home.

Your Messy Little Diaper Girl
When Sophie won't do her homework, you know the only way to be sure is to make her do it right in front of you.

Your Girlfriend Pisses Her Pants     Date added: 2 November 2012
Your Girlfriend Pisses Her Pants


You've gone round to your girlfriends house hoping for a bit of fun. Your disappointed to find that she's totally engrossed in a puzzle. You sit and watch her, but as you do your mind wanders. You imagine her getting so in to the puzzle that she forgets about even the simplest of things - like going to the bathroom when she needs to! You start to imagine her wetting herself, and sitting in a big pee puddle!

Snap, Crackle & Pop as dirty girls mess themselves!     Date added: 29 October 2012
Two dirty girls loudly mess their diapers
Two very naughty girls who love to wet and mess - so you can hear as well as see! Kitty farts
and blows her diaper up like a balloon, and Nikki crackles & gurgles after taking a laxative!

Ava Makes You Cum In Your Diaper     Date added: 28 October 2012
Ava Makes You Cum In Your Diaper

Realizing how much she turns you on when she's wearing diapers, Ava talks you into wearing one with her - although you really didn't need much persuading! Hot diaper fun with Ava has up until now just been a fantasy!

Desperate Sophia Pisses All Over Danni's Floor     Date added: 27 October 2012
Desperate Sophia Pisses
All Over Danni's Floor

Very cute new girl Sophia is totally desperate to pee and Danni is taking forever in the bathroom! Nothing helps - holding herself, bending, bouncing and even threatening to do it on the floor. Finally in a huge flood that's exactly what she does!

Nikki's Half Price Halloween Sale - including the new POOP OR TREAT!     Date added: 25 October 2012

Loads of Nikki's wet and poopy pants and diaper movies at half price.

Including the new movie...
Poop Or Treat!

Nikki is getting ready to go trick or treating, and decides she better wear a diaper in case she gets scared and wets herself. But before she's even finished her makeup, she already needs to go, and not just for a pee either! Never too good at holding on for long, Nikki is soon one very wet and messy (and excited!) little trick or treater! After pleasuring herself, Nikki decides on a great trick to play on someone if she doesn't get any candy!

We Need To Talk, But I Need To Pee!     Date added: 24 October 2012
  We Need To Talk, but...
I Need To Pee!

Lauren's boyfriend wants to talk about their relationship but she's desperate to pee and about to wet herself!

2 new sexy POV clips     Date added: 23 October 2012



You're A Little Dick Loser &
A Diaper Wearing Baby
Do You Have a Diaper On?

Kitty FARTS Up A Storm In Her Messy Diapers!     Date added: 22 October 2012
Farting & Messing in Her Diapers
Kitty farts up a storm from her cute little bottom as she happily enjoys herself pushing a
load of warm poop into her diapers. Kitty is a thoroughly dirty and smelly naughty girl!

Desperate Danni's Huge Pissy Puddle     Date added: 20 October 2012
  Danni's Huge Pissy Puddle

Danni has been busting for a pee all the way home from work! As she comes in the entrance to her apartment building, she's clutching frantically between her legs.

Pointy Pooped Panties     Date added: 18 October 2012
Pointy Pooped Panties

Sophie is lying on her bed in a pink tshirt and a little pair of crisp white panties, reading a book. She looks up and tells you how her book is very sexy and full of extremely naughty things! This starts her own naughty thoughts running through her head - thoughts of being dirty, thoughts of filling her panties with a hot and heavy load!

Kristy - Tied Up & Desperate     Date added: 16 October 2012
  Kristy - Tied Up & Desperate

Kristy is in the middle of a bondage shoot, and she desperately needs to pee! But with her hands tied up, we can see just from her face how badly she needs to go!

More wet diapers from cute little Ava     Date added: 14 October 2012
More wet diapers from cute little Ava
Ava is totally into wearing and wetting her diapers, and when she's all warm and wet
between her legs it's time to touch herself and tell you all about her wet adventures.

Nikki is back... Crinkly Diaper Totally Filled!     Date added: 11 October 2012
Crinkly Diaper Totally Filled
I wet and messed my new Super Dry Kids
When my Super Dry Kids Diapers arrived in the mail, I was more than excited! I immediately put one on, and you hear it crinkling even under my little black shorts. My pussy tingled at the thought of wetting and messing myself in it.

Nikki is back... Pissy Jeans Rule!     Date added: 10 October 2012
Four new hot tight jeans wetting clips from Nikki

Sophie Cums In Her Dirty Diaper     Date added: 9 October 2012
Sophie Cums In Her Dirty Diaper

You can see Sophie's diaper getting expanding, trying to hold this huge mess. It gets fuller and fuller and it's taking all you've got not to squirt a load of cum right across her dirty diapered bottom!

FOUR new Diapergirl Katie clips     Date added: 8 October 2012
FOUR new pee soaked diaper movies from Katie

Harmony's Drunk In The Bathtub!     Date added: 7 October 2012
  Harmony's Drunk In The Bathtub!

Harmony's flatmate comes home from watching football to find her drunk, and laying in the bathtub! All he wants to do is pee, but the splashing noise into the toilet makes her piss in her pants! Harmony is really very funny when she's drunk!

Sophie Enjoys Her Dirty Panties     Date added: 5 October 2012
Sophie Enjoys Her Dirty Panties

Sophie tells you how she's needed to poop for most of the day, and how she could have gone in the bathroom in her office. Being as naughty as she is though, she much preferred the thought of coming home and having dirty fun with you!

Ava's Humiliating Accident     Date added: 4 October 2012
Ava's Humiliating Accident
Tried to be a big girl but she wet herself!
Ava had been invited over to meet her boyfriends parents. Determined not to be introduced in a diaper, she had decided not to drink beforehand so she could wear panties under her jeans, with no chance of an embarrassing accident!

Morning Coffee & Poop     Date added: 3 October 2012
Morning Coffee & Poop
I'm not sure about you, but the strong coffee always wakes up something else for Annelise. Soon
she's clutching her tummy and before she knows it, her little white panties are filled with poop!

My Messy Diapered Enema     Date added: 2 October 2012
My Messy Diapered Enema

I ask you if you're ready and then squat down on the floor ready for this big release. Almost immediately I start to empty. It starts with a fart and then lots of squelching noises as everything is released in to my diaper.

Mandy's Sexy Diaper Soaking     Date added: 1 October 2012
Mandy's Sexy Diaper Soaking
She loves to wet and talk about it!
Climbing in to her bed, Mandy talks sexily to you about her diapers. She asks you what you would like to do with her if you were joining her in the bed, before coming close to the camera and giving you a sweet diaper girl kiss.

New girl Sophie loves to mess her panties & diapers     Date added: 27 September 2012
Very cute, very sexy & very dirty!
New poopy girl Sophie not only loves to wet and mess herself, but she loves to
talk about it too. It turns her on to know that she's turning you on too!

Two very original clips from new wet girl Lauren     Date added: 25 September 2012
Two very original clips from new wet girl Lauren

Wetting clips with something different
Lauren is sexy with a totally cute British accent
and these story lines have lots of originality.

Wetting From Fear
Thinking there is an intruder, Lauren pisses herself from fear!
Lauren Loses The Bet
After losing a bet, she must stand beside the bed and wet herself.

3 sexy new POV clips     Date added: 23 September 2012



Bedwetter Boy Back Into Diapers
Mommy's Pathetic Messy Diaper Boy
Mommy's Best Little Diaper Boy

TWO Dirty Diaper Girls     Date added: 20 September 2012
TWO Dirty Diaper Girls
Kitty and Katie are both very dirty baby girls who love nothing more than the feeling of
pushing a big warm smelly poop into their baby diapers!

Bus Stop Desperation Pee     Date added: 19 September 2012
Bus Stop Desperation Pee

Danni bounces around in desperation knowing she's never going to be able to hold on the 20 minutes until the next bus. She bounces, she grabs between her legs, she paces... but nothing is helping.

FOUR new Diapergirl Katie clips     Date added: 18 September 2012
FOUR new movies with lots of pee soaked diapers

Katie test out her new cute diaper
Katie takes a big long morning pee in her already wet diaper diaper to test out the cute new brand.

Heavy soaked diapers turn her on
Katie is slow to change as she loves the feel of a heavy diaper, but her pussy needs attention.

Katie wants you to watch her cum
Katie insists you watch as she masturbates inside her wet diaper, rubbing her clit until she cums.

Katie wets her pants at a sleepover
Katie changes in the bathroom after her accident, even though her diaper will be totally obvious!

Sun, Sand & Poop     Date added: 17 September 2012
Sun, Sand & Poop
Annelise shits herself on the beach
Sexy as ever and always the exhibitionist, Annelise poops her little white panties down at the beach, giving a full on masturbation performance while perched on an old tyre before baring her butt to a passing freight ship!

FOUR new pissy pants clips from Nikki     Date added: 16 September 2012
Four new pants wetting clips from Nikki

Nikki - Huggies Hot & Heavy     Date added: 13 September 2012
Huggies Hot & Heavy

My little Huggies are pretty tight around my bottom, this messy is so huge that there is hardly room for it all to fit! I have to push really hard, and as I do so, my diaper begins to bulge out at the back as it's filled more and more!

New COMBO deals from Danni, Katie & Abby     Date added: 10 September 2012
New COMBO discount deals
from Danni, Katie and Abby

Messy Garden Poop     Date added: 5 September 2012
Messy Garden Poop

Danni’s on holiday at her parent’s house in the country. They have the most beautiful garden and she’s enjoying the warm weather, smelling the flowers and relaxing in the hammock. She’s dressed for the weather in a little pair of shorts, some sandals and a little t-shirt. She swings in the hammock, relaxing and basking in the sunshine, but then she is suddenly struck by a terrible pain in her stomach!

Emma Desperate To Pee     Date added: 3 September 2012
Construction workers are in Emma's bathroom and she can't get in there, even though she is absolutely desperate to pee. She walks around her room, grasping between her legs, bouncing up and down, trying to keep her full bladder from overflowing.

New Katie & Abby wet diaper clips     Date added: 1 September 2012

Abby's Five Diaper Punishment
Abby is punished for soaking her bed again by being made to wear 5 diapers, all bulging and huge under her clothes.

Katie's New Panties
Katies been sent a pair of sexy little thong panties by an admirer, but she can't get them on over her bulging diaper.

Annelise Needs To Be Dirty!     Date added: 29 August 2012
Annelise Needs To Be Dirty

Annelise is a truly dirty girl with very dirty desires! Pooping her panties and making a mess is not just something she wants to do, it's something she NEEDS to do!

NEW desperation & wetting clips     Date added: 28 August 2012
New desperation & wetting clips
from Kristy, Harmony, Emma and Kitty

I Need A Fuck!     Date added: 26 August 2012
Abby grabs the next best thing - her purple teddy bear and straddles her legs over him! Abby rides the teddy, pumping her soaking wet diapered pussy in to him hard. She moans with pleasure at each thrust... After she gets her breath back, she shows you her Teddy Bear who is now as wet and soggy with her warm pee as she is!

MAKE US AN OFFER     Date added: 25 August 2012

If you want to order a bunch of clips that are not part of any existing combo discount, then feel free to tell us what they are and make us an offer. We will consider any reasonable and genuine request and get back to you asap with details on how to make your order.

So email Nikki to MAKE AN OFFER for movie discounts.

EIGHT new wetting & diaper clips from Nikki     Date added: 23 August 2012
Four new wet diaper clips & four new pants pissing clips from Nikki

Dirty Girl's Messy Diaper     Date added: 22 August 2012
Dirty Girl's Messy Diaper
"Uh Oh, Daddy's going to be cross."
Katie tries to hold it in. First by changing her position and then by trying to concentrate on her toys, but it's no good, the poopy is coming out! Katie feels the back of her diaper filling up with the warm squidgy smelly mess!

Ava Wets & Masturbates In Her Soggy Diaper     Date added: 21 August 2012

Ava looks up at you, a little worried expression forming on her face. "Please don't tell anyone about this, it's kind of embarrassing!"

OMG She's Pooped Herself!     Date added: 17 August 2012
OMG She's Pooped Herself!

Danni is looking forward to a night of hot sex with her boyfriend, and is keen to make a good impression, but things don't turn out quite the way she planned!

Drunk Girl Pisses Herself     Date added: 16 August 2012
  Drunk Girl Wets Herself

Harmony's flat mate arrives home to find a very drunk girl and a missing bottle of vodka! As she giggles and tries to follow the conversation, it's very obvious she has little control over herself. This is a sexy, but also hilariously funny clip!

Little Wet Laura     Date added: 14 August 2012

Laura really needs to pee, and the one of the reasons she loves her diapers so much is that she can just go where ever she feels like, and doesn't even have to stop what she's doing.

Abby Loves Her Bambinos     Date added: 12 August 2012
She Loves Her Bambinos

Abby has just got home from work and has one thing on her mind - diapers! She grabs a nice crinkly Bambino from the packet and lays a changing pad on top of her bed.

Two more new exclusive FlBabyGirls     Date added: 11 August 2012
TWO great new FlBabyGirls movies
Only available from Wet set

Diaper Boy Little League     Date added: 9 August 2012
Diaper Boy Little League

Mommy has come to watch your little league game, she spots you over with a group of your friends before the game starts, and you run over to her excitedly. Mommy tells you how proud she is going to be of you and that she hopes you don't disappoint her. You're determined to make mommy proud of her little boy. You look at mommy, even as the temperature soars, and the other spectators look like they are beginning to wilt already, Mommy looks so sexy!

New desperation & wet diaper clips     Date added: 8 August 2012
New desperation & wet diaper clips
from Danni, Abby, Kristy and Laura

She'd Look Hot In A Diaper!     Date added: 6 August 2012
Lindsey is the girl at the bank, the real estate agent that is showing you around a new house, the girl you've been subtly watching in the lingerie shop as your girl friend is in the fitting room. The girl you could only imagine seeing naked in nothing but a diaper!

Diaper Rash plus more...     Date added: 5 August 2012
EIGHT new movies including the popular "Diaper Rash"

The babysitter finds Katie has a rash
Very sexy movie in which Katie is changed by the babysitter with lots of lotion on her sore bottom.

Big Girl To Baby Girl
Katie shows how she makes the change from big girl to baby girl.
No Diapers!
Having used her last diaper last night, Katie ends up wetting herself.

Katie is packing her diapers & baby gear for a trip with her friends.
Playtime Interrupted
Baby playtime is rudely interrupted by a very soggy wet diaper.
Story Time
Katie gets very turned on telling a story about diapers & spanking.
While Daddy's Away
Left on her own, Kaite has a very special toy she likes to play with!

Mommy Puts You In Girly Pink Pampers!     Date added: 4 August 2012
Mommy Puts You In Girly Pink Pampers!

You've just come home from school, your pants are soaked and you plan to sneak by Mommy to go change them before she notices. Mommy has been getting very cross recently at all the accidents you've been having. She said the next time it happened You'd be so very sorry, and you know from past experience, when Mommy says something she means it!

Nikki - "I Pooped My Pants Again!"     Date added: 3 August 2012
I Pooped My Pants Again

But when a girl's got a poop bulge in her pants and a slippery wet pussy, she can only do that for so long before some serious masturbation is needed!

Eight New Clips From Nikki!     Date added: 30 July 2012
Four new wet diaper clips & four new pants pissing clips from Nikki

Wet Little Abby - 3 new clips     Date added: 26 July 2012
Abby is a very cute, petite and talkative adult baby girl, who loves to wear diapers of all kinds and can never resist her desire to wet them. Wetting her diapers is Abby's number one sexual turn on, and she's not shy telling you all about how much it excites her. Watch as Abby happily wets diapers and masturbates herself to numbing orgasms!

SEVEN new FlBabyGirls     Date added: 25 July 2012
SEVEN great new FlBabyGirls movies
Four only available from Wet set

Left Alone & Messy     Date added: 23 July 2012
Left Alone & Messy

Katie plays happily with her toys until she feels a strange feeling in her tummy. She wriggles around and touches her diapered bottom. "I need a..."

The Note - Daddy Knows Everything     Date added: 21 July 2012
  The Note
Daddy Knows Everything

Abby has just got home and gone to her bedroom to chat to some of her friends online. As she climbs on to her bed, she notices a little note, neatly folded on her pillow.

Mommy Babysitter POV     Date added: 20 July 2012


Mommies - Older Sisters - Babysitters - Aunts

This is a new section of Wet Set devoted to clips shown from the point of view (POV) of mommies, older sisters, girl cousins, babysitters, aunts etc who are looking after naughty boys who have wet their pants, peed the bed, messed themselves or otherwise been big babies!

If you don't know how to be a big boy & still have accidents, then you're going to have to wear a diaper like a baby!

So come here and be a good boy while Mommy changes you...

Dirty Date Shocks New Boyfriend     Date added: 18 July 2012

Danni shits her panties on a first date!
Then suddenly she feels what she'd started to dread. An uncontrollable urge to push! OMG I need the bathroom! I need to get to the bathroom so bad! I'm about to shit myself in my panties in front of my new boyfriend!

Laura's Sexy Diaper Soaking     Date added: 15 July 2012
Laura's Sexy Diaper Soaking

Cute new girl Laura shows off her love for diapers
"I couldn't wait to get home today. For the first time ever, I'd worn a diaper to work."

Messy Diaper Masturbation     Date added: 11 July 2012
I love the fact that you're watching me and my pussy is so excited from knowing so! Laying back
on my bed, I open my legs and slip my hand inside my messy diaper. As I slip my finger inside
my pussy, the very first touch makes me feel like I'm about to explode!

Naughty Girl Back Into Diapers     Date added: 3 July 2012
Naughty Girl Back Into Diapers

Naughty girls who wet their pants need to be diapered, and naughty girls who wet their diapers
on purpose and get caught touching their pussies need to be spanked!
"If only he knew how much I secretly enjoy it!"

Loading My Diaper     Date added: 2 July 2012
Nikki has filled her diaper again and shows us her new way to masturbate her throbbing pussy!
My bottom is just inches from you as I push out a huge big mess! The poop is firm and pushes against the back of my diaper, making it poke out at the back. My pussy is getting excited all over again, and I moan with pleasure as I reach around with my hand to feel what I've done.

Katie - Sexy Diaper Time     Date added: 1 July 2012
Sexy Diaper Time

Once completely naked, Katie stands in front of you, showing off her perfect body and amazing tits! She then reaches for a diaper and tells you that she wants to have fun with you today!

33 New Poopy Combo Specials!     Date added: 28 June 2012

33 great new combo offers on Nikki's poopy pants and diaper movies

TEN Bulging Diapers!     Date added: 26 June 2012
Nikki takes on the challenge to have the biggest diapered bottom ever!
After following a thread on the Wet Set Forums about who has the biggest diapered butt, Nikki decided to try it herself, squeezing her cute little bottom into no less than TEN diapers - her pussy all snug in very wet diaper number one!

Katie's Golden Diaper Shower!     Date added: 25 June 2012
  Katie's Steaming Diaper

Katie get's totally soaked inside her diaper and out, when her boyfriend gives her warm golden shower, a long hard stream of piss all over tits and down her front!

Nikki is VERY well diapered!     Date added: 24 June 2012
Well Diapered

After waking up with a totally soaked diaper bulging under her tiny pajama pants, Nikki goes through her morning change, only to thoroughly wet herself again! That's when she decides she more diapers - lots more!

Abby In Cloth Diapers     Date added: 23 June 2012
   Introducing ABBY
Cute & sexy new diaper girl

Abby In Cloth Diapers
  Abby can't wait to get into her thick cloth diapers. She's been looking forward all day to feeling the hot pee bubbling around her pussy, and to masturbate her pussy and fuck herself with her favorite vibrator. Abby is a total adult baby and diaper lover, who has been wearing and wetting diapers for years, and we hope to be seeing more of her in the future.  

THREE Dirty Diapers     Date added: 22 June 2012
Three new messy movies from Nikki and new amateur dirty diaper girl Amy

Poopy DVDs     Date added: 21 June 2012

Our best poopy pants and poopy diaper movies now on DVD

Wet Set's dirty and sexy poopy panties and poopy diaper movies are now available on DVD. Enjoy watching Nikki and Danni messing themselves with big poopy loads on the big screen in the comfort of your lounge room!

Katie's First Diaper Enema     Date added: 20 June 2012
  Katie's First Diaper Enema

First comes a loud, very wet sounding, extremely long fart! Then lots and lots of bubbling and crackling as the cause of Katies tummy pains is expelled in to her diaper!

Nikki - Filled & Filthy     Date added: 15 June 2012
Filled and Filthy

There is nothing hotter than roaming around the house with a huge load of shit in my panties!

Two messy diaper girls!     Date added: 13 June 2012
Two great messy diaper movies from our resident big babies Nikki and Katie.
Katie tosses up whether to mess her diaper in front of her boyfriend - the other part of me is screaming out "this is your biggest fantasy!" AND Nikki fills her diaper after Mommy put her in the playpen for being naughty!

SIX new movies from sexy diapergirl Katie     Date added: 11 June 2012
Diapergirl Katie
SIX new wet (& one messy) amateur movies
from sexy diapergirl Katie

Nikki - Plastic Over Pampers     Date added: 9 June 2012
Plastic Over Pampers

Daddy agreed I could still wear the pullups so long as I wore my baby pants over the top in case of leaks.

Mandy's Introduction To Diapers     Date added: 7 June 2012
Introduction to Diapers

On fast re-wind for a bit, this movie goes back to when Mandy was first experimenting with various diapers and the different brands, and still figuring out which ones worked and felt the best for her.

Katie needs diapers!     Date added: 5 June 2012
Katie is one of those rare genuine ABDL girls who has successfully trained herself to wet without any warning. She has worn diapers for so long for enjoyment and sexual pleasure that she now has to wear them all the time - night and day!

Katie's Wet Diaper
Katie Getting Ready

TEN new pissing, wetting & desperation clips!     Date added: 2 June 2012
Wetting & Desperation
TEN new amateur pissing, wetting & desperation
clips from sexy wet girls Bea, Danielle, Amy & Susperia!

See Through Poo (WARNING!)     Date added: 29 May 2012
See Through Poo

WARNING: I've been a very dirty girl this time, so only look if you're a dirty girl or boy too!
This is something I've been wanting to try for ages - wetting & pooping myself in clear plastic pants!

Mandy - Day 3 In Diapers     Date added: 28 May 2012
  MANDY - 7 Days In Diapers
Day Three

Today Mandy is home alone, feeling sexy, and up for having loads of diapered fun with you!

Danni's Bulging Bikini     Date added: 27 May 2012
Danni's Bulging Bikini

It had been a hot day and Danni had spent the morning swimming in the river with friends. As she'd laid tanning in her white bikini her tummy had started to rumble and she began to feel the urge to poop.

17 new pissing, wetting & desperation clips!     Date added: 26 May 2012
Wetting & Desperation
SEVENTEEN new amateur pissing, wetting & desperation
clips from sexy wet girl Bea!

Pampers, Plastic, Pussy & Poop     Date added: 25 May 2012
Pampers, Plastic, Pussy & Poop

Laid on my bed in a cute little hello kitty vest and real baby pampers, I'm reading a VERY scary book. So scary in fact that I'm sure I might mess my pampers!

Follow Nikki on Twitter     Date added: 23 May 2012

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Sexy In Black     Date added: 16 May 2012


Nikki is looking seriously HOT in her sexy short little black dress and thigh high black socks. Every time she bends over, you can catch a glimpse of her panties- at first all clean and hugging her cute little bottom, but then all bulging and heavy and messy!

EIGHT new amateur wetting & desperation clips     Date added: 12 May 2012
Wetting & Desperation
EIGHT new amateur wetting & desperation clips have
been added to our Amateur Showcase section

Danni Does It Again!     Date added: 10 May 2012
Dirty At Dinner

Danni has done it in her panties again, and this time the result is an even dirtier & sexier movie than her first one.

Just Do It In A Diaper     Date added: 4 May 2012
Just Do It In A Diaper

I need to go to the bathroom so bad, it feels like my poop is right there wanting to come out. My tummy hurts really bad. I pull my panties down and sit on the toilet, but it doesn't matter how hard I push, the poopy is so big that I just cant get it out!

Patches 56     Date added: 1 May 2012

PATCHES 56  - Let It Go...Anywhere

“Let It Go... Anywhere” features Beth, Georgia, Mela, and Vicktoria. There are 21 scenes plus 3 blooper scenes in this 90-minute movie. Featured is plenty of intentional peeing anywhere the girls happen to be when they feel the need.

The result is repeated wetting in their pants, panties, tights, skirts, dresses, in their beds, on the floor, in public, and in private. Masturbation and a nude peeing scene is also included. The first blooper is especially humorous when you listen to what Mela tells Beth when she thinks the mic is off.

Dirty Danni's Poopy Panties     Date added: 27 April 2012
Dirty Danni's Poopy Panties

An orgasmic poop filled epic from new girl Danni - a squishy, sliding poop show of filled panties, filthy fingers and messy masturbation! Dirty Danni's first of what we hope will be many poopy pants movies.

A Morning In Bulging Panties     Date added: 11 April 2012
A Morning In Bulging Panties

What came out of me was so huge that my panties couldn't even take it all and some of the poop fell out of the side and onto the floor! I felt like I had the weight of a brick pulling down on my once clean, white panties!

EIGHT new pants pissing & wet diaper clips     Date added: 10 April 2012
Four new wet diaper clips & four new pants pissing clips

Nikki's Half Price Easter Sale     Date added: 29 March 2012

Loads of Nikki's wet and poopy pants and diaper movies at half price.
Including the brand new My Dirty Assignment!

Dirty Office Girl     Date added: 27 March 2012
Dirty Office Girl

Have you ever fantasized about that cute girl at work who wears the short skirts and sometimes flashes her panties? Have you ever wondered what those cute panties would look like filled up with poop?

Sleepy Pee & Poop     Date added: 23 March 2012

You all know that I wet myself in my sleep regularly, and always have, but pooping in your sleep is something else!

Jeans pissy wet, or...
jeans full & poopy!
    Date added: 19 March 2012
Great new movie from Nikki in two versions to suit everyone

Low Hanging Huggies     Date added: 11 March 2012
Low Hanging Huggies

The feeling of a full diaper, swollen with warm pee and loaded with a big poop, hanging low from the weight between my thighs... ahhhh!! Don't you just love that feeling?

ELEVEN more FlBabygirl diaper movies!     Date added: 8 March 2012
ELEVEN more FlBabyGirl movies added to Wet Set

Pirouette Poop     Date added: 5 March 2012
Nikki fills her ballet costume!

Pirouette Poop
  I hope you like my cute ballet costume. It was very pretty when I first put it on, but by the time I totally peed and pooped myself in it... maybe not so pretty but oh so sexy! You can imagine what effect being all dirty in my ballet outfit was having on my pussy! Even just the thought of it makes me wet, let alone actually doing it. I had the bestest orgasm!  

Filled To The Max!     Date added: 1 March 2012
Filled To The Max

Without a doubt, this is Nikki's hottest, sexiest and cutest pants pooping movie to date!

EIGHT new pants pissing & wet diaper clips     Date added: 29 February 2012
Four new wet diaper clips & four new pants pissing clips

The Latest Sneaky Pee Titles Availble for Download from Wet Set!     Date added: 26 February 2012

The latest Sneaky Pee releases are now available for download from Wet Set!

Sneaky Pee is the home of outdoor desperation and watersports. The movies contain plenty of pissing in public, pissing from desperation, peeing in the street and outdoors, pissing close ups and girls bursting to pee. The girls are real and just love to be caught out in public.

Diapers How You Like them - your choice!     Date added: 24 February 2012
Diapers How You Like Them

You get to choose!

This movie is in two versions, so you can see what you like - soaking wet or soaking wet AND poopy!

Saving on All Nikki Special hits $700!     Date added: 22 February 2012

That's right - for $299 you get $1000 worth of movies!

Save on Nikki movies by purchasing in groups of two, three or four
Or even buy all all of Nikki's movies at a massive discount!


Playground Diaper Poop     Date added: 19 February 2012
Nikki's filled her diaper again!

Playground Diaper Poop
  It's a nice sunny day and I'm in the garden playing on the swing set. I was told to go to the bathroom before going out to play, and I really was going to, honest!, but in all the excitement I just forgot! As I was playing I realized I'd forgotten, but it was such a long way back to the house and I didn't think I'd make it back anyway cos I really needed to go wees and poopies.  

Poop In A Pee Shoot!     Date added: 17 February 2012
Poop In A Pee Shoot

This movie started out as a short wetting clip, but the camera man got more than he bargained for this time!

HD Wetting Movies Now Available for Download     Date added: 14 February 2012

HD Wetting brings you hot young wetters filmed in high definition! These girls genuinely love to get wet & wild! Each title features plenty of desperation, daring public wetting, sexy golden showers, pissy panties and girl-on-girl action.

Take a look at the five new HD Wetting titles now available for download from Wet Set!

FOUR new WET diaper clips     Date added: 7 February 2012
Four great new diaper wetting clips from Nikki!

Poopy Pants Girl Gets Diapered     Date added: 3 February 2012
Poopy Pants Girl Gets Diapered

Starring Nikki (and the ghost!) Naughty girls who still dirty their pants should be put back in diapers!

DESPERATION!     Date added: 27 January 2012

Two clips of female desperation in superb quality resolution.

Dirty In The Dark     Date added: 21 January 2012
Dirty In The Dark

This is a very special movie & for a very special reason! When I made it I didn't do it for anyone else except ME!

Shitty Little Shorts     Date added: 13 January 2012

I've been a very bad girl again, and done another huge poopy in my tight little shorts!

How I Told My Girlfriend     Date added: 2 January 2012
How I Told My Girlfriend

One night Autumn and her somewhat new girlfriend Cindy were fooling around in bed, discussing their turn ons and kinks. After teasing and testing Cindy a bit to see how receptive she'd be, Autumn brings up that she enjoys diapers.

My Huge Panty Poop     Date added: 23 December 2011
My Huge Panty Poop

Any of you dirty boys want to see the biggest shit I ever did in my pants?

Wet Girl May     Date added: 21 December 2011

May is a very sweet and petite Asian girl who loves to wet - her jeans, panties and especially those cute little pink shorts!

PantyPoop now at Wet Set!     Date added: 19 December 2011

The sexy girls from come to Wet Set!

These are the dirtiest girls ever, with their panties full and poopy, from the original and legendary site, the source of some of the most famous and popular panty-pooping photos and movie clips on the internet.

Dirty Baby on the Changing Table     Date added: 16 December 2011

Ok, so now you all know just how much of a baby I really am - I still have my diapers changed on a changing table!

Three NEW FlBabyGirls clips     Date added: 10 December 2011
Three great new clips of sexy diapered girls

Night Out Diapered - Bedwetters Week - Moving Diapers
Three wonderful new clips of big baby girls who need to be diapered, of the same excellent quality you've come to expect from FlBabyGirls.

Fucked With Poopy Panties     Date added: 4 December 2011

I think I've nearly wanked myself to death - this is serious ball-ache inducing heaven!! ukrover

Patches 55     Date added: 28 November 2011

PATCHES 55  - I Want To Wet Myself

Patches 55 is called “I Want to Wet Myself” and features Beth, Georgia, Mela, Vicktoria and a new girl, Kitty. The movie preview above focuses on Kitty in the beginning so you get to see and hear her in action. There are 37 scenes plus a blooper scene in this 89-minute movie. This movie features pants wetting, panty wetting, pantyhose wetting, skirt wetting, dress wetting, public peeing and masturbation, a golden shower, plus many humorous situations with intentional naughtiness.

NEW Nikki Clips     Date added: 22 November 2011
See Nikki in her cute ballet costume, pissing her panties and pooping her diaper & jeans.

Bumblepee Poop Fairy
Nikki's Poopy Jeans

25 Miss Piss Clips!     Date added: 16 November 2011

25 Miss Piss Clips!

Join Miss Piss as she shares her life long love of wetting, pissing and masturbating herself. Watch her pee her pants in lots of different clothes or openly piss wherever she feels like it. Just about every situation imaginable is covered over 25 different clips, some including her friends. Miss Piss loves to be wet!

Nikki is back!     Date added: 10 November 2011
Nikki is back with some hot new wet & dirty movies, with lots more on the way soon!

Dirty Little Slave Girl
Size 7 Pampers Poop

Young Pee Girls Clip Sets     Date added: 10 October 2011

The hot young models of Young Pee Girls are
now appearing in clip sets of varying length
and prices. Check them out!

WET & MESSY GUYS!     Date added: 15 September 2011
See handsome MEN Piss & Poop!

Powerful, Handsome, Sexy young men pissing and pooping - in their pants and on each other!

Miss Piss     Date added: 1 September 2011

Featuring home made videos of
a sexy wife pissing her pants, wetting her jeans, urinating in public, golden showers all over herself and lots more! She's very horny and she needs to pee!

FlBabyGirls now at Wet Set     Date added: 20 August 2011

Real girls, real diapers, really wetting themselves!

The sexy girl on girl adult baby and diaper lover movies from FlBabyGirls are now available from Wet Set.
Check out the preview clips and photos as we add more movies regularly.

Wet & Dirty Diaper Sex     Date added: 15 July 2011
Nikki's hottest & sexiest
poopy diaper clip ever!

Wet & Dirty Diaper Sex
  Nikki wets and fills her diaper to the max and then wants to be fucked! Getting on my hands and knees on the bed I pushed out a huge messy load. I could feel my diaper filling and knew it was bulging out right in front of his eyes. I was aware how bad it smelled, but I didn't care. This was the hottest thing ever and my pussy was throbbing too much to care about anything else!"  

Nikki poops in public!     Date added: 17 June 2011
Nikki Poops In Public

Nikki poops her snug fitting Pampers pullup in a crowded supermarket... and gets caught!

Loads of new special offers!     Date added: 12 June 2011

Save on Nikki movies by purchasing in groups of two, three or four
Or even buy all all of Nikki's movies at a massive discount!


Nikki fucked in poopy pants!     Date added: 31 May 2011

Nikki gets so turned on after pooping her panties she can't wait to feel her boyfriend's cock inside her!
Wii and Poop
Nikki wets & fills her leggings while playing on her Nintendo Wii

Nikki's poopy pants
and diaper specials!
* For a limited time only*

ALL 13 poopy diaper clips
ALL 15 poopy pants clips
ALL 32 of Nikki's clips

Sitting on a Poop
I so love that feeling of sitting down on a huge load of poop!

Young Pee Girls     Date added: 24 May 2011
First Timers

Couple young hard bodies that are tanned like beach babes, with full bladders that produce accidents and you get hot looking girls who are wetting their pants for the first time. The experience of warm pee running through their panties, pants and shorts and down their legs is new to these girls and they are not always sure how to react to these sensations.

Sneaky Pee 29-31     Date added: 8 May 2011
SNEAKY PEE 29 to 31

Three fabulous new movies from Sneaky Pee. Lots and lots of gorgeous girls pissing in the great outdoors - panties down, pee streaming from between their beautiful thighs, pissy puddles around their feet - what could be hotter?

Barbie Shits Her Panties     Date added: 29 April 2011

Barbie is dressed and ready for a day out. What she isn't expecting though is for a huge poopy to be on its way out too!

Lily Wets in YOUR bathroom!     Date added: 15 April 2011
Lily Wets Herself In YOUR Bathroom!

Lily has come to visit and is to obey your every command! Being able to use the toilet when ever she's wanted is one thing that Lily learns she has always taken for granted!

Nikki - Poopy panties & dirty diapers!     Date added: 24 March 2011
Clean Hair, Dirty Panties

Nikki fills her panties with poop while washing her hair! Why am I such a bad dirty girl?
Dirty Diaper Girl

Nikki shares her most closely guarded secret - pooping a baby diaper in her bedroom in the afternoon!

Mandi - Diapered, Wet & Horny     Date added: 13 March 2011
Mandi - Diapered, Wet & Horny

"I just can't describe how wonderful it feels when my hot pee gushes into my diaper, pooling in the front around my pussy like a rising tide and rushing down between my legs and under my butt. Girls who never try wetting a diaper just don't know what they're missing. There is only one solution when I feel like this - reach for my vibrator and bring myself to another super wet orgasm!"

Baby Nikki's Dirty Bottom     Date added: 11 March 2011
Sexy new poopy diaper clip!

Baby Nikki's Dirty Bottom
  A big poop in her diaper and a massive pee at the same time makes for one very dirty and messy girl! "I pissed so hard when the poopy came out that you can actually hear it through all the padding! With all that hot pee flooding through the poop, it felt like my pussy and bum were swimming in one huge floating mess!"  

PATCHES 54 - Wetting Games     Date added: 5 March 2011

PATCHES 54  - Wetting Games

Patches 54 is called “Wetting Games” and features Beth, Mela, Vicktoria and Georgia. We have risen to the challenge in Patches 54 and provided original content from our wild imaginations that has not been tried elsewhere. There are 33 scenes in this 91-minute movie plus outtakes and a blooper scene. This movie is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format and features pants wetting, panty wetting, public peeing, accidents, deliberate naughty wetting, peeing games and contests, humorous situations, a golden shower, peeing stunts, and much more. In addition to the usual clothing like jeans, dresses, skirts, and panties, we have included special clothing like bib overalls, terrycloth outfits, a jumpsuit and pantyhose.

Nikki - I Shit My Shorts!     Date added: 2 March 2011

What might be the first thing a dirty girl would think of when she got a new pair of light blue stretch denim shorts for Christmas? Hmm - I wonder what it would feel like to fill these with a big poopy? Well today I found out what it would feel like - very, very nice! I was a bad girl again and filled my new shorts with poopy, and then made a big mess and played with myself!

I started by wetting myself, and you can see how new my shorts are by the way the pee pee bubbles through the fabric in lots of little drops and streams. I doubt I even own a pair of pants that I haven't wet myself in, and I love christening the new ones, especially when I need to poop too. After my shorts were lovely and warm and wet, it was time to be dirty. I turned my back to the camera and started to push - yum, what a feeling! The poopy eased it's way out of my bum to settle snugly in a big lump in the back of my shorts. I so love that warm feeling when it spreads sideways a little over by bum cheeks. By this time I was totally turned on, so I did what any dirty girl would do - I squished the poopy everywhere, even sliding back and forth on the floor in my pee pee puddle, spreading the mess all over myself. Then how could I resist - I just gotta get my fingers between my legs - I need to cum!

Downloads for iPhones     Date added: 25 February 2011

Starting with Nikki's latest movie on March 3, we are now offering MP4 format for iPhones (and other compatible phones) as one of the choices for download purchases.

Movies which are available in this format will have it clearly stated in the product description.

We would very much welcome feedback about this from customers:

Is it a good idea?
Is the encoding quality sufficient?
Is the file size too big, or too small?
Are there any past movies you would like to
see re-encoded for the iPhone?

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions or questions, please contact Paul.

Nikki - Pampers puffy with poop!     Date added: 20 December 2010
Pampers Puffy with Poop

Nikki masturbates to orgasm in her swollen and puffy poop filled diaper! What a dirty baby!

Jorana 11 - wet girls!     Date added: 1 December 2010

Jorana 11 features Alicia, Dani,and Jess in their first ever wet video. Watch these three young American amateurs pee on themselves and each other. An amazing twenty-five scenes of hot wet fun with great dialogue and a real wetter amateur feel from start to finish!

THREE new poopy panty clips from Nikki     Date added: 26 November 2010
Nikki has done THREE wonderful new clips, with her panties bulging with a big load of poopy!
  So Much For Homework
Why read a book when I can fill my panties!

Toilets Are For Good Girls
Bad girls like me do it in their clothes instead!

Dirty Laundry
Make that VERY dirty laundry!

Wet Baby Mandi     Date added: 12 November 2010
Wet Baby Mandi

Hi, my name is Mandi and I've always had this dirty little secret desire of wanting to wear diapers and wet them since I was a teenager.

I've always felt very sexy wearing a diaper and when I wet them I feel even more turned on. People look at me as a good girl, but secretly I have a naughty side to me and wearing diapers brings that out. When I met Jay, he had no idea about my secret until one day he visited me unexpectedly when I was having a little alone time fun. I had forgotten to lock the back door and he just came in as he usually did and found me on the couch in front of the TV wearing a wet diaper! Needless to say I had some explaining to do.

Buy downloads without a credit card     Date added: 5 November 2010

Are you interested in buying a download from Wet Set but don't have a credit card - or are worried about using your credit card on the internet, or more specifically on an adult website?

Wet Set has been accepting credit card payments for over 15 years, and using your credit card is safer now than it ever has been. Together with the banks, Visa and Mastercard have added loads more security features recently, so it's almost impossible for your card details to fall into the wrong hands.


Fortunately we have a large range of online payment alternatives to credit cards.
You will find these options on our checkout page, along with a brief description.

If none of these are suitable, email Paul or Nikki for online payment alternatives

The old fashioned way!

It may be a bit old fashioned, and somewhat slower, but it works - sending cash in the mail! We will accept any currency, and all you have to do is write your email address on a sheet of paper along with the name or product code of what you want to see, fold the cash inside it (notes only of course) and put it in an envelope. You can use Google conversion to find the amount in your own currency, and then round it to the nearest amount that does not include coins. When we receive your order we will contact you by email with instructions on how to download it.

You can send the envelope to: WSP, PO Box 392, Turramurra NSW 2074, Australia

Loads of Loads!!     Date added: 20 October 2010

Lots of new panty and diaper pooping clips from Nikki

Nikki continues to show us what a truly dirty girl she is with FIVE new messy movies. "Messing myself is something I have enjoyed for a long time, and it's my biggest turn on ever - there is nothing to beat the feeling of a huge poopy in my pants or nappy. I really enjoy making these movies and I hope everyone enjoys watching them." Love Nikki

Amateur Showcase     Date added: 6 October 2010
Amateur Showcase

This is a new area of our website where regular girls into diapers, wetting or pooping, are invited to upload their homemade movie clips. There are lots of regular girls out there who've been hiding deep secrets about what they get up to in private - maybe the one who works in the next office, or maybe the girl who served you at the bank! Luckily for us, some of them have decided to come out of the closet and share their secrets with us, and we hope to get lots more in the near future.

Nikki gets fucked!!     Date added: 10 September 2010
Wet, Spanked & Fucked!


A naughty wet girl soaked in her own pee needs to be punished, spanked and... fucked! WARNING: This movie contains actual sex scenes.

I was a very naughty girl yesterday, and I got found out! I decided I wanted to lie down on my bed (still covered in pee stains from the previous week!) and wet myself. I don't know why, but I just need to do it and always have. When I feel I need to pee I just have to do it in my pants - feel the warmth flowing over my mini and running down between my legs to soak my bum and my back. This time I wet myself so much that my panties became totally see through! I love to lie in it, and roll in it, get my hair all wet and my tits too - I love to look at the wet pee pee patch and smell what I've done and touch myself. It turns me on so much that I have to put my hand between my legs and rub my throbbing mini. BUT... this time I was discovered being a dirty girl! I got my butt smacked really hard for being so bad, while my face was pushed into the pee soaked bed. It hurt like hell, but excited me too! Even though I got to cum after the spanking, it still wasn't enough, and I needed more. What happened next was never meant to be part of the movie, but I needed it, and there was no time to turn the camera off! In the end I decided to leave that part in, and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed getting it!

Nikki Fills Her Panties     Date added: 9 September 2010

 This is for all of you who love to see the poopy slowly pushing it's way out into my panties and filling them up into a big bulge. Cos this time I'm wearing a pair of tight white cotton panties and the bulge forming in them is really clear and obvious! I've reenacted another game for you from when I was younger, and for those of you wondering - yes, I REALLY did this kind of thing! It's almost mind blowing now to think I'm showing everyone something that at the time was the biggest secret ever, and caused me a fair amount of guilt and fear of getting discovered. Anyway, I'm on my way home and cos there are friends staying over I haven't had any time to myself for days. So there's only one option left to play my dirty little games, and you're gonna see what it is!

Members Area Updates     Date added: 6 September 2010

Nikki's Dirty Diaper     Date added: 2 September 2010

 I'd been eating lots and holding my poopy for several days, so I could do a really big load in my diaper. I nearly lost it a couple of times, and once even made a little poopy stain on my panties, but luckily the urge went away and I could keep holding on. I love it when I can do a really big poopy cos one of the best parts is feeling it spread sideways over my bum cheeks, all warm and sticky. That is such a turn on! And I love how it makes my diaper feel heavy, so it hangs down slightly between my thighs - especially after I do a big wee in it too. Mmmmmm! This poopy was one of the biggest I've done in ages and it felt wonderful. I had to lie down on the floor right where I was and play with myself. I love filling my diaper so much I don't think I'll ever be able to stop!

New DVDs from Patches     Date added: 31 August 2010
39 scenes including 31 hot looking girls openly pissing in the great outdoors with their panties down and their wet pussies all exposed. See the girls pissing up big puddles in just about every situation you can imagine.
Mikki & Sammy go
on Vacation
HD Wetting has provided a lot of value in this DVD!  First, you get 28 scenes with Mikki & Sammy on a very wet vacation trip.  Then you get 22 more scenes in a selection of public wetting videos for a total of 160 minutes of soaking wet fun!

Two new POOPY MOVIES from Nikki     Date added: 27 August 2010


 I really love the feeling of waking up in a soggy wet diaper, but it's even better when I feel that I need to do a poopy as well. It just makes me feel so babyish and brings back lots of wonderful memories. I love the warm feeling of the wet diaper bunched snugly between my legs and the full feeling in my bottom. I know I should be a big girl and get out of bed, but the desire to just lay there and let the poopy fill up the back of my diaper is just too strong. I know it's a dirty thing to do, but once the tingly feeling starts in my mini I can't help myself, and I have to do it. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. I'm a dirty baby and I always will be.
 When I decided to make a movie of me pooping in my jeans, I never thought I would get so messy! I started as I usually do, enjoying the feeling of the poopy slowing pushing it's way into my panties. I love how it feels when the poopy is half out and pressing against the back of my panties. It's such a turn on to leave it like that for as long as possible before the warm bulge forms and spreads sideways over my bum. But this time some of the poopy came out of my panties and into my jeans and I got all messy between my legs. I could feel my jeans sticking to me and I knew I was totally covered in poop! But I'm such a bad dirty girl that all I could think about was touching myself and masturbating to orgasm!

New Release - PATCHES 53!     Date added: 24 August 2010

PATCHES 53  - I'm Pregnant! I Need to Pee!

Featuring Beth, Mela, Vicktoria and a new girl, Georgia. There are 40 scenes in this 91-minute movie. It is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format and features pants wetting, panty wetting, public peeing, accidents, intentional naughtiness, watersports games, humorous situations, golden showers, peeing stunts, and much more. See what the Patches' Place girls have been up to lately as they support Mela's pregnant condition!

I AM TOILET - NEW JEANS POOPING CLIPS     Date added: 17 August 2010

I Am Toilet clips feature POV pooping and scat play presented by a sexy Mistress.

These videos are dedicated to Pooping-in-Jeans lovers; they are custom made and My first messy jeans films ever! They turned out to be a playful, sexy and very enjoyable experience for My twisted mind. These clips are a visual and audible delight for those who appreciate a beautiful female form in tight, messy jeans."

NAPPY GIRL'S Diaper Lovers 4 Now Available!     Date added: 16 August 2010


The newest title from Nappy Girl stars Harmony, Ayla, Katie, Suzie, Allyssa and Gemma and Foxy -  that's seven sexy British diaper lovers!
They love to wear diapers and fill them to the brim with hot pee!
Diaper Lovers 4 features lots of sexy diaper wetting, open peeing, desperation and masturbation.

Wet Set 15 Year Anniversary DVD     Date added: 30 July 2010

Wet Set 15 Year Anniversary DVD.
A collector's must have DVD with 300 photosets spanning from Issue 41 to Issue 56 (that's over 18,000 photographs!)

"Our last CD took you to 2005, so here are the next five years of Wet Set, starting at Issue 41 and taking you all the way to Issue 56 and the year 2010. This icludes 14 messy sets from your favourite Wet Set poopers, plus more pissing and diapered photos than you will know what to do with!" Jackie McMillan

Wet Set Issue 57 Now Available!     Date added: 26 July 2010

Get behind the LAST regular issue of Wet Set Magazine! It doesn’t get much cuter than our pint-sized peeing cover girl, Faye, though ‘Posh Princess’ Jada’s got a certain style. Plus there’s down-to-earth sweet toothed Twyla (our back cover diapered babe) plus Aussie newcomers Prue & Misty; European hotties Maxie, Lila, Ivanka & Zuzana; and a genuine American reader, Hazel. Aussie returnees, Cheri & Lizzie, look great!

This is probably your last chance to enjoy Wet Set, so


NEW PHOTOSETS AND CLIPS AVAILABLE!     Date added: 5 July 2010


We have just added over fifty new photosets of sexy drenched and diapered Wet Set girls to the shopping cart!


New clip sets available - pissy panties, adult baby girls and sexy diaper lovers!

Nikki's New Poopy Movie     Date added: 25 June 2010

 Thursday afternoons were always really special for me... cos that's when I had the house to myself. I'd think about it all day at school and wriggle in my chair and plan what I was going to do. Sometimes I'd get into bed with my school clothes on and suck my thumb while I wet myself. Other times I'd wee my pants a little bit in my bedroom and then walk around the house enjoying the feeling of my wet pants... before wetting myself completely... pretending I was having an accident in front of my friends.

But the best days were when I needed to do a POOPIE... just like I do now!

FEMININE ANARCHY 3 RELEASED!     Date added: 30 May 2010
"When two friends asked if they could use my warehouse as a set for a twisted lesbian fairy tale for an upcoming issue of an Australian dyke magazine, I did not know how fortuitous it would be. Amidst a cacophony of flamboyant men painting, coiffing and spraying voluminous clouds of hair spray over near-nude ladies was a golden-haired minx taking light readings. She emitted a calm energy amongst the chaos, apologising for the destruction of our home, and explained that she usually works alone - doing makeup and shooting her own models. Her name was Cat O'Nine Tails. Half way through watching Cat work with two ladies not used to being photographed in flagrante delicto, I was sold on the idea of her shooting for Wet Set Magazine. The resulting photos bring a fresh, youthful perspective to the third volume of this unique series of books, featuring Annah, Cheri, Elkie, Faye, Wila, Rhiannon, Fran, Lora, Jada and Christie."

Feminine Anarchy 3 is a hard-cover, coffee-table Art Book featuring photographs of your favourite Wet Set models pissing both indoors and outdoors, in their panties, and openly, in their beds and through their clothes.

This Art Book comes printed in English, German and French and contains 130 pages printed in full colour. Don't miss out on this special opportunity to own Wet Set’s third hard-cover Art Book.

WET & DIRTY NIKKI     Date added: 20 December 2009



You might already know Nikki, our resident WebCam Girl. She's a lifestyle wet & messy girl who loves to fill her panties and diapers with pee and poopy. She's created a series of clips to show you what she likes best - getting soaked, dirty and sexy!
"Hi, my name’s Nikki. I’m just a regular girl with a bit of a secret -  I love to be a dirty girl as often as I can! I was a real bedwetter into my teens and secretly enjoyed wetting and messing my pants whenever I was alone in the house. My fantasies have always involved wetting my bed or panties,  filling my knickers with lots of  poopy and being put in nappies. I have made a series of clips myself showing the things I get up to when I am on my own and feeling naughty. I want to share my most intimate moments with you - when I'm home alone and feeling sexy, these are the naughty, dirty things I get up to! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I love making them."

Click here for previews




Patches 52 NOW AVAILABLE!     Date added: 15 December 2009

New Patches Release Now Available!

Patches 52 is called 'The Great Pumpkin Search' and features Beth, Mela and Vicktoria. During the first half of this 90 minute video, the girls search for the 'Great Pumpkin', which is a pumpkin with a stem that is just the right size and shape to rub against their clits while they pee on pumpkins! Listen to crazy dialogue and watch wild antics as the girls visit pumpkin patches, Halloween displays, and make plans for their own Halloween parties. The second half includes fun fall activities as the girls discuss their enjoyment pants wetting, how to get a guy hard and various intentional peeing scenes. Two guys get golden showers and one of them is at a busy street location. You will see Vicktoria challenge you to pee your pants with her. You will watch Mela get kicked out of a wading pool and then pee her pants on the side of the pool while the guard is a few feet away. You will catch Mela and Beth dressed as adult babies playing in a park and wetting their sleepers. There are 35 scenes plus 3 blooper scenes. This movie is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format.


Wet Set Magazine Issue #56 Out Now!     Date added: 9 November 2009

What makes a Wet Set girl appeal to you? The most common answer to that question is that she looks like the girl-next-door. So issue 56 is a tribute to that sexy, young Miss who lives on YOUR street. She’s the girl you see every day at the bus stop; or the one who was in the queue behind you in the post office stepping from foot to foot as she waited, clearly in need of a toilet! We’ve searched far and wide across the globe and I think you’ll agree that this bunch of girls are special. From the USA there’s Sophy, a real life wetter. I have a soft spot for Rhiannon, a saucy British wetter, however you might prefer one of her countrywomen including cover girls Rosy and Christie, or Harmony, Ayla and Verity-Rose. We also have a very sexy Aussie girl called Reina who is colourful, quirky and really enjoys wetting and wearing nappies in natural Australian settings! Speaking of nappies, meet Lilly and Tiesha for the first time; as well as Wet Set favourite Antonia. Messier fans will be happy to hear that there are three new poopers - Magdalene, Lizzie and Ryba. That’s almost fifteen... so who am I missing? Ah Barbie - she’s such a cutie, how could I forget her? Phew!


Lots of Lolly!     Date added: 19 October 2009

Lolly Badcock became a favourite here at Wet Set when we saw her stunning performance in Sneakypee 14. In the now infamous scene, Lolly squatted in a very public phonebox and unleashed a massive geyser of pee across the glass. Her audacity and truly incredible pissing talents have assured her a place in our hearts! We're even more excited to see she has not one but three new titles out in the Glimpse range of movies (available through Patches' Place). Each DVD features lots of hardcore, sexy, wet action - and more pee than even Lolly can handle...well, almost!

Lolly not only excels in pissing, she also loves to wear and wet in diapers. Toned and tanned, this girl loves nothing more than to contrast her racy outfits, thigh high boots, arched back and sexy pout with a clean, white diaper. She is a classic Diaper Lover, no sign of a little girl here. Lolly is all woman as she poses, long brown legs spread to display her padded, diaper-covered pussy, or bent over to reveal her diaper poking suggestively from beneath her tartan skirt. The juxtaposition of the sweet looking diaper on her sexy body is what we love about her! 

“I like to wear a nice puffy disposable underneath a tight dress and let it show through the taut fabric. I love it when a sexy guy or girl on the street does a double-take when they see my padded arse!” Seeing as Lolly loves to piss, it is only natural that she would never miss an opportunity to soak a fresh, new diaper: “I like to see the pouchy crotch of my soaked disposable poking out from underneath my short skirt, almost bursting with hot piss. There is nothing hotter than pulling the soaked diaper to the side for some hot, wet diaper sex and feeling the wet padding squelch and dribble with every thrust.”

Being a shameless exhibitionist, Lolly loves to get out and about when she is diapered-up. She always makes sure that her outfit is tight enough to show the outline of her disposable and relishes the looks she gets on the streets: “To see a sexy, full-grown woman walking down the street with a puffy diaper, head high and full of confidence, really seems to throw people! I like to watch their reactions, it is as if they cant decide if they are shocked, turned on or what!”

Lolly doesn’t mind popping into an alley here and there for some sexy pissy or diaper action in the great outdoors, but she does sometimes wonder about who is watching her exploits: “There are quite a few CCTV cameras on the streets these days, to help combat anti-social behaviour. But how anti-social is a quick bit of wet or nappy sex in an alley!? Though, I have to admit the idea of giving a bored security worker a bit of excitement in an otherwise boring shift is kind of a turn on! I just hope I don’t stumble across some grainy footage of my sneaky rendezvous on You-Tube one day!”

Lolly appears in the following magazines: Wet Set #55 & Wet Set #52.
You can find her photos in PS_0583, PS_0576, PS_0575, PS_0506, PS_0505, PS_0504 & PS_0503.
You can find her in movie clips: VC-032, NG-01 & NG-02
Lolly's full length movies include: Sneakypee 14, Sneakypee 15 and the recently released One Night in Badcock 1, 2 & 3.


Patches 51- Now Available!     Date added: 7 September 2009

New Patches Release Now Available!

Featuring Beth, Mela and Vicktoria, the newest release from Patches Place contains 39 scenes with over 60 pees! As always Patches Place pushes the limit for daring outdoor and public wetting with a fun mix of other scenes thrown in along the way. Shot in very public locations where people can be seen just a few feet away from the girls, A Pee For All Seasons features a mixture of clothes and panty wetting scenes. Watch as Beth and Mela try to bring some statues to life using their "Pee Mojo". Even the US Post office gets christened as Vicktoria gets a package she been waiting for and gets so excited she pees her jeans! This production also features some through-their-panties golden shower scenes, where both girls drench a lucky guy! One hour and thirty minutes of widescreen wet action from Patches place!


Polly Poop & Pooper Girl!!     Date added: 26 June 2009

Tina is a sexy blonde British girl who cant wait to fill her white cotton panties just for you. She's in the kitchen, making a cup of tea, but the urge to poop is too strong and she just has to push out a firm poop into her panties right there, leaning on the sink!

Curvy Blonde Barbie has something brewing in her panties: You guessed it, its a big, messy poop! Watch Barbie wet and poop and make a wonderful, dirty mess on the floor. She's an awfully dirty girl, and she's feeling very sexy in her messy panties!


TEASER is back - NEW full length movie & clips     Date added: 14 June 2009



For Lovers of pissy wet tight jeans, glistening stains slowly pouring from between a girl's legs! Teaser is a
genuine pants wetter and has been into it her
whole life. Share her pleasure!

Click here for previews



FOUR New Panty Pooping Movie Clips     Date added: 3 June 2009


Four great new panty pooping movie clips
starring Penny, Lizzie and new girl Prue.
Watch as poop bulges grow in their
little panties, with lots of messy fun
afterwards with dirty legs and poop
covered bottoms!

Click here for previews

Wet Set Magazine Issue #55 out now!     Date added: 14 April 2009

Thanks for granting Wet Set a last minute reprieve from being a totally online enterprise! We were delighted to see that so many of you still want to hold a genuine Australian panty wetting and diaper loving magazine in your hands, even in this age of the internet. We here at Wet Set are proud to bring you fifteen beautiful wet, diapered or messy girls from around the world for your viewing pleasure. Featuring both Wet Set favourites and new girls, Issue 55 is packed full of beautiful women who love to be wet, just the way you like them! Canadian wetter Wila is a real standout- her public pissing adventures on the busy streets of Toronto were so brazen and bold that we just had to put her on the front cover!


X-Streams downloads     Date added: 9 February 2009




Very daring public pissing and wetting movies. Filmed in public places, these X-streamly daring movies are
not for the faint hearted and are absolutely guaranteed to make your heart beat faster.

PROJECT PEE DOWNLOADS     Date added: 8 December 2008


XMAS DOWNLOAD SPECIALS     Date added: 4 December 2008


Patches Place 1-49
Nappy Girl

Cherry's Delights
Debbie Ashton Panty Pissers
Debbie Ashton Adult Babies

New movie downloads added     Date added: 29 November 2008

The following new movie downloads have recently been added:

Sneaky Pee 13
Sneaky Pee 14
Sneaky Pee 15
Adult Baby Girl 4
Adult Baby Girl 5

I Need 2 Pee 14

Wet Set Members Area - OCTOBER 2008 Updates     Date added: 30 October 2008

Wet Set Magazine Issue #54 out now!     Date added: 15 October 2008

It may come as a shock, but you are probably reading one of the last ever issues of Wet Set Magazine. With the decline in sales of printed maagzines in recent years, Wet Set has fi nally had to make a decision regarding our future trade... & since more of you enjoy our downloadable movies & website than read hard copies of our magazine, that is the direction we have chosen to take. As such, this magazine is a little different - I am giving you more of the sexy girls that have made Wet Set so special over the last decade (& a bit). There are fifteen sexy, young ladies in total in this magazine. Scattered amongst their pictorial spreads you will find the odd letter & story from genuine Wet Set readers.


New Pissy Galore & True Desperation downloads     Date added: 5 September 2008

The following new movie downloads have recently been added:

True Desperation 10
True Desperation 11
Pissy Galore - Pee Players 4
Pissy Galore - Pee Players 5
Pissy Galore - Splash 1
Pissy Galore - Splash 2
Pissy Galore - Splash 3
Pissy Galore - Splash 4
Pissy Galore - Splash 5

Feminine Anarchy 2 - OUT NOW     Date added: 13 August 2008
Wet Set's BRAND NEW COFFEE TABLE ART BOOK is now available for purchase!

Wet Set Editor, Jackie McMillan, writes that she's literally seen these young women "growing up on pee" in her foreword to the second edition of Feminine Anarchy. You're sure to enjoy this stunning addition to the coffee-table art book collection, starring Wet Set favourites like Annah, Fleur, Jodi, Kylie, Gracie, Penny, Summer, Mel and Madison.

"It must be tremendously pleasurable for young women to piss uninhibitedly in public. And precisely this pleasure is what's conveyed by the expressions on the cheerful, saucy faces of the women who particpate in this unconventionally 'moist' book."


New Wet And Messy Movie Clips     Date added: 3 July 2008

Storybooks Now Available For DOWNLOAD     Date added: 6 March 2008
  Many of our story books our now availalbe for download so you can have quick and easy access to hundreds of great stories and letters.

Welcome to the ALL NEW LOOK Wet Set Website!     Date added: 1 January 2008
  Welcome to the all new look Wet Set website! Make sure to check out all the newest photosets, movie downloads, CD's, artbooks and magazines now available for download! Plus it's still got all the usual messageboard forums, personals, members tour and much much more!



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